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Chapter 2

*Makayla's POV*

Harry lead me to his car and open up the door for me.


"no problem,babe"

before I could even protest he went to his side of the door and hop in

"I have a name you know" I complain

"so,what's your name beautiful?" I basically rolled my eyes


"I'm harry, nice to meet you,babe”

“I said,my name is Makayla and call me that!”

“I love your name but, I prefer ‘babe’ to show that you’re mine”

“I regret going home with you” I sighed as I slumped in to the seats

“you won-“ he was cutted of by his phone went off

“hello?...............sure…bye mate” he said to the phone without taking my eyes off me “hey instead I drive you home,why don’t you come to my party tonight?”he offered

“you said you’ll drive me home,so just drive me home not some stupid party”

“nope.you’re going to the party with me” he said more like stating

“who the fuck are you?!” I nearly shout

“you’re coming to the party with me and that’s final!”he said while raising his voice slightly


“GOD YOU’RE SO STUBBORN”he yelled at me while I backed away “you’re coming”he

“b-but I-I didn’t bring a-any d-dress” I stuttered,still scared at his voice

“don’t worry I have one on the back seat”he said popping out a smile.wait.he have dimples a scary monster have dimples? Wow that’s new

“but h-“ I want to ask how in the world he have a woman’s dress at his back seat? But I decided to keep it and obey him

“you could change in the backseat “

“don’t look!”

“No promises” He winked at me while I just rolled my eyes in reply

I went to the back seat and start to strip off

Fuck.this dress is really short. It feels like I’m naked, it really hugged my body.tight.

“okay I’m done!” I called as I jump back to the front seat

Why is he just sit there emotionless

“hellooo I’m done!” I try to wake him out


My hand accidently brushed his crotch.it’s hard already?!

“sorry” I blushed

He took my hand and place it at his crotch “look what have you done to me” he said in a low raspy voice

“wh-what a-are you doing” damn his dick is hard “j-just drive”

“whatever you say,babe but you’re still responsible for this” he pointed at his crotch

Finally we’ve arrived at the party

“we’ll meet my best mate Louis” he whisper in my ear sending shivers down my spine

“AYE MATE!”someone shout

When I turned around I saw Louis.Louis fucking Tomlinson!

“Louis?!” I gasped in shock

“Makayla?!” he stared at me in horror

“do I missed something?” Harry joined the conversation

“no mate,could you please bring us some drink”Louis ask Harry

“sure”he shrugged with that he went away

“Louiss!” I nearly screamed

“hey,how are you,Makayla?!”

“nothing much,I just got a new job, I meant it’s been 6 years since we see each other.you looked.diferent “

“I grow up Makayla.and you looked taller”

“hahhh yesss”

“so how’s your family?”he ask
God I hate that question

“my parents died on a car crash 3 years ago and Aiden got brain cancer, so he was hospitalized” I didn’t even realized I’m crying until a tear rolled down from my cheeks

“I’m so,so sorry”he said pulling me into a hug.I felt safe……..

Suddenly those warm arms was removed from my body

I turned around and found Harry pinned Louis to the wall with a pissed face


second chapter :)


Please update!

So do you still read my fanfic 'marcel' ? Lol

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This is amazing,you guys have a real talent. Xxxx