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Chapter 24

**Harry's POV**

“What?” I managed to croak after a long moments of silence. I could feel my head spin

“I’m so sorry Harry I really am” Gemma cried, I never expected to have my family back

“Why now?” I sobbed. yep I’m crying like a fucking bitch in front of my sister

“ You got no idea...it’s complicated, Aunt June,held me back after mom died” She said ,lowering her voice at the last part “ I asked her why are you not here? but she said that you ran away.I believed her God,,,I’m so stupid. It’s not until I found out about your boxing career ,I confront aunt June and she spilled the truth ,she told me that she wanted you gone because she knows that you’re really smart and all ,and so she put you in a orphanage.her plan is to receive all of mom’s wealth .Well she knew that if she adopted you you’ll know about all of these when you’ve grown up.”

I didn’t what to say it’s just so confusing,surprising and I just don’t know how to feel about it

“How about we just forget the past and move on with life?” I said, my words took me by surprise,part of me wanted to kill aunt June but part of me want to move on with life and just forget the past

“That’s a good idea!” she smiled at me “So you forgive me?”

“Gem...i’d never hate you ,although you left me “ I whispered that last sentence
She smiled widely at me

“ As much as I wanted to hug you right now,but I can’t you’re still too weak” she joked while I just poke my tongue out at her

“So,How are you Gem?” I asked her

“ With you have forgave me and stuffs ,I felt like a big weight has lifted off my shoulder “

“well that’s good to hear” I said “So any ‘Guys’ Gem? “ My voice become serious
I want her to have a man who have respect on her. yes,I’m a overprotective little brother

“Well…” she trailed off “I’m getting married in November and I have 2 kids,they’re both twins “ her eyes glimmered at the mention of her kids and fiance “What about you Harry ,any girl in your life?” she teased

“Yeah,well there’s one ...her name is Makayla…” I trailed off smiling at the mention of her name

“Oh my god!” Gem exclaimed “ I might have met her!”


“I think she’s the girl that has been waiting outside in the waiting room everyday,she looked like a mess yet she still managed to look beautiful”
makayla waited for me ? Oh god...i just want to kiss her right now “But I told her to go home and washed up ,she looked like a complete mess”

“But she’s beautiful isn’t she ?” I ask Gem

“totally! I’m like so jealous “ Gemma laugh “awwweeee little Harry is in Loveeeee” she squeeled

“shut up!” I scowled at her,my cheeks’ burning

“Aww you’re blushing “

“Gem stop!!” i groaned

“but dude, seriously we still need to catch up, When you get out of here,let’s go grab some coffee “ she suggest

“sure “ I smiled at her

for the rest of the day we just talked and joke around

This is one of the best day of my life, i got my family back ...


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