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Wolf eyes

Hollow night

I clutch my shotgun and put on my camouflage jacket, I tip-toe down the stairs not making a single peep. It's 6:23 AM I'm 'supposed' to be sleeping but I need to go out for a hunt. If my parents knew they'd take my gun away. Don't want to risk it, but I do at the same time. I wrap my hands around the back door handle slowly turning it. I then open the door half way and slip out, not a sound to be heard. I'd need to make sure I went out far, don't want to risk my gun shots being heard. Even with my silencer. I jog through my crops, and over my steel fence. I take a last gaze back at my house; specifically at my parents bedroom window. 'sound asleep.' I say to myself. I only have an hour. They wake up 7:30. Let's make this worth the while.
- -
I've been Hunting for 8 years, since I was 8. I love animals, but It's just a hobby of mine. I get crap about it constantly at school. People always complaining, on how my gun shots are to loud, or the Vegetarians of the school protesting against me on how I shouldn't eat meat. I'm different, yes. I was born to hunt.
I make my way, down by the old creek usually where elk drink, and occasionally I'll see foxes, or even bob-cats. I kneel down over a rock being vanquished in water & moss and I take a whiff of the air. 'So peaceful.' I whisper. I run my fingers through the cold creek water, and let it drip down on the barrel of my gun. Not a soul to be seen. I make my way to the opposite side of the creek and take a look around. Usually there would be at least one deer. or animal in that matter. But, lately there has been rumors about some 'wolf' killing off the Elk. Not sure what to believe. Others say it's just hunters, but that's false. Wolves don't usually come down this low, only because us humans live down here. If a wolf happen to wonder down, I'm sure it would be killed. They have no business in our territory. Selfish sounding I know.
After searching around for a while, no Animals were out and about. They most likely sense my presence. I gazed at my clock. 7:19. "SHIT!" I yelled. I grabbed my gun and ran up the hill, through the trees. I ran as if something chased me. My gun's important to me; I can't get it taken away. I ran and ran, trembling every once in a while. When I got to my steel fence, I attempted to run over it but slammed dead in my tracks and was throw over it by impact. I crushed all my mother's hard worked crops, and shattered a few vases we had in my back yard. The sound woke up my parents. No! I cried to myself. I looked up and saw my mother looking down at me through her window. Her arms crossed, and her face gave off a look only a mother could love. I drug myself up, and sighed. Hugging my gun for the last few moments. I walked into my house, and set down my gun. Both my parents, sitting at my kitchen table looking quiet pissed. "Sarah." My mother growled. I sighed, and sat down opposite from them. "Are, you nuts?" My father added. I looked away hoping the would cut me some slack. "We don't grow fond with this hunting crap of yours. But, we made it clear. NO HUNTING IN THE MORNING, or without any concern anyways." My dad yelled. I didn't want to speak. I took off my jacket, and set it next to my gun. "Here" I said in a hushed tone. My mother, pulled them closer. "Get ready for school." She said with a faint expression. Without hesitation, I ran up the stairs to my room slamming the door. I put on some jeans, and a black sweat shirt. I walked to the bathroom, quickly brushed my teeth and hair. I put on a light amount of mascara, and some eyeliner. Only to make me feel more close to the feminine side. I grabbed my bag, then slipped on my plain white vans. Then I ran outside to go catch my bus.
- -
"Hey." My friend Mallory said, giving me a friendly hug. "Hi." I replied. She turned her head, and looked at me. "You alright?" She asked. I sighed and looked down at the pebble I tossed around with my feet. 'It's - its ok." I said not feeling in the mood to talk. "Oh," She chuckled. "There's this new kid at school." she said to me. I nodded, and puckered my top lip to my bottom. "I hear he's cute!" She said with excitement. "Oh?" I laughed. I wasn't the type to go for guys often. Only because they aren't really attracted to me. I don't have time for them anyways.
The bus pulled up, and me and Mallory got on last like usual. Me and her sat in the very front. "I hope he's cute," Mallory teased. "Hah, well you'd get him anyways." I replied. She really would, she's really pretty - infact I'm extremely jealous. She has long brown hair, with hazel eyes. Dimples, and a nice white smile. If only I had looks. Who falls for, long blonde hair, brown eyes? I feel like no one does. Maybe its true. "Oh stop." Mallory exclaimed pointing her finger to me. I laughed.

RING. Went the school bell. I walked to my locker quickly, and tried opening it. My locker always had issues. 'No. Seriously, dumb locker!" I yelled pulling the widget. Come on! I said to myself. I was already late, I couldn't go to class without my things. I hit the locker one last time, then just stood feeling frustrated. 'Having trouble?' an unfamiliar voice said from behind. I turned and a really handsome, curly haired boy smiled at me. His dimples winking at me and his green eyes locking me within. 'Uh yeah.." I said shyly. He chuckled, and pulled my locker widget a few times and it actually opened. 'What? How'd you?" I asked. He laughed. "My locker also has issues a lot, I guess I'm just used to it." He replied. I grabbed my things quickly and smiled at him admiring every little detail on him. Wow.
"Wait - I've never seen you before?" I said. He nodded and flipped his croissant gorgeous curls. 'I mean at my previous school locker. & I'm new here.' He said winking at me. Why is this perfect boy talking to me? This must be a sick joke. I thought. 'Oh.. Welcome. I'm Sarah." I said trying to look a pretty as I could. He looked me up and down a few times. "Sarah." He said feeling my name in his voice. "Nice. I'm Harry." He replied, with a grin. Harry? A perfect name for a perfect boy.
"Shit. I've got to get to class -" I said holding my things to my chest. "What class?" He asked. "Hubert." I replied. His face lit up. "Really ? Me too." He said. I think that this boy is perfect. And he's talking to me? Wow. I thought to myself. "Really? Oh. Well let's go!" I said cocking my head left from my locker to his class. This is either, a dream or a joke. Hot guys usually NEVER speak to me.


Hope you enjoy (: ! Comment your opinions! Second chapter soon <3


OF course! & Thanks for reading <3 Glad you're enjoying (:
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this is really good can u read mine?
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This is AWSOME!!!!
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