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I Should've Kissed You

Chapter Twenty-Two ღ

“HARRY!” I manage to shout, I was gasping for air, what was going on, was I being delusional, I really didn’t care, all I needed now was help, “NURSE, HARRY HELP!” I was desperate.

"Why scream for lover-boy?" he said, "I made sure he stayed in the 'loo'" he said with a fake British accent.

"What are you doing here?" i manage to say between my breaths.

"Well, i missed you" he said then looked at me up and down, as if he was checking me out "and that body of yours" god, i cant, i cant take this anymore, i wish i had the strength to scream, though i was still weak. "Well, well" he said coming close.

"Stay back" i manage to say.
"Or what sweetie?" he said touching my bed, he grabbed my arms and started to come closer, i was about to scream i was so frightened but nothing came out my mouth, maybe because a pair of filthy disgusting lips were touching mine. I was crying so much my tears and sobbing were soft and loud at the same time

"STOP" i said finally and smacked him.

"Feisty, huh?" he said with a laugh. "you're weak now, there is nothing you can do, is there?"

What he didnt know was that Paige & Aunt Cece were on their way, he backed away and made his way to the other side of my bed. They both casually came in the room and then stop and their facial expression were probably the same as mine.

“A-Albert?” Aunt Cece managed to say.

“Well Cecilia what a pleasure” Albert said.

“What did you do to the poor girl Albert?!” She raised her voice.
“We were just talking” He responded, Paige could see how uncomfortable I was there sobbing my freaking eyes out.

“TAKE THIS SHIT OUTSIDE NOW” she was pissed, Albert didn’t agree.

“No,” he said “Hopie here loves my presence” he said.

“That’s it I’m calling the police” Cece said

“Do that and well” he didn’t even finish he just rolled his hands into fists.

There were minutes of silence but seconds later two police men entered the room and look Albert.

“Paige” I was shaking, did that just happen? God please let this all be a dream.

“Shhh” she said as I buried my face on her chest “its gunna be alright”

“Harry” I mumbled.

“Where is he by the way”

“Loo” I say repeating what Harry had said. “Harry!” I say louder and stand up from the bed, but moments later the world went black.

“Hope” I heard someone call everything as blurry I blink once, then twice then the image was clear.

“Harry” I whisper.

“Thank god you’re ok” He said with a worried face.

“Oh Harry” I said and I broke down all I was were tears. I settled down.

“Go to sleep love” he said, I looked at him scared, “I’ll be here by your side, I promise” I fake a weak smile.

I was about to go to sleep when I heard Harry and Gemma? and Paige talking.

“Paige, who, what happened, who was that?” Harry asked.

“That…thing was, my step dad, so like her uncle” she said.

“Shit” Harry said, “she fainted when I mentioned your uncle, I mean step-dad” harry said.

“You think-?”

“I’m sure” Harry interrupted Paige. “What exactly makes her feel this way towards him?” That made me wide awake.

“Gem?” I whispered.

“Baby girl your awake” Gemma said “been here for ages but you were so tired you looked like a baby penguin” she laughed trying to lighten the mood.

“Haven’t seen you in ages” I coughed.

“Yeah you haven’t that’s why I’m here!” Gemma said.

“Where is Di?” I said looking around the room.

“One Direction was supposed to have an interview Harry stayed here and Harry fell asleep so Diamond went with Danielle and Eleanor to the interview and then I came here and joined Harry” she stated.

“Oh” I say.

“Gem” harry said, and she just left the room.

“Babe, what happened?” Harry said calmly as he held my hand.

“I’m not sure, I blacked out and forgot everything” I lie.

“When you’re ready just tell me” Harry knew I was lying “what’s good on tv?” he asked changing subject.

“I don’t know, what things are ever good on Tv Harry?” I laugh, but stop as it hurt.

“You ok?” He asked concerned.

“Fine just hurts” I say faking a smile trying to hide the pain away.

We watched TV for a while and then my dinner came we ate together and Harry never ever left me alone, the guys were on TV in their interview.

“HARRY!” I say excited.

“The ladsss” Harry jumped in excitement and then turned his full attention to the TV.

Rumors say harry cant join us tonight because of a special girl” the interviewer said.

It’s not like that” Niall said. “One of our really special and close friends wasn’t feeling good so she is in the hospital, but no worries guys she’s fine, just had a bad temperature and low blood pressure, nothing to worry about!” he tried to be as cheerful as possible.

IS IT HOPE SMITH?” a girl from the public asked.

Well” the interviewer said.

yes my best friend Hope had somewhat of a breakdown, lets say” he said with a giggle trying to change topic.

“Enough of that” Harry said turning the TV off. “Bed time!” he said as if he was my dad.

“But daddy its only 10pm my curfew is 10:30” I say with a baby voice.

“C’mon penguin time to sleep” he said jokingly. “I love you” he said touching his right hand to my face.

“love you too curly fry” I say “good night babe”

“I won’t leave you Hope” he said gazing into my eyes, a few moments after i shut them, though I couldn’t sleep, was I ….. Scared?

“Haz,…I cant sleep, can you…?” I say pointing at the bed,.

“One step ahead of you” he said climbing to the hospital bed and cuddling me.

“There is something I need to tell you Harry” I say, I have to tell him the truth.

“Tomorrow, love, now sleep” he said kissing the back of my head “sweet dreams”

“sweet dreams” I repeat after him. I felt that If I was in harry’s arms I was safe so I let myself to sleep, but I knew tomorrow was yet to come, and the truth would come out.


HEYYOOOO. ok here you go, sorry if its weird but i needed something to happen and this was the first thing taht came to my mind... anyways hope you like ittt <3
p.s i love all your comments and everything <3<3<3 and if you have anything to say if i could do anything better please doooo <3


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