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N.H.I.M.S.T (Niall Horan Is My Sex Teacher)

chapter 2

It was now after school and I walked down the silent hall
When I felt 2 strong arms push me to the wall and kissed me hard like an animal
"Ollie" I said trying to open my eyes
But that was when he pulled me into the boys restroom
He started taking my clothes off while kissing me
"Ollie NO"I tried to scream but couldn't
He pulled his pants down when I could breath
"Help someone help me please Help !!!!!!" I screamed hoping someone will hear me
He pulled his boxers down then I heard someone else in the bathroom
"Help!!" I screamed again
The person ripped Ollie off of me before he could do anything to me
The person picked me up and ran to a classroom
"Mister Horan?" I asked looking at him
"Yes bby girl your safe now he can't hurt you"
N̶̲̥̅̊ext D̶̲̥̅̊ay
I walked up to the school doors scared for what is waiting for me but when I walked inside everybody gave me hugs. I sat on the bench outside skipping my first 5 periods because I didn't feel like going to class
I walked to the maths class
And sat at my chair I felt safe in Mister Horan's class that's when he walked past me and gave me a note that read
Dear Amy
Please Stay after This period we need to talk xoxo
I smiled at the note and nodded my head
"Please open your books on page 52?" Mister Horan said while winking
"Ok" the class said in unison
"You see they are grade one Maths so Please do it and if you are quite ill put on some music" he said in a charming voice
That's when he put on the music and Jason_derulo_the other_side started playing. And everybody sang along even Mister Horan
*The bell rang*
I stood up and walked to he's table
"Yes Mister Horan?" I asked looking at him
He sat on his table "Amy I asked you to stay behind so we could talk because I have something to say I think I'm falling inlove with you" he said smiling
He came closer to me and started leaning in and I let him and he kissed me I kissed back feeling sparks forgetting about everyone and everything
"Ohh and Call me Niall when were alone" he said againt my lips
"Niall I whimpered" at the touch of his lips against mine
"Yes bby girl" he said holding my waist
"I can't I'm too scared" I said pulling away
"I'm here nobody can hurt you not even Ollie" he said looking at me with a straight face
"What will happen if people find out? You will lose your job" I looked at him with sadness in my eyes
"Its all for u ill do anything for you Amy" he said hugging me.


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