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Property of One Direction

Chapter 3

Harry's P.O.V
When she had fallen back down on my legs I looked at the other boys surprised I looked at the other boys and gave them a cheeky smile.
"I guess I got a head start." The boys gave me a glare and helped her out of the car. We carried her to the house and before anyone could protest I brought her to my bed.
"No Way Haz." I heard Louis say as we put her on my bed.
"Yes Lou." I said mocking him.
"Seriously, She already kissed you! Just...lets let her sleep in the guest room." I rolled my eyes and nodded my head picking her back up. I didn't want my best friend to hate me...But I did have a plan. Once we sat her on the guest bed I put the blanket over her and we left shutting the door quietly behind us.
"Well it is like 2 in the morning...We should get some rest." I said making him nod. We both walked to our rooms and I waited a minute before I turned and quietly walked back into the guest room. I slowly walked towards her and smiled, She was beautiful. I slowly started to slide in next to her. I wrapped my arms around her waist and before I knew I was cuddling with her. Before I could fall asleep I saw a big Black mark on the back of her neck. I tried to rub it off but then I felt her jolt.
"OW." She yelled turning and seeing me.
"Sorry." I said taking my hands off of her as she turned to look at me.
"Wait, Your that guy from the Restaurant! Hey I never thanked you for the tip...wait...What are you doing in my room?" She said looking around. "This isn't my room....W-Where am I?"
"Your at our Flat."
"Wait who all lives here."
"Just, Niall, Liam, Louis, Zayn and I...Harry...But this is only our meeting house..."
"Well Nice to meet you but I think I should Go." She said standing up.I stood up too and blocked the door.
"You can't."
"Look I know my parents aren't the most caring people but I need to get home before it happens again." I looked at her confused a bit.
'What do you mean?" I asked grabbing her hands and holding them tight.
"My Parents if I'm gone past a certain time I Get hit...and hey look I understand that you want to help me but this isn't helping...AT ALL." She said trying to get around me.
"Where do they hit you?" I asked still blocking it.
"They hit me mostly in my gut...But wait I thought you had me here to protect me?"
"That's a Long Story..." I said scratching the back of my neck. "Now show me where they hit you."
"Tell me the story and I will."
"Fine..." I said in a huff. "We intended on taking you...Forever..."
"What do you mean by taking...Like Kidnapping!" She yelled.
"Please be quiet! You'll wake up the others."
"So you were going to Kidnap me....Wait YOU KIDNAPPED ME!" She yelled in a whisper.
"Well if you want to call it that...Then yes we kidnapped you."
"You Were going to rape me weren't you! I heard you say it! You all were going to rape me!" She said running to the other end of the room.
"Hey that was a joke I would never make you do that." I said before smirking. "Unless you wanted to..."
"Your sick! You have issues don't you!" She said looking at me weird.
"No! But Can You just calm down!" I said going near her.
"I kissed a sick-o!" She mumbled.
"Pfft! Don't act like you didn't enjoy it as much as I did." I said making her look at the ground. "Plus we kind of did save you..You said your parents hit you."
"They do..But Still you shouldn't have kidnapped me...I was about to move out."
"Hey look you moved!" I Said Smiling at her. "You just moved in with 5 boys that all have feelings for you." That caught her attention.
"Wait what!" She yelled in a whisper.
"Oh Now your interested huh?"
"Maybe...Well you guys aren't the ugliest guys in the world..." She said laughing.
"Oh My God! Did I hear you Laugh! Wow that's new!" I said making her smack me. She sat down on the bed and sighed.
"I guess this isn't as bad as living with my parents...AS LONG AS YOU DON'T RAPE ME!"
"We won't I swear." I said sitting next to her. "So were did they hit you?" She frowned and lifted her shirt, Showing a huge black Mark on her stomach. Then she rubbed an area on her arm revealing another two black marks.
"The last one you already saw...:" She said lifting her hair and revealing the black mark I saw earlier. I wrapped her in a hug.
"I won't let anyone hurt you." I whispered.
Wow so many short chapters! I know I suck! But Okay Thanks for reading! remember to Vote because it helps out a lot! Comment to support me! Love you all!


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