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One Fangirl, Five Boys, And A Contest

Thank God For Summer, Twitter, And The Boys

I shove the rest of what's left in my locker into my already overstuffed backpack, and slam the metal door. I zip up the bag, and swing it over my shoulder.
I look up, glancing down the hallway, and catch a glimpse of my best friend, Carson, who has clearly seen me too.
"Jayceeeee!" she squeals, clearly excited. "Can you believe it? We're DONE HIGHSCHOOL! Like, FOREVER!" she leaps into the air triumphantly.
"Hey, Car. I know! I'm so excited! I can't wait to get out of this dump!" I exclaim, earning me some dirty looks from my old professors

s. Oh well, I think. What are they going to do, expell me?
"We'll, let's go!" she links her arm through mine, and we begin walking down the hallway towards the stairwell.
"So, where to?" she asks, expecting a fabulous answer.
"Erm... Uh... Home. I'm sorry, Car, but I can't bare the thought of going anywhere but. I'm dead tired."
"So... Twitter?" she asks, raising an amused eyebrow.
I sigh. "Yup."
After dropping Carson off, I head home as fast as is legally possible. I blast my favourite band in the car, One Direction, and happily sing along.
I finally arrive at home, and as soon as I do, I flop onto my bed. I click open my laptop, and log onto Twitter. I really hope one of the boys is doing a follow spree...
Sadly, no such luck. However, there is a new contest on their official page, so I click to read more about it.
The winner gets to go on tour with One Direcion for five months.


Thankfully, I'm eligible to enter, as I live in London and am over sixteen. The site tells you to make an edit concerning the 2013 world tour, and so I do. And I barely get my entry in on time.
The page says the winner will be announced in ten minutes, and it starts counting down a virtual clock onscreen.


I wait. And wait. And wait. My heart is racing at a million miles per second. 5...4...3...2...1... Congratulations @1D_Jaycee_London!!! You've won the contest! ... That was me. Ohgod. That. Was. Me.


Hey guys :) hope you enjoy!! Vote, subscribe, like, comment!! <3
p.s. I had to redo this chapter... My others one got deleted :/


@SimplyFabLouis Thanks!! :)
Love it! :D
@Love-One-Direction Thanks, love! Will do :) xx
Update it's good!
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