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A life of Payne

Chapter 43

Katie's POV
*6am, 17th March 2014*

The slight sound of my bedroom door opening woke me up from the terrible excuse of a sleep I had.

Someone groaned from next to me and attempted to pull me closer to them, man I must of had a lot to drink last night because I don't recall anything or falling asleep in someone's arms either.

I slowly opened one eye to see who was walking into my room just to find the girl that was making out with Niall on more then one occasion tip toeing over to the other side of my bed and then it hit me. I was in bed cuddling with Niall. I was actually in the same room as Niall without screaming at him or ignoring him.

She looked up at me and I quickly closed my eyes and tried my hardest to look like I was still sleeping.
Niall groaned and stirred which gave me the impression that she was probably trying to wake him up.

"Niall wake up." The girl who's name I still haven't remembered even though she looks familiar continued to try and wake him up and I was actually surprised to hear her whisper like she actually cared if I woke up or not. To bad for her I'm already awake, but she doesn't need to know that.

"If you don't go away right now I swear I will sick Liam on you for entering Katie's room." Niall whispered just as quietly as she did and it took everything in me to not giggle at the stupid threat Niall used.

I was quite pissed that she just casually walked into my room at some god awful hour of the morning but I kept quite hoping to not get involved in whatever was about to go down between the pair.

"Oh really? Well if you don't get up right now not only will I wake up your little toy over there but I will happily call Calum and tell him your little plan to win Katie back!" Her voice started to rise in volume as she got to the end of her sentence and I could already feel the hangover forming just from her irritating voice. Niall shushed her which didn't go down very well as she grunted and probably crossed her arms over her chest like every female does when they're pissed.

It took me a moment to register what she had said and to remember the events of last night but when I did I was beyond pissed at how she had the guts to call me a toy, she's the one who was making out with Niall last night then he decided to stay here with me instead of her so if anyone is a toy here it's her.

Niall didn't reply and I can only assume that they were having some sort of stare off so I decided to add a little pressure to the moment by pretending to stir in my sleep, Niall quickly pulled me closer to him and used one of his hands to smooth down my hair. If I wasn't so interested in finding out how their conversation ended then I could easily fall asleep again.

"Niall the little brat is waking up so hurry up and make a choice. Either you leave with me now and pretend whatever happened between you two last night never happened. Or I call Calum right now and let it slip that you kissed Katie last night before they had a fight."

I don't know what hurts more right now. That she is actually telling Niall to pretend that whatever happened didn't, or that everyone knows I had a fight with Calum.
I can't remember much of what happened with Niall but I perfectly remember everything that happened with Calum and it still hurts thinking about it.

"You can't expect me to just leave her here alone! What if she wakes up and gets angry I left? It was hard enough getting close to her, I don't want her pushing me away again." Niall had a point, if he leaves with her now then I don't know if I can forgive him.

"God Niall did you see how much she had to drink? She wont even remember you were in here to start with. And plus this is her room! It's not like she hasn't been in here alone before now." I really don't like this girl and she really believes that she has an answer for everything which is so annoying.

"Fine Barbara. I will leave with you but you can't tell Calum or anyone else about this okay?" Her name is Barbara? What a weird name but at least I now know who she is. I've heard of her once or twice in some magazines I use to read when I was just a normal directioner. I like to call those the simpler times compared to now.

I heard a mumbled 'whatever' before Niall told her to wait in the lounge and once the sound of the door closing was heard I felt Niall brush some hair out of my face. I wanted nothing more then pretend to wake up right now and yell at him but I couldn't bring myself to even open my eyes.

Niall continued to run his fingertips over my cheek then slowly placed a kiss on my lips. The kiss was so light and gentle I could barely feel it before he pulled away within a few seconds.
"I'm sorry Katie. I will make up for this I promise." I felt him smooth down my hair one more time before he swiftly left the room as quietly as he could.

As soon as I heard the bedroom door close for the second time this morning, I jumped off my bed and ran over to the door. I didn't care that my head was killing me I just wanted to stop Niall from leaving.
Once my hand was only centimetres from the door handle I heard the front door close, it was so soft that if there was the slightest bit more sound in the house right now you wouldn't have heard it.

I knew it was to late to try and stop him, but I tried and I guess that says something about how I feel I'm just not sure what it is saying.

Even early in the morning my head was spinning and continuously thinking of stupid reasons as to why Niall left with her rather then staying here with me.

Was it all an act?

Does he even care like he said he did or was that all just a trick?

I leaned against my bedroom door for a moment and that's when the pounding in my head really started to kick in. I didn't know how much longer I could actually stand so I slowly walked back over to my bed but didn't really feel like laying down or going back to sleep.
I placed myself at the head of my bed and leaned my back against the head board.

looking around the room for a moment I noticed how clean and tidy my room was considering my mood right now, when I was younger I always had a messy room if I was upset or angry.

My emotion towards the events of this morning started to become more and more clear as the anger inside me built and the small amount of upset I felt faded away.
Looking to my side I saw a glass of water and two pills sitting on my night stand. Thank god that Liam actually cares for me unlike everyone else.

I quickly swallowed the pills and gulped down half of the water but couldn't finish it because I was so angry to the point where my hands were starting to shake. I have honestly never been this angry for a guy leaving so suddenly, I use to pray that guys would leave without making a big deal out of anything. I never had a one night stand or stuff like that, I have tried though but would always chicken out and tried to sleep as long as I could so that the guy would just leave. This is the first and hopefully the last time I have to feel like this.

