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One Fangirl, Five Boys, And A Contest

One Tiny Issue

The shock is beginning to wear off, and I'm beginning to realize my current predicament. 5 months with One Direction. I will be with One Direction for 5 months. That's roughly 155 days. With One Direction. The hottest boyband ever. ... I think I just peed a little. After a while, I finally begin to calm down enough to return to sanity. What would I tell my parents? My friends? What would they think? I finally grad a hold of enough common sense to check my e-mails for the contest information. After logging in, I see that there is one e-mail in my inbox. I exhale shakily, clicking on the solitary message. Dear Contest Winner, Jaycee McGuire!! Congratulations! You have won a contest package entwining a five month tour, during which you will be residing with the UK's One Direction! The trip will begin on June 24, 2013 and end on November 29! (Not real tour dates, oh well.) Pack your bags, and prepare to live the dream! --One Direction Management-- It goes on to give an online survey to ke that I have to fill out, and then I'm good to go. ... And then it clicks. June 24. That's tomorrow. And that leaves one small issue... My parents.


Sorry for the shortie! Might update again tonight :) sorry I haven't been on!! Love you guys!! Vote, comment, share! Muahh!! :*


@SimplyFabLouis Thanks!! :)
Love it! :D
@Love-One-Direction Thanks, love! Will do :) xx
Update it's good!
Mrs. Payne Mrs. Payne