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Chapter 3

*Harry's POV*

"thanks" I said to the bartender as I take the drinks

I begin to walk to the booth where Makayla and Louis are there

as I begin to get near a pang pf jealousy hits me

why is He hugging her?! I meant C'mon he barely knows her,they just met and why is she so sweet in front of him and always being cold in front of me?

I pass the three drinks to some random people and balled up my fist

I walk to the booth and remove Louis from her then pinned him hard against the wall

"what the fuck Harry?!"Louis screamed at me

"Harry what are you doing?!" a soft voice yelled at me

I clearly don't know why am I doing this?! This is such a messed up, I can't be having feelings for her.No. I just met her of course not"

I start to throw a punch at Louis

fuck why did I just do that

*Makayla's POV*

"help someone please stop them" I cried for help but no one seems to be brave
now,we're the center of attention in the club

I need to save Louis I can't loose him again

"STOOPPPP" I screamed at loud as I can

Harry stoped beating Louis and looked at me

"C'mon Makayla,let's go home" Harry called

who the fuck do you think he is?!

"no" I stated

"wh-what?!" I ignore him and walk over to Louis
I helped him up.wow he's beaten really bad

"Makayla............." Harry called

"FUCK OFF HARRY!! NEVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN YOU HEARTLESS MONSTER!!" I shout at him as I watch him leave the club with hurt written all over his face

"I'll call the cab" I said to Louis

*Harry's POV*

what the fuck have I done!
I lost my best mate by beating him up.I'm such a fucked up

somehow,she made me comfortable to be around and when I'm with her I feel........safe.... the feeling that I haven't have for years

but after she yelled at me...it really breaks my heart the sentence "FUCK OFF HARRY!! NEVER COME NEAR ME AGAIN YOU HEARTLESS MONSTER!!" keep replaying on my mind


yayyy 2nd update of the day!!! #newRecord

so Harry have a terrible past and it'll soon be revealed little,by little in this story


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Please update!

So do you still read my fanfic 'marcel' ? Lol

Ayeeee Ayeeee

Your welcome xx


Aww thanks bub! :)

HazzasGurl HazzasGurl

This is amazing,you guys have a real talent. Xxxx