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How I Met Harry Styles.

Chapter 8

Holly's POV

Pain. That's all I felt when I was in the coma. It's been a week since I was released with a clean bill of health. I was currently at home sitting in my window seat, staring at the tip of the meadow that was just barely in view in the middle of the woods behind our house. I thought about my mom and wondered where she was. Whenever I asked James or Father about her, they'd grow silent. It just didn't click that she was dead. I thought she was still alive. "Hey." James said from the doorway, his voice cracking. "Hi." I said. "Do you know where Mom is?" I added. His face paled as he walked over and crouched in front of me. "Do you remember that accident you were in?" He asked. "Yeah." I said cautiously. "Holls, mom didn't make it." He said looking down. "No. No she's still alive!" I yelled running downstairs. I ran into the living room where the boys, Ari, Dani, El, Perrie, Bruno, and my father sat. Tears started falling when I noticed how sad everyone looked. "Daddy..." I said quietly. "She's gone." He said in monotone. My breathing became heavier as the realization sunk in. "No." I whispered. "NO!" I yelled, running out the back door and to the meadow. The meadow my mother and I had found.

Harry's POV

I felt bad for Holly, so much happened to her and she's handled it so well up until this point. James came downstairs a couple minutes later. "She ran out the back." Her dad said. "The meadow." James whispered and followed Holly. I excused myself and followed James. 20 minutes later, we came to a meadow. I stayed hidden while James walked over to Holly who was sitting on a swing, that hung from a tree in the middle. "I never got to say goodbye." I heard Holly say. "I know, none of us did. But things happen for a reason. There's nothing we can do." James said. "How's Bruno gonna take it. He'll be heartbroken." Holly replied. "He will. We're all heartbroken. But you've always been like a mother to him." James said. "We'll make it through this. The lads, Dad, the girls, me, and Harry." Holly sighed and stood up. "Oh don't say his name!" Holly groaned. "Harry's name?" James asked. "Yes!" Holly said. "Why?" James asked confused. "Because..." Holly started but didn't finish. "Because you like him. Don't you?" He finished for Holly. "Yes. And he's too stupid to realize it!" She said. Holly liked me? What!? How!? When!? If I had known that, I wouldn't have even considered bringing Chloe here. Great. Now she probably thinks I hate her.

**New Years Eve: Holly's POV**

I woke up and looked at the clock. 7am. Harry wanted me ready by 8am. Yeah, Harry and I were on speaking terms and friends again. He said he had a surprise for me today and I was more than excited. I took a shower, blow dried and curled my naturally straight hair, then got ready. I pulled on my blue skinny jeans, white blouse, brown boots, and a brown jacket. To complete my look I added an owl necklace and the smokey eye look, using liquid eyeliner and brown and blue eye shadow. I grabbed my phone off the charger and shoved it and about $50 dollars in my back pocket.

At exactly 8am, Harry was at my bedroom door asking if I was ready. "Have fun you two!" Dad said. "Be safe!" Dani added. "USE PROTECTION!" Louis shouted causing us all to laugh. "Where are we going?" I asked curiously from the passengers seat of Harry's Range Rover. "That, my darling, is for me to know and you to find out." He said smiling at me. I sighed and looked out the passengers side window. Harry has been calling me 'darling' or 'kitten' lately. Don't get me wrong, it's cute, but kind of weird. "We're here." Harry said suddenly after a 30 minute drive. "A carnival!" I squealed, jumping out of the car and pulling Harry with me like a kid in a candy store.

At 11pm, we left the carnival and drove to the center of London. "Now where are we going?" I asked. "You'll see." He said. He took me to the London Eye and surprisingly, there was no line. We walked into the pod and there was a candle light dinner set for 2. "Did you do this?" I asked tearing up. "Of course." Harry said smiling. "Thank you!" I said throwing my arms around his neck and hugging him tight.

The pod was stopped at the very top and about an hour later, people started counting down. Harry and I walked over to the glass and watched the seconds tick away on Big Ben. "10, 9, 8, 7," People were shouting from down below. "6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!" They shouted and just as Big Ben went off, Harry turned me around and connected our lips. I was shocked at first, but felt myself slipping into the kiss. It was like a million fireworks and butterflies erupted in my tummy. About a minute later Harry pulled away so we could breathe. "Holly, I've had the biggest crush on you since I first laid eyes on you when we were ice skating. When you fell through the ice, I knew I wanted to protect you from danger. So what I'm trying to say is, I really like, no, love you. Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. Tears formed in my eyes as I nodded my head furiously. "Yes!" I said through tears. Harry smiled at me before picking me up and spinning me around. "I love you, Kitten." He whispered. "I love you, too, Haz." I whispered back. He rested his forehead against mine. He gently rubbed our noses together, which caused me to giggle, before connecting our lips. This kiss was more gentle and so full of love and in that moment, I knew I loved Harry more than anything. He was always there for me and he'll always there for me. I was always broken and left hurt, but Harry was the band-aid that healed me and kept me together. Nothing could get in the way of this perfect relationship.

Or so I thought.



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Please update soon. I want to know what happens next :)

I'm writing ideas down to update it tonight when I get home from school as we speak!!(:
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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...UPDATE
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