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Try To Scream

So I'll Keep Silent

Cora came in the next morning with a steaming plate of pancakes. She placed the tray on the bed beside me knowing the smell would wake me. This is why she was my best friend, she knew me better than anyone ever, including myself and my mother. Food, books, music and lady bugs. That was my life, along with the internet and Tumblr of course.

She joined me and we shared the tray of food. We turned the TV on and watched Saturday morning cartoons. Soon enough, there were 6 other boys in the room sitting on the floor shirtless with a cart of room service. We were all still in PJs. It was a perfect start to the morning.

When everyone was fighting over who would win whatever kids game show was on, I opened my laptop and looked at Twitter. My @Connect was full of congrats and hate. I simply decided to ignore it. I looked at my followers and sighed as I had 100,000 already. I hoped it would stop. I wasn’t anyone special; I was just a girl unwillingly hanging out with the biggest boy band. Nothing…huge….

Paul came franticly knocking around noon. Apparently he thought something had happened to everyone because I was the last room he checked, He scolded the boys for being lazy bums when they knew it was a full day of work today. We all decided to get dressed.

Cora dragged one of her suitcases in the room and placed it on my bed, “Okay, crunch time, Chica. What do we wear?” She sighed dramatically and scratched her head.

“Clothes, I’d hope.” I smiled as she glared at me. “Well, we have our new tank tops we just got. Pair it with jeans and a cardigan for later when it gets cold. We are in New York, tonight will be chilly and I refuse to eat hotel food, I want to go someplace nice.”

So that’s what we did. Cora tossed on her dark green tank top with a light gray cardigan and jeans. I took my dark blue matching tank top, a pair of black skinny’s and a dark gray almost black cardigan. I put a tan belt on so I could wrap it around my cardigan later. I loved this tank top and I didn’t want the thing being covered. We both put a little shadow on and lip gloss, best way to prevent chapped lips. I sat down so Cora could do my hair and I did hers. This was every day for us, whenever we went out, we helped each other.

We grabbed a few pieces of jewelry and sat outside the room waiting for the boys. It seemed a few of them took more time than us girls did. Niall was finished first, followed by Harry. They sat with us in the hallway and chatted for a bit.

Soon, we were off. The boys had a radio interview first, then a few hours of free time. After that, they needed to do sound check and get ready for the concert, in which Cora and I had the “best seats in the house”

We all gathered in a rather large van, Cora, Zayn and Liam in the back row, Myself, Niall and Harry in the next row and Louis up front with Paul. Paul drove.

We arrived at the radio station. I expected to be sitting outside the place or in a room locked away from the action, but the interviewer wanted to talk to Cora and I. So we joined the boys in the small room.

“So as I said earlier, we have One Direction in the house. Say ‘Hello’ boys.” The petite blonde behind the mic said.

“Hello!” They said at once. They were like trained monkeys!

“So tell me, new tour, first stop, any places you want to see while you are here in New York?”

Niall spoke up, “We saw some things the last time we were here, I personally want to stroll Central Park again.”

“Yeah, it was lovely. I think we are all going to before we leave. We have 2 days, right? Who knows what we will do though, there is so much, plus we are a little tight on time this time ‘round.” Liam spoke into the mic.

“Understandable. So your concert tonight, how do you expect to top the one from last time?”

The boys looked at each other and laughed, “We are just going to have fun, besides, there is a whole new album we are going to be singing.” Louis smiled at the woman.

“One of the best selling albums I’ve seen. Absolutely amazing. Okay, so Liam, and Louis, how is everything with the ladies?”

“Danielle and I are great.” Liam spoke first; he brightened up as he spoke her name.

“El and I were together most of the time I was home, we are doing amazingly. I expect her to come visit sometime, get to know our new friends; they need some ladies time, no?”

I looked at the interviewer as she looked at me, “Yes that’s right; you have your contest winner with you. Say something, sweetie.”

“Hi.” I blurted, blushing slightly. I wasn’t too comfortable.

Niall nudged me lightly and whispered, “Just relax, don’t over think it.” He winked at me and straightened up. “I see you and the guys have been getting along. Is this a dream come true or what?” I froze. “Shy? It’s okay, I don’t bite.”

