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Chapter 1

*Makayla's POV*

"C'mon you're up!" my instructor called me
I took a deep breathe ,to be honest I'm feeling,very uncomfortable with this skimpy clothes and many people watching.
I took the board and headed to the ring

I walk around the ring like I'm in a catwalk,I put my best smile and keep swaying my hips.
with that I went off the ring

"Wow! nice moves you should really work here" the guys said

"I don't know" I didn't even know if I should apply this job, a couple of minutes ago is just my trial,so it's actually my first time doing this.

"I'll pay you 2 time more than the actual salary"he offered

hmmm........2 times salary......that's quite big,well at least it could pay off the hospital bills

"deal" I said to him

*Harry's POV*

"C'MON HARRY" My coach screamed at me as I get a punch on my cheek,I stumble backwards in pain

I could hear the whole crowd cheered for me

I contact my fist,to the my opponent's stomach.hard.
he yelped in pain,I took that opportunity to pounce on him and connected my fist to him a few times

then someone ring the bell, signed that the fight to take a break,at least I win round one

"good job Harry." my coach said to me as he tossed me the water bottle

I looked around the place,people's voice crowded the place

my eyes darted to the ring girl,she's hot

She hold the board high above her head as she walk around the ring .
the way she sways her hips, damn! with that curvy body , and with a little clothing on her body showing her perfectly tanned legs.
when she's done,she went down and talk with a guy

the bell rings again signaling the fight is back.

after a few motivational words from the other crew I hopped back to the ring

I throw a few funch to my opponent, then suddenly I have a sudden urge to look around the crowd,trying to find that 'ring girl'

my eyed stopped as I found her watching the game intently,her eyes found mine.
our eyes locked for a couple of seconds until I felt a fist connected to my jaw........


*Makayla's POV*

the fight is over, and now I'm waiting for the cab to take me home, and of course I've changed to my normal clothes.

well the guy named.......'harry' I assumed.., he won the fight! he's really good ....... and he's pretty hot too.... maybe I could get use at this job

"hello,love" a deep raspy voice called from behind me.
I turned around and found Harry

"oh,hi" I said,smilling at him "congratulations! for the game'"

he didn't reply,instead smiled cheekily at me

"what's a beautiful girl like you standing here all alone?" he said to my ears,nibbling my earlobe

"I-I'm w-waiting f-ffor the cab" I stuttered

"well,babe why don't I drop you home?"

"n-no I'm fine" I took my step backwards

"c'mon don't be shy"

he's scaring me! I meant he's a fucking boxer,what if he's trying to rape me?or maybe he'll hit me.

I try to put myself together

"no,I'm perfectly fine" I built up my courage to snap at him

"hmm........fiesty I like it"he winked at me

I must admit he's really attractive. with those curls, muscular body and plus those tattoos

I looked up and see him smirking at me,considering his 6'1 figure while I'm only 5'6, so he's towering me

"take a picture,It will last longer" he said,winking at me

I ignore him and just continue looking at the night street,only a couple of cars passed by

suddenly I felt a large hand gripping my wrist as he trying to drag me towards his car

I start to panic. IS HE TRYING TO KIDNAPPED ME?!

"Let.Me Go"I try to scream

"shhh....... I'm only trying to give you a ride home" he tried to reassured me

"what about a........no? I'm perfectly fine"

his face is now full of annoyance. this guy must have temper issues

I flinched away from him.scared.

he looked at me and his eyes softens

"c'mon........" he try to drag me again

I still froze there. scared.

"I'm sorry, c'mon....." he said still trying to drag me

I finally giving in,considering that he won't give up

I let out a huge sigh "fine"

he grinned at me and lead me to his car


so this is the first chapter,hope you all like it :)

thoughts? ~joanna


Please update!

So do you still read my fanfic 'marcel' ? Lol

Ayeeee Ayeeee

Your welcome xx


Aww thanks bub! :)

HazzasGurl HazzasGurl

This is amazing,you guys have a real talent. Xxxx