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Chapter 25

Harry's POV

So Gemma and I went to a coffee shop named Gloria Jeans, even though I insisted that she goes to Starbucks, oh no, but NO, she is the same typical bossy Gemma. That also does not mean that I'm not glad to have her back.

"Um Harry you might need to wash you face up. There's stuff in your eyes. I'll go order coffee, you go" Gemma said, a little grossed out actually.

I nod and walk around the coffee shop to find the goddamn toilet which I currently have a difficulty finding. Suddenly, this girl in the corner caught my eye sitting alone with an untouched black tea. She looked like a literal ratchet mess.

Until I remembered Gemma

"She looks like a mess Harry"...

'Makayla' is all I manage to blurt. I stood there, 10 feet away from her table, while she lifted her beautiful yet ruined face to meet my eyes.

Our eyes widened at the exact same moment, and in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

"Ha-Harry?" her beautiful voiced cracked as it rung through my ears after that horrible one month.

I started to slowly make my way toward her when she stood up, too struck by her condition, and stopped just a few inches away from her face.

I gulped largely, "Makayla... please, please forgive me for making you go in this condition. Please, you don't know how much pain I've been going through ever since I got up. You've been running across my brain just please liste--" and I was cut off when she placed her tiny hand on my lips.

"Shh" her velvety voice was clearer now.

I removed her hand from my lips and inch downward to kiss her. And this time, she didn't refuse.

Our kiss remained gentle and sweet until I was suddenly desperate for more. I wanted to be loved, by her. To trace every single fingerprint of mine on her.

I tugged on her by the waist and wrapped my arms right around her, scared if I'd lose Makayla I would never be able to move on from this pain.

A fraction of time later we pulled away and panted for our breath to be normal again.

"I love you Makayla. And if you're willing, I want you to be mine"

"I love you too Harry"

"Makayla, I think you need to go get rid of those tear stains. They look ugly on you" I say jokingly

"You should probably get rid of the sleep in your eyes, smarty pants"

We laugh together and Makayla leaves to go to the bathroom, so I instead I went to Gemma who was watching me with a expression of both curiosity and adoration.

"I thought you'd actually be a gentleman and ask her on a romantic date THEN ask her out. But both ways, they're cute"

I sighed before speaking, "Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it's very important that you do it because nobody else will. Like when someone comes into your life and half of you says; 'you're nowhere near ready', and the other half says, 'Make her yours forever'" I quote Tyler Hawkins from the movie Remember Me

"What an inspiration quote you've added there, Hazza. When did you start watching Robert Pattinson movies, ay?"

"Ever since she came in my life"

"You still didn't wash your face" she stares disapprovingly at my eye corner.

"Gosh you guys and my face, fine I'll go" I say and slouchishly get off my chair and go to the men's bathroom.

As soon as I looked at my face in the mirror, I nearly scream like a girl but quickly shut my mouth. |

So I hurry up and wash my face and leave that ratchet bathroom.
As I walked to our table, the first thing I notice is Makayla on that table happily chatting with Gemma.

Prepare, Harry, your interview and awkward session is up.


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