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How I Met Harry Styles.

Chapter 10

**2 Days Later: Holly's POV**

I heard a crashing sound and bolted upright. I looked at the clock, it was midnight. "Ssshhh!" I heard Harry slur. He was obviously drunk. I heard someone giggle and I gasped. Taylor was with him and she was obviously piss drunk, too. I watched in horror as Harry's hands roamed all over her body, before pinning her against the wall and kissing her. I turned away just as he took her into the last bedroom on the left, shutting and locking the door behind him. I walked to my closet and grabbed my suitcases. I packed everything except the clothes I had changed into. Pictures, clothes, laptop, everything but the bed and dressers was packed. I silently brought them downstairs and walked to Bruno's room. I did the same thing to his room and woke him up. "Bruno we have to go!" I whispered. He rolled over and I carried his bags downstairs before going back upstairs to get him. I stopped in my room and sighed. I can't believe he's fucking Taylor Swift in MY house when he's DATING ME. I was beyond angry, but I was mostly upset. Oh, one thing I forgot to mention. We had sex last night. Yep. Harry and I did it, but managed to keep it a secret so no one knew about it. I wrote Dani a quick note, threw my things and Bruno's things into the car, buckled Bruno is his car seat, and left.

Danielle's POV

I woke up and looked at the alarm clock. 7:00am. I sighed and got up, walking downstairs to make tea. I noticed a note on the fridge, so I pulled it off and read it.

Please don't worry about Bruno and I, we're fine. Harry came home at midnight last night with Taylor and the rest is history. Please don't come find us. We'll be long gone before you can do anything. I don't care if Harry's upset. Twice he's broken my heart and twice I've given him a second chance. He doesn't get a 3rd. My best for all of you guys. I'll miss you.

"He. Did. Not!" I growled to myself. I was beyond pissed off. How could he do this to Holly!? I stomped upstairs and threw open our bedroom door. "Liam! Get up and get downstairs now!" I snarled. He was wide awake immediatley, obviously cause of the tone of my voice. I went and woke the others up, saying the same thing. When everyone but Harry and Taylor was down in the living room, I passed the note around. "Son of a bitch." Louis said. It was shocking to hear it from Louis since he was Harry's best friend, but everyone was pissed. We all walked upstairs and stood in our doorways, while Louis went and pounded on Harry's door. "What!?" A very hungover and pissed off looking Harry answered the door. "Get out. Both of you!" Louis yelled. Harry looked confused until he turned around. When he saw Taylor he was shocked. "Did we..." He trailed off and I guess she nodded cause Harry looked upset. "I should go." She walked out of the bedroom and down the hall. Everyone just shook their heads at her, she stopped at Holly's doorway. "Hey Holly. It's Taylor. By now you probably already heard about Harry and I. I just wanna say I'm sorry. Please don't hate Harry." She said. "She can't hear you." Liam said, loud enough for Harry to hear at the end of the hallway. Taylor looked at us confused. "Because she left. She's gone because of you!" Louis said. Harry's eyes widened and he ran down to Holly's room. He threw the door open and ran in. He looked in her closet and her bathroom before running out and running down to Bruno's room. "No!" He said when he saw Bruno's room was empty. He looked so hurt, but I didn't care. I don't think anyone did. He hurt Holly twice, so now he knows how it feels. "Where did she go?" He asked. Taylor silently left a couple minutes ago. I guess to go tell her boyfriend. "WHERE DID SHE GO!?" Harry yelled. "We don't know!" Louis yelled back. "She left us this note telling us that she left but didn't say where she was going." Liam snarled. Harry took the note from Liam and tears filled his eyes as he read it.

Holly's POV

"Are you excited to see your cousins?" I asked Bruno as we sat in front of the gate, waiting for the plane to get here. "Yeah!" He cheered. I smiled at him and let my thoughts wander to everyone at home. Were they worried? Did they miss me? How's Harry? Does he regret anything? Is he trying to find me? I sighed and shook the thought away.

Now boarding Flight 9184 to Fort Myers, Florida, America.

The flight attendent said over the loud speaker. "That's us." I told Bruno. I handed the lady our tickets and we sat in our first class seats. Bruno was scared of heights so I gave him the isle seat. Pretty soon we were in the air. I watched as London and everything I've ever known faded into the distance. "I'm not going to, ever get, over you." I sang Miranda Lamberts 'Over You' in my head. "Goodbye Harry." I whispered as a tear rolled down my cheek.


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