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Chapter 23

**Harry's POV**

I jolted up,my heart is beating faster,and faster…..I don’t want to remember any of those memories,but they won’t get off my head.

I tried to move my hands but hell! it won’t even move...it feels like I’m trapped inside myself,all that I could hear is the sound of a girl crying,I can’t recognize who though…

Everything just feels weird,I can’t see,I am trapped inside my own body,and I can’t even move an inch.

I tried to move my fingers,but no use. IT.JUST.WON’T.MOVE.

how long have I been out anyways….Is Makayla okay? I hope she is...and is Zayn messing around with her?! my pulse quicken at his name.

I really,really want to go back to my body….I don’t think that I’m dead yet .

I’ll try my best….I need to get out of this ‘situation’.

I’ve lost tracks of days/time since the accident...and still I’m stuck in my own body.

“Harry?I just want to tell you that I’m s-sorry,I’m sorry to leave you,I’m sorry about our past… please wake up...I’m so sorry for not coming back too. just please wake up” someone cries

idgi? what the fuck is she talking about?that can’t be Makayla..or my other flings.

“If you hear me please move your fingers”the same voice cried “the doctor said that there’s a little chance that you could wake up today..” and so I try to move a finger.

I tried again and again and I still can’t move a finger,I give up!

The female’s voice keep going and going telling me stuffs that I don’t give a fuck about .

I saw a opened door and a bright light shining from there . I’m trapped inside myself and there’s a fucking door inside my brain?! this is crazy.

I run as fast as I could to that door and then everything’s back. I could move my body.
I abruptly sat on my bed,to found a woman,probably older than me ,I think she’s on her mid-20’s

“Oh god! Harry!” she screams as she panically pressed the ‘call button’ to call the doctors.

“W-who a-re you?” I ask,my voice comes out shaky .

“I-” she’s about to reply but then the door opened,revealing the doctor and 3 other nurse .
The brunette nurse escorted that woman out from my room .

“Mr.Styles,you’ve been in a comma for a month.” The doctor said to me,smiling slightly “but I’m afraid that you won’t be able to go home soon,you still need to stay and get stable,for what I predict 2 to 3 weeks” he hands me some tablets which I gladly took “here drink this and get some rest.”
I nod and thanked him as he walked outside.

The door opened again,revealing that same woman. who the fuck is she?

Then a picture of Makayla came inside my head. Makayla! Where is she ,I begin to panic,I missed her. I need her touch .

“Harry…” that woman said to me

“Who are you?” I ask again

she took a deep breathe before answering
“Harry, I’m Gemma”

I swear my heart just stopped. No! this can’t be. No fucking way .


OH MY GOD HEYYYYYY I HAVEN'T UPDATE FOR LIKE 3 MONTHS,I've been busy ,and plus writer's block.

Kind of short but...yeah....

I just finished my mid-semester test and I'm so happyyyyyyy

and soooooo for the questions,

1.why is Gemma not there when their mom got shot? (Gemma aka Harry's big sis)

2.Why is she here

there will be a lot of truth revealed on the next chapter,so hold on tight,because shits about to go down. ;)

and lastly,I think that the first chapters are kind of fucked up,and so I'm going to edit it,I meant Harry just met her and he's already in love? god i'm so stupid lol,I wrote that around last year and I got no experience on dating and stuffs,I'm that innocent,goody two shoes type last year, I think I changed a lot lol, this year I begin dating,and I starting to understand about these stuffs .so yeah







Please update!

So do you still read my fanfic 'marcel' ? Lol

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Aww thanks bub! :)

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This is amazing,you guys have a real talent. Xxxx