“Well, to be honest, I wasn’t a fan when I signed up. My sister is the fan, but she couldn’t come, school is first.”

“That’s amazing, you are a wonderful sister. Tell me, Munro, right?” I nodded, “Munro, have you warmed up to them?”

I paused and bit my lip, “They were a little overwhelming at first. They are very outgoing. But we had the short ride in the van to the Tour Bus and 10 hours of the Tour Bus, so I got to see them for who they are and they are not complete nut jobs. Just a little.” The boys laughed.

The blond lady smiled, “Anything interesting happen on the bus?”

“It seems the boys, Josh included, have nothing on my friend Cora when it comes to video gaming.”

“Hey now, she cheated.” Harry fought.

“Did not! You guys are just horrible.” Everyone started talking at once and it ended in laughter.

“Well, seems we need to wrap this up, your manager is giving me the stink eye.” Paul smiled from the corner of the room and shook his head. “Okay, all you Directioners out there, keep an eye out for these boys, they are loose in New York.”

“Bye!” They shouted and stood. They all hugged the lady and there was a bit of small talk as a song played.

We all quickly left the building and took off for the hotel again. Paul said from there we could decide where to go and what we wanted to do. Cora and I were interested in going to get food, as were Niall, Harry and Liam. Louis and Zayn wanted to stay in and get more sleep or something else. Which was fine by me.

Paul had someone drive us to a restaurant a few miles from the hotel. Somewhere we wouldn’t be automatically noticed.

The boys escorted us inside and got us a table. We all read the menus and decided on what we wanted. We ordered. I got steak, because, steak. Niall ordered chicken as did Liam. Cora got spaghetti and Harry got a stir-fry. As we waited we all decided to chat.

“Tell me about your sister.” Niall insisted.

“She’s 13, annoying. The usual sister stuff.” I smiled, they looked at me quietly, “Okay, she has liked you guys for a while now, she stalks you online, has your posters in her room, like, wallpapered. Not related to you guys, she’s a nice girl, friendly. She can dance. She’s trying to be a ballerina; she wants to audition for Julliard in the future.”

“Really? She’d get along with my girlfriend, she’s a dancer.” Liam excitedly added. He took out his phone and started doing something.

“Wow, that’s awesome.”

“It’s how they met. She was dancing for The X Factor.” Harry played with his fork as he spoke.

We chatted a bit more before our food came. As we ate, I had to swat Harry’s hand away, he was aiming his sights for my steak and I wasn’t going to have it. We were nearly kicked out; apparently it’s not appropriate to laugh too much.

I was really starting to warm up to the guys; they weren’t as bad as I thought they were. When we got back in the van, I pulled out my phone and dialed the house number. I handed the phone to Harry, I knew once my number showed on the caller ID, Ellie was going to have it asking me to talk to the boys. Surprise, surprise, it wouldn’t be me on the line.

The entire ride, the phone was passed around. When we got to the hotel, Niall talked to my sister as we took the elevator. Soon my phone was passed to a sleepy Zayn. When he was done, he handed it to Louis.

When my phone got back to me, Ellie was in tears. “You are amazing, I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

I laughed, “I love you too, you are welcome. Get to your homework or this won’t happen again. Gimme mom.”

I talked to my mother until it was time for sound check. It was getting chilly, so I put on my cardigan and met the guys outside.

We all rode to the venue and sang along to the radio. While the guys did sound check, Cora and I sat in the dressing room and picked at the trays of food. When sound check was done, the boys joined us.

We had a while to wait, so we pulled out the cards and played poker, with jelly beans. Harry took a picture of all of us and posted it.

@Harry_Styles: Hanging out with the boys, @MunroEllis and @CoraHastings. Poker face! pic.twitter.com/AKSJJB4J

We finished our game and soon we were kicked out and escorted to our seats. The concert was amazing, I know, I know. I was always so harsh, but the energy, the songs, it was better than I expected. I snapped plenty of pictures and sent them to Ellie.


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Hey sweetie,

I am not updating on this site anymore. If you DO want to read the rest of this story, which isn't finished but there are 8 (?) more chapters, click here
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Can you pleeeeeaaaas update?!?!? :)
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