I didn't notice I was still holding the glass of water for a moment and knew if I didn't put it down then I would probably spill it but something came over me for a split second, I don't know if it was the anger or just plain craziness but instead of sitting the glass down where it was to start with I chucked it as hard as I could at the wall across my room and to top it off I screamed the freaking house down just to try and get the anger out of me which unfortunately it didn't.

Within seconds of the glass shattering against the wall, Liam barged through the bedroom door looking the most pissed off I think I have ever seen him but at the same time he was still rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. How can someone be angry and sleepy at the same time?

"W-what happened?! Did Niall do some-" Liam cut himself off once he finally opened his eyes properly and saw the broken glass and only one person in the bed.
His facial expression changed instantly when he saw the tears that were starting to form in my eyes.

Liam slowly and cautiously walked over to me and sat next to me on my bed.
I couldn't hold it in any longer and started to let the tears run down my cheeks. All my anger now being replaced with the sadness I felt earlier.

Liam pulled the covers out from under us and wrapped them around both our bodies before laying down. He pulled me close to his chest and smoothed down my hair just like Niall had which just made my crying increase.

The whole time I was crying, Liam hummed a song to help me calm down and just gave me one of those big brother hugs that really help in times like these.

Sometimes I honestly believe that Liam is the person who truly cares about me.

And other times I believe that he's the only guy I will ever have for certain in the future.


"I said a bright future reflects off my aviators
Here's a peace sign going out to all my haters -"

Just as I turned the music off in my car I heard Liam groan at my choice of music.

"Do you seriously have to make me listen to other boy bands whenever you're driving? That's my competition you listen to and you have no problem with that?" He looked so grumpy at the fact that I choose to listen to more then one boy bands music.

"And do you honestly expect me to listen to your music when it's all I hear at home?"
He rolled his eyes and stepped out of the car without a fight letting me know that I had won that argument.

We walked into the lobby of the London Modest! and I instantly pulled the sunglasses off of the top of my head and onto the bridge of my nose. The lobby was basically all white and my hangover wasn't completely gone and even though I seemed fine my head was still pounding because of the bright room.

"Oh Miss Payne you and your brother can go right into Simon's office, he's ready for you now." I was thankful that we didn't have to wait in this overly bright room and nodded towards the receptionist before following Liam towards the office. Before we had fully left the lobby a thought occurred to me and I quickly walked back over to the lady at the front desk.

"Um hi again, the office isn't as bright as the lobby is it?" She slightly laughed at me like she knew why I was asking then shook her head. I sighed in relief and took my sunglasses off before walking back over to Liam who was waiting for me.


"So now that we have pretty much been through and talked about everything are you ready to sign the contract?" Simon finally pushed the papers closer to me while I nodded and reached for a pen.

The silence was disrupted by the sound of Liam's ringtone going off. He excused himself from the room while I re-read over the last page of the contract.

"Oh one more thing Katie. Do you plan on changing your name back to Dobbs or will it being staying Payne?" My eyebrows scrunched together at his words. What the hell is he on about.
"Um excuse me? I'm not quite sure I know what you're talking about."

A look of surprise flashed over his face once he saw how confused I was. He looked between me and the office door like he was contemplating weather he should tell me or not in case Liam walks back in.

"I know it's not really any of my business but Liam should have told you this a lot sooner. Legally when you turned eighteen you no longer had to be a Payne and can change your own name if you wanted to, and not to mention that Liam is technically not your legal guardian because once you turned eighteen you no longer need one."

I was completely speechless and shocked. Why did no one and I mean literally no one tell me about this sooner? For god sake I turned eighteen nearly four months ago and this is only just coming up now?

Just when I was about to say something Liam walked back into the room and sat down next to me again.
I quickly signed the contract as Katie Payne.

Once Simon saw what name I wrote down he gave me an uneasy smile and pulled the papers back to his side of the table.


"I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine
I've got a love and I know that it's all mine oh. oh, oh"

I turned the volume up on the music as we drove home from Modest! so that I didn't have to have a conversation with Liam because right now I think if he tried to talk to me I would just snap.

"Seriously Katie? You have the strangest taste in music!" Liam attempted to talk to me over the loud music and eventually just got sick of it and turned the volume down.

I didn't bother talking back because right now it didn't seem worth it.

"So uh are you using tug of war as your first single?" He scratched the back of his neck like he was finally getting the awkward tension between us.
"No I'm not. But it will be on the album if I ever make one."

He nodded and continued to look at me which was really distracting me from being pissed off with him.

"What are you thinking about because you don't look very happy for someone who just officially started their music career."

"What day does Fefe get in the country? That's what I'm thinking about."

He looked at me surprised before he sat up a bit straighter and answered my question.
"Oh uh she gets here either tomorrow or the day after. They just had to make sure she was clear to leave America before they could fly her to London."

"Okay. Well as long as she doesn't get to attached to the apartment to fast then that's fine."
His face was filled with confusion as soon as I said that and I knew he wasn't going to like my next words.

"Why don't you want her to get attached to the apartment?"

Well here goes nothing.

"Because I plan on moving out."


Quite a long chapter but I didn't want it to be two chapters so I squeezed it into one!

I know it's long so sorry if it's to long for your taste <3

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Thank you xo

This is really good!

Thank you sweetheart! xx

I only really come on this site to see if you updated. You have the best fanfictions ever

Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (: