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How I Met Harry Styles.

Chapter 9

**2 Months Later: Holly's POV**

Today the boys were coming home from tour. I was beyond excited to see Harry. I stood at the terminal exit with Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie. "I can't wait to see Liam!" Danielle squealed. Eleanor, Perrie and I laughed. The girls around us started to scream, letting us know they were here. Liam and Zayn came through first, they looked at me apologetically before embracing their girlfriends. Uh? Ok? Niall and Louis walked through and Niall ran up to me. "Hey Furby! I missed you!" I said hugging him. "I'm sorry about Harry." He said in my ear. "What about Harry?" I asked. "He didn't tell you?" Liam asked. "Tell me what?" I replied. The boys looked down right pissed, while us girls looked confused. It was then that I saw them walk through the terminal. Harry had his arms wrapped around Taylor Swift's waist. "Holly!?" Harry said shocked and wide eyed. "Baby who is she?" Taylor said looking from me to Harry. "BABY!?" I screamed. "Holly. Let me explain!" Harry said grabbing my wrist. "NO! I get it! I obviously wasn't good enough for you! I can't believe you would cheat on me! I have been nothing but loyal and faithful to you and this is what I get!? I should've listened to Daddy and James! We're DONE!" I yelled pulling my wrist out of Harry's reach. I looked to Taylor who looked confused. "You stupid whore! I bet you take pride in stealing people's boyfriends!" I hissed and ran out of the airport. We had brought my car and they were all staying at my place. I jumped in and drove home. A couple minutes later, the doorbell rang. I walked downstairs and let Liam and Danielle in, followed by Niall, followed by Louis and Eleanor, followed by Zayn and Perrie. But whe Harry and Taylor tried coming in, I blocked the way and was backed up by everyone. "Sorry. There's no room for you two." I growled and slammed the door loudly in their faces. I turned around and walked upstairs. I slammed my bedroom door and walked to the window. I shut the blinds so I was in almost complete darkness. I crawled into bed and under the covers and let the tears fall.

Harry's POV

It's been a week since I've seen Holly. I should've texted her to let her know what was going on, but I didn't have the heart. I know cheating on her was wrong, but managment was making me date Taylor and said that I had to stop talking to Holly immediately. I've probably called her about 300 times, but she never answers. I sighed in defeat and put my phone down. Holly hated me now and I was still hopelessly and completely in love with her.

Arabelle's POV

Holly never came out of her room, except for once a day to get a glass of water and a bagel. James, Matthew (Holly's dad) and I were beyond pissed at what Harry did to her. So were the lads and girls. When Holly came out, she got her glass of water and sandwich and stood in the kitchen for a pit. She was pale, lost weight, and had fresh cuts on her arms. Her eyes were bloodshot and she had circles under them like she hadn't slept in days. When she walked by to go back to her room, I grabbed her arm to talk to her. Her head whipped around and she looked at me with cold, black, eyes. "Let. Go." She growled darkly. I immediately released her and watched her walk back to her room. This was not the Holly I know and I wanted my Holly back. The one that was happy and adventurous. Not this dark Holly. Louis walked in the front door and we all turned to look at him. "Taylor says Harry is the exact same way. She said that Harry said that Holly agreed to them 'fake dating'. She says all Harry does is sit in his room on his laptop in the dark. She says he barely eats or drinks anything. She also wanted to let Holly know she's sorry. She said the only way she would agree to fake date Harry for publicity, is if Holly allowed it." He said. We all stood there letting what Louis said sink in. Harry's not actually dating Taylor. It's all for publicity. I was about to say something when James spoke up. "If I ever see him again, he's gonna wish he never played Holly like that!" He said angrily. "It's just for publicity. Harry needs to tell Holly that. Not us." I said and as if on cue, a pale, tired looking Harry walking through the front door. Niall and Zayn had to hold James back. Liam, Dani and El, held her father back. "Harry!" Bruno said trotting up to him. Harry smiled and bent down to pick him up. "Hey little man!" He said smiling. Bruno wrapped his tiny arms around Harry's next and nuzzled into his chest. I smiled and teared up at the sight. Bruno was just starting to warm up to everyone else, but completely adored Harry. Harry looked at everyone then his eyes met mine. He walked over and handed Bruno to me. "Where is she?" He asked, his voice cracking. "Bedroom." I said, taking Bruno from him and watched as he walked upstairs.

Holly's POV

Harry. Harry. Harry. That's all I thought about. Normally after something like this happened, I would go and drink my pain away. But not this time. A knock at the door caused me to jump and bolt upright. "Holly? Can we talk?" The voice said. Harry. I'd know his voice anywhere. "Get out." I growled darkly. Even darker than I growled at Ari, but he didn't listen. He walked in, then shut and locked the door behind him. I made a growling sound deep in the back of my throat and Harry stopped dead, his eyes were wide. I was beyond pissed. I couldn't even look at him. "Holly, I know you're not gonna talk to me, so please just listen. Managment is making me date Taylor for publicity. She even knows we're not dating cause she has a boyfriend. I just told her and managment you agreed cause I thought you would go along with it. Managment told us once we signed the contract we weren't supposed to communicate in any way, shape, or form with our boyfriend/girlfriend. Kitten, I love you so much. I would never think of hurting you purposely. I love you." He said. When I didn't say anything as he turned around and headed toward the door. "I love you, too." I whispered when his hand reached for the door. He slowly turned around. "What?" He whispered back. "I said I love you, too." I replied louder and starting to smile. A huge grin, his sincere, true grin, spread across his face as he ran and jumped onto the bed with me. He hovered over me, with his hands on either side of his face, as he crashed his lips to mine. "Be mine again?" He asked when he pulled away. "Of course!" I said. He smiled and kissed me lightly. His hand lightly brushed against my side. I squirmed under his touch as I was super ticklish. "Are you ticklish?" He asked, grinning evilly. "No." I lied trying to keep a straigh face. Pretty soon, it was getting hard to breathe because Harry was tickling me. "H-H-Harry! S-stoo i-i-it!" I said between fits of laughter. "Never!" He yelled. He stopped tickling me seconds later and just sat on my stomach. "You're amazing, Holly. I love you, Kitten." He said, kissing the tip of my nose. I giggled and smiled at him. "I love you, too, babe." I said. Just then, the door slammed open to reveal a pissed off James. "YOU'RE TAKING HIM BACK!?" He yelled. Before I could explain, James had shoved Harry off of me and onto the floor. The stood in the middle of the room. "I don't want you anywhere near my sister!" James hissed. "James!" I yelled standing between him and Harry. "Get out of my way." James growled. "No." I said confidently standing my ground. I saw him raise his hand my eyes widened. Harry grabbed James wrist before he could do anything just as I turned around and burried my face in Harry's chest. "If you lay a hand on her, I will have no problem killing you." Harry growled darkly as his arm wrapped protectively around me. I heard James breathing calm down as he walked out of the room.



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Please update soon. I want to know what happens next :)

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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...UPDATE
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