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Try To Scream

What Will Happen in The End

Niall and I made a huge meal. Pasta, garlic bread and salad. We made sure there was enough for everyone, of course. The others were upstairs trying to figure out how to hook up the Xbox. When we mentioned food, they quickly came down and grabbed a plate of what they wanted; they each expressed their thanks and headed back up to work on the game.

Niall and I grabbed the bowls of pasta and salad then the plate of bread and sat down at the table with a couple forks and salad dressing. We chatted about food for a while. When we finally finished eating and cleaning up, it was 8pm. The ride was half over.

We climbed the stairs and sat back to watch everyone play the game. Cora was kicking some serious One Direction booty. Like, even Louis’ voluptuous butt couldn’t shield itself. Cora was a gamer girl and I knew it, I didn’t say anything. When we got bored at home, we grabbed her older brothers Xbox and played. We would play whatever was in. Usually COD or something like that, but nonetheless, we played it.

Zayn and Louis gave up around 10 and headed to their bunks to sleep for a while. I took over a controller and challenged Josh. He was a wonderful opponent, but he was no match for my master skills. Actually, I had no skills, but it seemed Josh didn’t either, at least not at this game. He sighed when I finally went for the kill shot and tossed the controller to Harry. Of course he killed me almost instantly. I retreated with my pride and headed back to my bunk to read.

Cora came up soon after and climbed into my bunk with me. We shut the curtain and started talking, “You seem to be fitting in.” She smiled.

“They seem like nice guys.” I replied, setting my book down.

She poked at my cheek and rolled over me, so she could be furthest away from the opening, her fear kicking in. I moved over and gave her space. “They are. You thought it was going to be a train wreck.”
“Of course, I figured they’d be airheads and want nothing to do with us.”


“They are nothing like that.” I rolled my eyes, “They are nice and they want to associate with us.” Someone screamed ‘Boo’ outside of the curtain, Cora and I screamed. I quickly let my arm swing without realizing it.

“Ow!” He said. Laughter came from behind him; I opened the curtain and found Louis sitting on the floor rubbing his cheek. “You hit awfully hard!” He complained. Niall and Harry fell over each other laughing. I smiled at them and looked down at the British boy. “What do you do, eat spinach all day?”

“You are not supposed to admit a girl kicked your butt.” Cora leaned over me, laughing herself. “Besides, you shouldn’t try scaring two girls you don’t know.” He stuck his tongue out at me. We exchanged apologies and hugged quickly. Soon after, my phone rang. ‘Ellie’ it said. I answered, “Hey.”

“Are you there with them?” She screamed.

“Well, yeah. No, they dumped me at the first rest stop, sorry.” I looked at the boys sitting in the lounge playing video games. Minus Zayn, he was still sleeping. “They are a bit busy right now; can’t I have them call you later or something?”

“Skype call the moment they are not busy, deal?”

I agreed and hung up with her. I turned to Cora who was falling asleep in my bunk. It was 11, so we had 2 more hours of this bus before checking into a hotel room. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

When the bus stopped, I felt a soft pair of hands shaking me awake. “Girls, we are here.” He said, I turned to look at Liam. I rubbed my eyes and poked at Cora who was fast asleep.

When she woke up, we grabbed our things and followed the boys into the hotel. We took the back way, so there were no screaming fans. But we could still hear them, was it going to be this bad every night? Then again, it was New York, I couldn’t complain. Paul handed us all room keys. We had the floor to ourselves. The boys had their own rooms, as did Cora and I. So I was stuck in a room by myself.

I climbed in the elevator with the others and quickly found my room. I could still hear screaming outside the window, so I put in my iPod and listened to Stephen Jerzak. I pulled out my blue plaid pajama bottoms, my sonic screwdriver t-shirt and gray booties. I pulled the pants on and tucked them in the boots. I changed my shirt and pulled out my glasses. I didn’t need them unless I was reading, and I was planning on reading.

I grabbed my ladybug pillow pet and curled up with my book, Witch Child. No one came in to bother me, so I was grateful. When I finished the last few chapters, I pulled out my laptop. Chester See was blasting on my iPod as I surfed Tumblr. Of course, there were pictures of me outside the hotel. I was growing worried someone would get me while I was in bed. They seemed like the type of people.

I closed my laptop and fell back on the large bed. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. It was loud enough to be heard over Chester’s long note in Hallelujah. I pulled out an ear bud and asked who it was. Liam and Niall spoke at the same time, I let them in.

“We just wanted to talk to you about something.” Liam said.

“Do you have a twitter?” Niall asked.

I looked at them both confused. “Okay, you guys come in my room at 2 in the morning asking for a twitter?”

“When we are on tour, we tweet a lot, and if you have a twitter, it would be easier to use your username than your real name.” Niall explained. I pulled my pillow pet to my chest and shrugged.

“Never got interested in twitter. So no, I don’t have one.”

They gasped, “No? Well that is going to change, Munro.” Liam pulled out his phone and clicked on his twitter app. He signed out of his account and clicked ‘Sign Up’ He handed me his phone.

I took it and looked at it for a minute. I finally gave in and typed up my information. When I finally had an account, the boys demanded my twitter name, “At MunroEllis.” I said. They smiled brightly, Liam took his phone back and signed into his account.

“Ha! First follower!” Niall screamed. I glared at him. “What? I’m never anyone’s first follower. I feel I stole your twitter virginity.”

“Thanks for that image.” They boys laughed, I opened twitter and looked at my followers. Niall and Liam were following me. Suddenly, I gained 10 more followers a minute. “What?”

Liam smiled at me, I clicked on ‘Connect’ and found Liam tweeted.@Real_Liam_Payne: Sittin with @NiallOfficial and @MunroEllis Hello New Yourk!

Within the next 10 minutes of quietly sitting with the two, I had a good 300 followers. “Liam, its New York, Y-O-R-K.”

He looked at his tweet and laughed, “Oops.” He shrugged, “You’ll notice I do that a lot. Zayn is worse; he called Connecticut a town last time we were in the states.”

I laughed; these boys were so innocently American illiterate. I guess I could call it, they were foreign, so I guess there was no reason to scold them for getting things wrong, but it was quite funny.

We all talked for a while longer and they told me how to use twitter and what to do with it. They taught me about hash tags and Trending Topics. I gave them both a quick lesson in Tumblr. They both shook their heads and stated that Twitter was good enough. Josh joined in soon after and we talked Tumblr things, because at least he understood. He also followed me on twitter, as did Cora. I was unaware she had one, but when I saw I was followed by @CoraHastings, I knew who it was instantly.

It wasn’t long before I was starting to fall asleep. It was 3:42am when they boys finally left. I knew we’d be up in less than 5 hours, so I kicked them out and curled up with my iPod and went to sleep.


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@BambiWithLove Thank youuuu! :D
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Hey sweetie,

I am not updating on this site anymore. If you DO want to read the rest of this story, which isn't finished but there are 8 (?) more chapters, click here
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Can you pleeeeeaaaas update?!?!? :)
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Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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