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Property of One Direction

Chapter 2

Carter's P.O.V
I could still hear everything, I heard boy voices arguing over what to do with me.
"We weren't supposed to give her a coma!" Someone Yelled before I felt my back leave the ground.
"Well at least we didn't have to use the..."
"Just shut up and open the door Louis!"
I knew all of the voices from somewhere I just...Don't remember where.
"Zayn! Liam!" The person holding me yelled. "Let me sit in the middle Since I have her." Before I knew it my head was placed on a leg and someone was holding my legs.
"Wait, how is this going to work?" Someone asked that was in front of me.
"What do you mean?" Another one asked. Geez there was A lot of Guys!
"How are we going to all date her at once genius!"
"Oh Fuck! That's Simple." One Said Laughing. "We all have sex with her and see who she likes the best."
"Fuck You Harry!" Another boy said Laughing.
"Seriously though."
"Well its her choice, She has to like at least one of us.."
"Wait! What if she hates us all!"
"Seriously! You Say That Now Zayn!" and With that I tried to make it my mission to open my eyes.
"We have to Promise though...that we won't fight over her..."
"I won't fight if you guys don't." Just as the man said that My Eyes Shit Open. None of them noticed me but I defiantly noticed them! It was the guys from the restaurant! The one with Curly hair looked down at me and I shut my eyes pretending to be still knocked out. I felt his hand in my hair. Slowly he pushed a piece out of my eye and kissed my forehead. His lips were warm and actually felt nice...I had never been kissed before...Not even by my parents until now. I wanted him to do it again...Once the car stopped I opened my eyes again and Pulled his face down to mine connection our lips.
"What the fuck!" I heard a boy say before I fell seeing Black once again...But this time hearing nothing at all. Just Peaceful Silence.

Sorry this one was Super Short! I promise Next one will be longer! I hope you like this so Far! I enjoy writing it and Seeing how much you guys like it so please Leave me a comment and Vote! It really helps me out!


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