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N.H.I.M.S.T (Niall Horan Is My Sex Teacher)

Chapter 3

It was now friday a cloudy friday I didn't mind I was to inlove to worry about anything I walked to Niall's classroom
*K̶̲̥̅̊nock* *K̶̲̥̅̊nock*
"Come in!" That cute irish voice of him said
"Mister Horan" I said walking in
"May I help you with something?" He asked while standing up still not looking at me
"Yes you can u can give me a kiss" I said walking in front of him
*He looked up*
"Baby! I missed you" he screamed whispered against my lips kissing me
I pulled away because I heard kids coming into class
"See you the third and fourth period Ni" I said while walking to the door
"Can't wait to see you I'll miss you! He screamed smiling
I was at home economics for the first 2 periods I had to make love cupcake's to someone I love
After the bell rang for the 3rd and 4th period I grabbed Louise's hand and run to the maths class
"Hold on I'm not as fast as lightning!!!" She screamed
I just laughed at her
When we got to class we were the first there
"Good mornin Mister Horan" we said as we walked into the classroom
"Good morning girls" he said giving us test pages
"Mister Horan what is this?" Louise asked taking the words out of my mouth
"Its a class test don't worry" he said looking at us smiling
I took out my pen and started to write but instead of doing the maths I wrote
I know him as Niall Horan they know him as Mister Horan he's the most perfect guy his blonde hair his ocean blue eyes the way he kisses. His lips are so soft he's touch drives me insane and the best thing he's mine
The bell rang for lunch
"Hand in you papers please" Niall asked
I sat there till everyone left
"Hey Ni I made u something" I said smiling giving him the cupcakes
"Aww bby thanks " he said kissing my cheek
"So" He asked me moving closer to me
"So?" I asked looking at him confused
"What u doing after school?" He asked kissing my jaw
"I-i don't know yet w-w-Why" I whimpered
"Come with me I have people you gotta meet" he said exited pulling away
"Ok as long as you promise not to rape me" I joked
"I can't promise you anything" he said winking



PLZ UPDATE! It's amazing!

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