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A life of Payne

Chapter 44

Liam's POV

Shocked. That is the only emotion I could register right now. What the hell is with the sudden mood change towards living with me?

"Why would you want to move out Katie? You literally only have a few people that really care about you and you're willing to isolate yourself even more by moving out?" Even though I practically yelled my whole sentence at her she kept calm and kept her eyes on the road, thank goodness she doesn't have road rage like I do because this would not turn out well if we were both angry.

"Because you fucking lied to me Liam! I don't legally have to live with you and you never bothered to tell me that! And not to mention I can change my name back to Dobbs if I want! When were you going to tell me that huh?"

I couldn't even look at her even though she had her eyes on the road I felt myself tearing up just because of how angry she was at me.
I know I should have told her sooner but I was hoping that if I told everyone to keep quiet about it then I could get her to trust and love me so then when she found out she wouldn't be so into the idea of changing her name again.

I want her to stay Katie Payne, not Katie Dobbs.

"Katie I know I should have told you sooner but I had a good reason not to!" I yelled at her again and surprisingly she still stayed rather calm. She parked her car in her normal spot and took a deep breathe before turning towards me.

"You lead me to believe that I had to do everything your way, be who you wanted me to be, tell you freaking everything because you were my guardian but it turns out you stopped being that on my birthday. The day you should've told me about this." She didn't even give me a second to let her words sink in before she jumped out of the car and slammed her door just as I was about to say something.

I quickly scrambled out the passenger door and closed it much more gentler then she had, jogging to catch up with Katie I just managed to reach her as the elevator doors opened. She rolled her eyes at me once she realized that I got to the elevator in time and turned away from me as the doors closed with just the two of us in here.

The silence between us was horrible and the only things heard was the beeping the elevator would make each time it passed a floor and the angry uneven breathing coming from both Katie and myself.

Finally we reached the top floor and as soon as the doors were open Katie slipped out and walked as fast as she could down the hall to our apartment.

"We are not finished talking about this Katie!" Just as I said that Katie unlocked the front door just to find the other four lads all sitting on the couch watching TV. Well they were watching TV before they heard me yell at Katie and now they're all staring at us.

Katie groaned and turned around to face me.
"Yes we are finished talking about this! You're not my legal guardian and you're not my fucking dad so stop trying to be!" She slightly turned to look at the other boys and as soon as she locked eyes with Niall her anger increased.

"Why the hell are you four here? Don't you have houses of your own?" They all looked surprised to be hearing Katie talk like that but what can we expect when she lives and hangs out with mainly boys and only has one friend who is a girl.

"Gee chill out kiddo. Harry and Ashley had their first argument and we didn't really know how to help him so we thought we would just wait here until you got home so you could help him." Louis talked like he was trying so hard not to laugh at how angry Katie was and I'm glad he found the right moment to hold his laughter in because it could of got really ugly if he didn't.

"You know what. No I won't help Harry because I don't have to do what any of you say! But I will go make sure that my best friend is okay. Oh you know while I'm at it I will just stay the night at her place." Katie walked down to her bedroom to probably pack some clothes without giving anyone a second glance, not even me.

"Soooo? What's up with you two?" Zayn tried to break the awkward moment but really just made it worse.

There really hasn't been that many times since Katie became a Payne that I have had to hang out with just the guys but their okay with it because they all love Katie too. I knew they wouldn't like the idea of her moving out anymore then I did.

"Oh um just the usual. Katie signed her contract. Katie found out she can move out and now wants to. Oh and Niall left her alone this morning and made her throw a glass against the wall. So yeah just the usual."

I tried my hardest to disguise the part about Katie wanting to move out and to my knowledge so far it has worked.

"Niall why would you leave her alone when she was probably hungover? Wait a second! Hold the fuck up! Katie wants to move out? How did she even find out that she could move out?!" Louis picked up what I had said halfway threw yelling at Niall, his anger to towards Niall now directed at Katie's out-of-the- blue decision.

Niall seemed to visibly relax now that the attention wasn't on him and his stupid idea to leave before Katie woke up. I made a mental note to ask him about what happened later on.

"I don't even know! But that doesn't matter I just need to find a way for her to change her mind. She wasn't meant to find out this fast." I sighed as I sat down between Zayn and Niall. I buried my face in both of my hands and just tried my hardest to block out the whole world except for Katie.

I love Katie with all my heart but I knew if she found out about this to soon then she would use it has an excuse to run away from her problems and that's exactly what she is doing.
All I have to do is make sure I find a way for her to stay in London and not try and move anywhere else, then it will be step two which is to convince her that living with me is easier then trying to find her own place.

