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Wolf eyes


I fell onto my bed and pulled my face into my pillow. I was frustrated and needed a hunt to get things off my mind. If only I could sneak out when my parents go to bed, to hunt. It was a risk though. I'll take it. I had everything planned out. After dinner I'd pretend to go to bed, then I'd just sit and wait for my parents to go to bed. Then I'd grab my things and quietly make my way outside, to the back woods. I've never hunted late at night so it was something new. I'm ready. Most animals come out at night anyways. I might have some luck.
-Bzz,Buzz- Went my phone. I pulled it to my side, and unlocked it. A text message. From Mallory.
From: Mallory
Message: Hey. Did you see the new guy? He's hot! I think I'm going to make a move. (:
I shook my head to that comment. No way. Mallory would get him way quicker than I could, cause she's way more pretty. I couldn't let her do that.

From: Sarah
Message: Oh.. Well I don't know. I mean.. What if I wanted to make a move..
I replied. She never replied. I'm guessing she was mad, whatever. Doesn't bother me much.
10:07 My parents went to bed over 30 minutes ago. Time for a hunt? Indeed. I put on my camouflage jacket and, slowly walked down stairs. I smiled at the sight of my beautiful gun. I picked it up and ran my hands up and down the barrel. "Oh, I've missed you." I whispered. I took one last look around to be sure It was safe. I then snuck out the back door and jogged across my yard. Avoiding the broken vases. Escaping into the dark peaceful woods.
I could feel all the movement of animals around me running and stopping to stare. I walked down to my main hunting spot; the Creek. I could hear animals walking across the creek and slurping at it's refreshing water. I slowly slid down the hill, crushing fallen leaves. An elk glared at me from afar slowly backing up. It's young standing clear next to it nudging it.
I picked up my gun pointing it at the older elk. I felt sorry because it's young would have to see it. Though, it looked old enough to understand and care for itself. Before I could even load up my gun, I heard a loud growl and saw as one of the deer's disappeared. Mountain lion! I thought. I quickly loaded up my gun, preparing for anything. My heart berated fast but nothing was to be seen. The elk's head peered out from the tree it's dead carcass just laying lifeless. I've never felt more nervous. Then out of nowhere I saw something run across the creek. It was big, but I could barely make out what it was. Sure as hell didn't look like an ordinary Mountain lion. I then felt my entire body go numb. I felt cold water drizzling over me. So cold. I felt like I couldn't move. Everything went dark. I felt for my gun, but could not feel. I turned onto my back letting my hair into the water. I was freezing. It felt like a dream. It was a hard image to put together but a Wolf stood in front of me looking down at me. it's muzzle pointing down, it's eyes looked onto me. Why didn't it strike? What's happening. Then it was gone.
- -
I got up, and quickly ran home. Faster & Faster. I made it to my back porch then into my house. Trembling up stairs falling every once in a while. Scared for my life.


Sorry it's short but Enjoy! (:


OF course! & Thanks for reading <3 Glad you're enjoying (:
Harrysbebxo Harrysbebxo
this is really good can u read mine?
missclaireirwin missclaireirwin
This is AWSOME!!!!
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