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Wolf eyes

Ashes to dust

'Why are you so late, Sarah?" Mr. Hebert asked stopping the entire class. He was the calculus teacher, I hate this class. "Locker issues sir," Harry said covering up for me kindly. I smiled at him. "And you are?" He asked. I ignored Mr. Hebert's little fugue and sat down at my seat. 'Is that your boyfriend?" My other best friend Joshua asked. He would ask because he 'secretly' has a crush on me so he feels the need to know who he's 'competing' with. I laughed, and shook my head. "Nope." I said. Joshua shook his head in disbelief and continued the notes on the board. 'Why?' I asked. Joshua set down his pencil and shrugged. "Just wondering." He asked. 'I got my gun taken away.' I sighed. 'Awe. really? why's that?" He asked. I opened my book and, started doing my previous homework, that's due. "Cause I was hunting this morning." I replied. Joshua laughed. 'could of guessed it.' he joked.
- -
'Sit over there, next to Emily.' Mr. Hebert said to Harry. Emily sat behind me. I smiled as Harry made his way to his seat. Emily, was a really popular girl. She flirted a lot, and dates a lot. I hope she doesn't try making some move on harry - not saying he likes me, but just in case. I turned and grinned at harry, as I did Joshua rolled his eyes. "So, you're new?" Emily said turning to Harry playing with her soft reddish hair. Harry gave an annoyed smirk to her. "Yes." He said then getting out a piece of paper. "From?" She asked, all up in his business. I wanted to tell her to fuck off so dearly. If I did, I didn't want to hear her run her mouth.
"You probably wouldn't know the school." Harry replied. Emily sighed, and flipped her hair turning away. That's right, turn away. I turned back, and began my homework. I hate calculus with a passion. I have decent grades, but calculus is just confusing most of the time. "Want to hang after school?" Joshua asked. I shrugged. "I don't know, I think I'm grounded." I said. No, I'm not grounded its just - Joshua is weird, sometimes. But I do love him, as a friend.
- -
After class, I walked to my next class P.E. the worst class, in my opinion. Harry crept up behind me and smiled. 'What's your next?' he asked. I looked at him, and slight smiled. 'P.E. with coach Anderson. You?' I asked. His face lit up once again and he waved his hands in the air. 'uh?' I said confused. 'sorry. happy dance. me too.' He replied. I smiled, that made me happy even though he'd be seeing me all gross & sweaty. 'Let me ask you, did someone pay you? If so tell me please.' I asked, only to be sure this wasn't a sinister little game.
"Huh?" He said with a confused expression. "Never mind." I chuckled.
I put on my P.E. uniform & made my way to the gym. "Oh Sarah you finally brought your uniform. good." Anderson chuckled, as she checked down my name. I faked chuckled, I was annoyed with her. Harry wondered in looking like a lost puppy. "Name?" Anderson asked. 'Harry'. He said looking over at me. 'Eyes over here kid.' Harry rolled his eyes and, sighed. "Are you really giving me attitude on your first day?" She barked. Oh no, never give Ms. Anderson attitude she will drop you. Not literally. I laughed.
'Sorry.." Harry growled. Anderson shook her head. 'Looks like you'll need to learn the hard way. 20 pushups.' she said pointing to the gym floor. Harry laughed, and got in pushup position. He quickly started, 1 pushup, 2 pushups, 3 pushups, 4. His back muscles tensed with every pushup. He did them fast also. All the girls drooled, as he did them. Including me. Damn boy. He got up a little sweaty and gave her a smile. 'Nice kid.' she smirked.
'Ok everyone, get in a line.' she called clutching her fine tip pen and clipboard. Harry jogged over to me, and stood by me. '20 pushups is nothing.' he laughed. I shook my head. 'I saw you looking at me.' he winked, as he dimples flared out. "Well, so was every other girl.." I blushed. He laughed and playfully pushed me. "Awe." He laughed. Who could help blushing?
- -
I got off my bus, and walked home. Finally today's over - even though I loved it. I kept walking, and then the bus stopped and the doors creaked open. I turned and waited to see who it was. Harry. I shook my head and continued on home. "Sarah!" He called out running holding his bag to his hip. "Since when did you ride my bus?" I asked. "Since today." He said. I nodded, and continued on. 'Where do you live?" I asked. Harry flipped his hair and took a deep breathe almost relieving. 'Why? Are you going to stalk me..?" Harry teased. 'No.' I replied. I walked a little faster, I could see my house. Shit. My dad's car was here. He didn't allow me to be with boys, he's still not over me being best friends with Joshua. 'Yeah. You've got to go." I said quickly making it to my porch. Harry stood looking confused and nodded slowly. 'Oh alright..' he said walking west. 'Bye.' I yelled. I watched as he walked away. It looked like he was lost.
I threw my bag on my couch and went to the fridge. My mother was making dinner. "How was today?" She asked, seeming not concerned. ' I'll tell you when I get my gun back.' I snickered. My mom stopped stirring the food. "Stop." She said in a stern tone. I shook my head, and rolled my eyes then ran up stairs. "WHATEVER." I yelled from upstairs then slamming my door.


Enojy (:


OF course! & Thanks for reading <3 Glad you're enjoying (:
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this is really good can u read mine?
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This is AWSOME!!!!
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