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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Twenty-Three ღ

I open one eye and then remember where I was, Harry was sleeping on the chair, wait weren’t we cuddling last night?

“Mornin sleeping beauty” Harry said opening both his eyes.

“Staring at me at this time of the moring?” he said with a grin.

“Harry!” I say with a laugh “in matter fact, yess, problems?” I say with a grin almost as big as his. We both start laughing hysterically until my whole body hurts. “You should be with your family, it’s almost Christmas” I sigh. His smile dropped. Great way to ruin a moment Hope…

“I still have a day with you” he said coming closer.

“Yeah, I wanna get out of this hell hold!” I say laughing.

“Out we go then” he said pointing to the door. “the nurse said you could leave as soon as you woke up” he said with a smile.

“Yay!” I cheer. Harry drove me home, thank god I was out of there.

“Tea?” he said going in the kitchen.

“Yes, please” I had to tell him, he didn’t want to bring it up, but I knew he wanted to ask. He gives me a mug of tea and sits besides me. “Whats on your mind?” I ask.

“Nothing” he said looking into his tea.

“Harry…” I sigh

He sighed as well. “Hope, what was that all about yesterday and shit” he said. “I didn’t wanna ask because you looked like crap” he said.

“It’s a long story” I sigh.

“I’m here all day, don’t forget” he said.

“Ok, it all happened when I was 8” I say…

“Hey Aunt Cece, hey Uncle Al” I say cheekily. Paige and her family were visiting, they wanted to meet Diamond.

“How does it feel to be 8?” Paige asked.

“You know” I say “so cool”

“I loved when I was 8 too!” she laughed cutely.

“Sweetie don’t forget you’re staying with Albert tonight, and Paige” she said with a smile. They were all going out for dinner but I didn’t want to go and Paige was half sick so we stayed home.

I was fast asleep when uncle woke me up.

“Time for fun little one” he said, I thought we were gunna play games.

Paige was crying in the room.

“PAIPAI!” I shout.

“She fell so be careful” he said. He injected me something, though my body was weird and since little only some kinds of meds worked on me, just like Paige.
“This is fun?” I ask I was scared now.

“Will be sweet cheeks” he said with a dirty grin.

‘RUN’ I could see Paige ad-libbing.

“I don’t want to play” I say almost crying “I want to sleep” is ay “I WANT MOM!” I cream.

“SHUT UP JEEZ!” He said slapping me. I was officially crying.
--end of flashback--

“He started touching me and coming closer and undressing me and then he did the same with Paige and then.. he used both of us and..” I start crying. You know what he did, “that’s what happened” I sniff.

“Hope” Harry said pulling me close, I can tell you he was crying too “I’m going to kill him” he said standing up.

“Don’t” I say pulling him back. “there is something else though..” I pause but continue “at the Hospital, when you were in the bathroom..” I say “well he, kinda appeared and he kind of started grabbing me and kissing me and that’s why I was acting so weird, but I’m so ashamed of myself because I couldn’t stop him, I lied there motionless frozen, scared to death-” I was going to continue but harry interrupted me.

“Don’t you dare blame it on you Hope” he said with a angry tone, I never heard him use that tone before. “im gunna find him and make him pay for EVERYTHING!” he shouted.

“Harry!” I say standing up to him. “Don’t” I say, “all I want is for you to lay beside me on my bed and watch lame movies with me” I say.

He clenched him fists but then let them go. He pulled me close and I burst into tears in his chest. He picks me up bridal style even though he knows I’m still crying and takes me upstairs. We both take a bath and get into our PJ’s. We lay down on the bed with the laptop open.

“Wait” I say “Where is Di?” I ask

“With Niall & Liam at Liams flat, with Danielle too” he said. “I told them this house was only ours for tonight” he said not noticing how that sounded. After a few seconds we burst out laughing.

“Perv little Harry” I say jokingly.

“You know I didn’t mean it that way” he said looking me in the eye.

“I know you didn’t im just kidding” I say staring into his gaze.

“God damn, I love you so much” he said resting his right hand on my cheek. He pulled me closer and our lips met, I backed away right when our lips touched.

“I-I cant” I said and looked away.

“Hey, hey, It’s fine” he said putting his head on my chin and making me look him in the eye “I still love you with all my heart” he said, he was too much.

“I love you too” I say. I look at the shelf of my movies and look at one in specific. “Love Actually” I say.

“What?” Harry looked at me puzzled..

“That’s what we are going to watch, so I can take my mind off things” I say with a really fake weak smile.

“Mmm, my favorite movie” he said with a huge smile that no matter what mood I was in made me smile too.

“I was a Directioner before, you don’t know how much I know, and now I know how much is true” I say laughing.

Harry puts the DVD in and the movie starts, we were awkwardly sitting next to each other, I think he was afraid if he touched me I would pull back. “you can cuddle me ya know? Its romantic” I laugh.

“Thank god I needed contact with you” he said pulling me onto his arms, I just laugh at what he said and then leaned my head against his chest. Harry was good for me he made me forget my problems, everything just went away, and I was an open book in front of him, he knew everything about me and vice versa, kinda? I knew enough.

“I love you” I say one last time.

“I love you too” he whispers and kisses my forehead. “Everything is gunna be just fine”


here you goooo, i hope you like it eventhough its disturbing but i just needed something to happen. keep reading my fanfic i love writing ittt. i love when you guys give me good comments makes me wanna write moree!! comment what you think :) and if you have any questions please just ask! The drama will stop for abiout the next 2 chapters :) Strawberrylove


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