Simple enough right?

Just as I pulled my head out of my hands Katie walked back into the lounge room carrying a fairly large bag and what looked like Niall's coat from the party last night.

She walked over to the round couch and stood right in front of Niall.
"You left this here last night." She literally threw the coat at Niall and the poor kid looked terrified because she purposely tried to hit him in the face with it.

She was beyond angry for many different reasons right now and it was scary.

She turned and grabbed her keys before walking towards the door. All five of us looked around at each other but no one knew what to do, teenage girls were hard to handle but we're not ready to give up yet.

"Katie please wait! Let me explain about this morning because it's really not what you think!" Niall stood and tried to reach out for her but she spun around and pushed him away, not that I blame her.

"Don't bother okay! I gave you what you wanted which frankly I'm not sure you even deserved but I did it anyway. I actually thought you cared but all you wanted to do was get close to me again so you could ruin my chances with Calum. I didn't go after Calum to apologize because I was busy thinking you actually cared but you don't. Why? Why do you insist on finding different ways to hurt me all the time?"
By the time Katie finished talking, everyone's eyes were wide.

She could have ruined everything with Calum for Niall and he didn't even care enough to stay the whole night. I know he cares about Katie and a lot too but he sure does have a funny way of showing it.

Niall opened his mouth to say something but Katie's small whisper made him stop and listen to what else she had to say.

"I should have left with Calum. I shouldn't have let him leave the way he did." Her voice was barely above a whisper before she quickly turned around and left without another word.

What the hell do I do now?!

Katie's POV

"Do you want some tea?"

Is she freaking serious right now?

"Ashley! I'm not fifty fucking years old, tea doesn't solve my problems and neither one of us are fucking British so why would we drink tea around the middle of the day?" I was one hundred percent serious but Ash knew not to take whatever I say to heart so she just laughed it off and pulled the jar of coffee out instead.

"Well technically speaking you are British. But I know what you mean."

She finished up making us both a coffee as I took the chance to look around her small but not to small apartment.

"You don't have to say anything about this place I know it's horrible." Ash could always tell what I was thinking but that was just scary.

"It's not really that bad." I shrugged while walking into the lounge room with Ash following behind me.

I laid down on the couch and screeched out my legs.

The best part about this place is there is not one guy and not one drama.

"Wait... I know why you're saying it's not bad and the answer is no. You cant move in." Ash smirked at me and brought her mug to her lips.

"What! Why not? We always wanted to live together when we were little."

She sighed as she placed her mug down and turned to face me properly.

"This place only has one bedroom and I don't think I could permanently share a bedroom with a diva like you." She kept a straight face and actually made me think she was serious for a minute.

"Hey! I'm not a diva!"

She laughed. I was right there and she was just laughing at me!

"I know you're not Katie. You're my best friend I wouldn't let you turn into a diva."

She wrapped one of her arms around my shoulders and it fell into a nice comfortable silence.
It was a nice silence but after awhile I got a bit sick of it and reached out for the TV remote but Ash grabbed it before I could and chucked it onto the chair across the room.

"What was that for?" I slumped further into the couch and pouted at her hurtful actions.

"Now is not the time for TV. I have waited long enough Katie. It's time you tell me what happened between you and your brother."


I knew this would come up eventually and I freaking knew that Liam called Ashley before I got here.
"Don't call him my brother!" She held a straight face letting me know that I cant disown him even if it was just mentally.

"Urgh fine! But you're just going to take his side." I crossed my arms while looking away because I really did have a bad feeling that she would think I'm over-reacting like Liam most likely thought I was but he purposely didn't tell me about this! How could I not be mad?

"Katie. Who is my best friend?"

"I am." She nodded at my answer.

"And who is your best friend?"

"You are." She wrapped both of her arms around me this time and tackled me into the couch until I gave up trying to be mad and laughed.

"Yes I am. We are best friends and I will always be by your side."

A small smile found it's way to my face as she talked but left just as fast when I remembered why I was here in the first place.

Ash ran off yelling something about getting some blankets and food and sure enough a few minutes later she returned with what looked like four fluffy blankets and a few bags of chips.

We both got comfortable as I started explaining the events of today to Ash.

It's sure going to be one long night.


Hey hey!
I know this chapter is a tad 'boring' but to be honest my favourite chapters always have been the ones between Liam and Katie so I don't find it boring but if you do please keep that opinion to yourself.

BUT if you have something nice to say about the chapter then please do share <3

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Thanks darling ♡ I'm really not okay with it but I can't put my life on hold forever so I think I'm ready to get the last few chapters done then onto the sequel! (: