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One Fangirl, Five Boys, And A Contest


If there's one thing you should know about my parents, it's that they're always up for a bargain. Seriously, if there's a good deal to be found, they'll find it. It's like it's in their blood. So, when I approach them about the contest, this will be my argument point.
"But mum," I begin after her first 'Absolutely not.', "It's free! And they're my favourites! C'mon, pleeeease?" I beg, batting my lightly mascara'd eyelashes.
"Well," she begins, thinking hard. "I suppose it is free..." I smile to myself, knowing I've got this in the bag. Then she turns it around. "Go ask your father."
I love my dad more than anything. He's caring, kind, loving, funny, corny, and all that is good. However, he's also a much harder sell than my mum. This would be tricky.
After I explain my situation to my dad, him with his glasses on, peering down his nose at me, and me practically on my knees begging, he says yes. Just... Yes.
What? This couldn't be right. No questions asked, no further begging required. Just yes.
"What?" I ask, confused.
"Yes." he repeats, making himself clear.
"Okay... You're sure? I mean, you're not hearing me wrong?" I confirm.
He chuckles loudly. "I know you really want to go," he reasons. "Besides, you just graduated highschool! I understand you want to go out and celebrate. You don't have any college plans anyway, you may as well have some fun!"
I'm shocked. I'm in shock. Will I die? Oh god. They said yes. Yes! They said yes! I'm about to spend five months with One Direction! Ahhhhhh! *le fangirl* ... Then it hits me. "I'm leaving tomorrow!" I think aloud. "I've got to pack!"


I hope you guys like it :) don't forget to leave me feedback!! Muah :*


@SimplyFabLouis Thanks!! :)
Love it! :D
@Love-One-Direction Thanks, love! Will do :) xx
Update it's good!
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