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Try To Scream

Jealousy and Gossip Fill the Air

In the two weeks I had to learn things, I started liking them a bit more. Nothing extreme. I still expected horrible treatment. Well, minus Harry. From what I saw, he was all over the girls. But, I knew Cora would have her eyes set on the “Bradford Bad Boy” She always talked about how she had all these “feels” about him. I wasn't sure how that was going to go, from what I saw, Zayn wasn't exactly quiet about his hook up arrangements.

I also discovered that I was the talk of Tumblr. People kept trying to talk to me, bribe me. They had found my facebook, to my luck, I had put it on private long before, so they couldn’t steal things about me. They found my tumblr; I had gained thousands of followers and nearly just as much hate mail. So I turned my ask box and fan mail off. I didn’t have a twitter or any other social network that they could find. I never had a MySpace or a bebo. My friends quickly private their profiles as well.

Directioners were relentless and it was very annoying. A few from my town managed to find me and started taking pictures and posting them. They would ask me to get them autographs and such. I basically ignored them all. I was going for my sister, not all these other girls. Fate obviously felt I needed to go, not them. Fate knew I wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want, so I guess these girls weren’t fated to have the guys’ autographs or locks of hair. Who would even do that? The amount of requests for stupid things appalled me. They wanted half eaten food, napkins, tissues, boxers, locks of hair… It was creepy. Could you blame me for locking everything down?

Two weeks went by quicker than I thought it would have. Before I knew it, I was packed for 3 months and in a car headed to a hotel just outside of town. Cora was sitting beside me in the car with the creepiest face on. Which didn’t surprise me, Cora was sort of an odd ball, but I loved her. She was going on and on about meeting “her boys” and finally seeing their Photoshop worthy faces in person.

We pulled up to the hotel around 3 that afternoon. As we got out of the car, all we could hear were screaming girls. As we walked by them, they shouted things like, “Tell ‘so and so’ to come hug me!” and “Ask ‘so and so’ to marry me!” We also got the occasional, “Lucky bitches, I should beat you.” It was a little insane. I felt bad though, there were girls crying in the groups. Literally crying, as if they lost their mother or something. I genuinely thought they were hurt for a while there, but realized soon after that some people actually do cry for stupid reasons. No famous boy was ever going to make me cry.

We boarded an elevator and were quickly taken to the top floor. As the elevator opened, the blond one ran past screaming, “I didn’t take your crisps!” He was soon followed by the one that wears stripes.

“Louis, leave him alone.” Harry soon followed, stopping when he realized the elevator door was opened, “Hello.” He smiled at us then took off to grab Niall and Louis.

Liam came over and quickly apologized, “They are quite mad sometimes. You must be Munro and Cora. Welcome.” He reached out a hand; Cora ignored it and hugged him quickly. “Oh, okay.” He hugged her back.

I swiftly made my way out of the elevator and looked around. Zayn was sitting on the floor at the end of the hall watching the others run around. He was laughing. Louis had finally caught and tackled Niall while Harry was nearing; Louis rubs his hands through Naill’s hair with a manic laugh. Harry quickly pulled him off and scolded him with an almost straight face.

Before I knew it, they were all headed over to greet us. “Hi.” Louis said, “Sorry for that, I was picking on Niall.”

“It’s alright.” Cora said, googly-eyed.

Niall smiled, “I didn’t do it, he lies!” He came up behind Louis and glared slightly. “I’m Niall, welcome.”

“Of course you didn’t do it; I just wanted to have a laugh.” Louis rustled the blond’s hair again. Niall slapped his hand away and stuck out his tongue.

“Well, I’m Munro and this is my best friend Cora.” I said, smiling halfheartedly. This is what Ellie had in store for me, was she trying to punish me.

“Lovely to meet you too, been fans long?” Cora laughed at Zayn’s question. They looked at her confused.

When she finally collected herself she explained, “Munro isn’t a fan. Actually, her little sister is and forced her to sign up once. I, on the other hand, have been a big fan since you all auditioned for X-Factor.” She smiled and looked at me. I rolled my eyes. “I signed up hundreds of times.”

Turns out, we weren’t staying here. The boys made a stop for the day to pick us up. It was off to the tour bus for a 10 hour trip across a few states. This was going to be crazy, 10 hours on a tour bus with a bunch of hormonal foreign boys? Shoot me now.

When we arrived to the place we were to pick up the bus, I was in shock. It was gigantic. “We managed to get it shipped from back home; it took a lot of negotiating and money though.” Niall said, he opened the door and let us girls in.

Harry came up and looked around, “It’s a double decker, bunks upstairs and everything else down here. There is a shower in the back of the bus across from the stairs. I’d claim a bunk before the boys ambush the place.” He winked and took the steps 2 at a time.

When we entered the bus, I explored, behind the driver were 2 sofas. Next was a table that sat four. There was a little kitchen across from that. Then the bathroom and the stairs that led to the second floor. I followed behind Harry. On one side, there was a lounge area with a TV, all hookups available for DVD, VCR, game systems, you name it. I turned and saw another couch and 12 bunks. The bunks were roomy and all had A/C. The place was a moving hotel.

I quickly placed my things at the very back of the bus on the top bunk. Harry took the bunk behind mine, also the top. Soon everyone else came up. Louis took the top bunk across from Harry; Zayn took the top bunk before Louis and Liam across from him, also the top. There were 2 more people and one top bunk left, Niall offered it to Cora first, but she declined and took the bunk below me, so Niall took the last top bunk. I should have known, Cora wasn’t one for top of anything. Not even a small step stool. She hated not having her feet as close to the ground as possible.

Unexpectedly another boy made his way up the stairs, he turned down the small row of bunks and took one under Niall. “Sorry to barge in like this, but the boys thought it would be fun to have me along.” I looked at the gorgeous boy and looked down at Cora. “I’m Josh, the drummer.” He smiled a perfect smile.

“Josh, I’m Cora and this is Munro. She’s not a fan.” I leaned over and reached to slap her, but she cowered back into her bunk.

“Why do you keep bringing that up. I admire their music and appreciate the opportunity, but I am not obsessed, thank you. Besides, I’ve only focused on you guys for 2 weeks.” I finally admitted.

Niall leaned out of his bunk and pushed Josh aside, “Wasn’t that when the results came out?”

“I wasn’t exactly expecting to win with one entry. I only did it for my sister.” I glared at him and rolled back in the bunk.

“You’re a great sister than.” I smiled and sighed.

“I’m hungry, is there any food?” I blurted out in attempt to change the subject.

“You are asking the right man.” Niall smiled brightly and slipped out of his bunk. “I know where all the food is. There is a fridge of drinks and fruit up here, Paul insists on us being healthy. Stuff to make meals is downstairs. How hungry are you?”

I bit my lip and debated my hunger, “I think we should go downstairs.”

“Girl with an appetite. I like you already, Munro.” He reached out his hand and pulled me along downstairs to make food.


Um, the bus is a real bus with a shower modification, obviously, needed a shower. It's a UK bus company and is for the UK only, so the boys had a lot of bribing and such to do. haha.

Tour Bus! OMG


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