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N.H.I.M.S.T (Niall Horan Is My Sex Teacher)


It was a normal monday at the school everyone sleepy everyone gossiping about celebrity's and stuff I don't care about.
I walked to my best friend Louise only to see her and her boyfriend Quinton making out against the lockers.
"Hi guys!" I said walking to them
*they pull away*
"Hey Amy" Louise replied hugging me
"Hey sis" Quinton greeted me with a kiss on the cheek
Quinton is more like a brother to me than a friend
Me and Louise walked around the school halls when the bell rang
We where at maths first for 2 periods straight I didn't like our teacher because she's always mean. After she got pregnant its 10 times worse
We walked to class in our own time
"Good Morning Boys and Girls I'm your new Maths teacher my name is Niall Horan but u can call me Mister Horan" I heard an irish voice say as we walked into the class We sat at our tables
"Ok so right everyone is gonna tell me there names and something about themselves" Mister Horan said
"You first" he pointed at a kid 2 places before me
The boy stood up
"My name is Brandon I'm playing in the first football team" "Your turn" he pointed to the boy infront of me
"Hey I'm Ollie I'm Amy's Boyfriend Brandon's bestfriend I play for the first football team and I don't care much" he replied
"Now your Turn bby Girl" he said looking into my eyes
I stood up
Hey guys my names Amy my boyfriend is Ollie my hobby is to sing I love it and my bestfriends name is Louise
After I told him who I was Mister Horan couldn't keep he's eyes off of me. Every girl in class was literally drooling over him. Well I couldn't disagree. With them he was quite hot
Everyone was finished telling there story's when the bell rang for the second period
"Ok so just because today is the first day for all of us I won't let you work but tomorrow be ready too" Mister Horan said with a big smile
"Mister Horan" I said pointing my hand in the air
"Yes Amy" he said looking at me
"Can we sit by our friends please"
I walked over to amy and Quinton and sat on Ollie's lap
We just sat there and chatted with the friends and stuff.


PLZ UPDATE! It's amazing!

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