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Property of One Direction

Chapter 4

Carter's P.O.V
"We will find you." I heard a voice say as I traveled through a large house. I slowly walked around seeing more and more doors appear. I started to walk again, but this time I heard the click-clack of heels. I looked down and saw myself wearing a dreadfully dark outfit.I Looked like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, after The Hatter Stuffed her in a teapot! I heard a loud Noise come from behind a door and walked closer to the one that I thought it came from. I put my ear on the door and slowly got closer to see if I could hear any better. As I got closer the door disappeared! Before I could fall into the what seemed like a never ending Pit I grabbed onto the floor.
"Help!" I screamed trying to get back up. Nobody replied, I was alone in a dreadful situation...
"Let go!" Someone yelled from below me.
"I can't!" I screamed back. "I don't want to fall!"
"Ill catch you! I promise!" The Person Yelled back. I took a deep breath and let go. Letting myself fall, I shut my eyes and took a breath before feeling someones arms. I opened them and smiled seeing Harry Holding me.
"See." He said letting me down, I brushed off my dress.
"Where are we?" I asked looking around and seeing complete Darkness.
"I don't know, but we have to find the other boys." He said before a light shinned in my face. I looked and saw Harry Holding a Candle. "Lets Go." I nodded and followed him into the darkness leaving the little spot of light behind. I could see the light of the candle glowing off his skin, I still tied to look around but saw nothing.
"Found it!" He said before a flash of light hit my eyes. I squinted and saw Light, No more darkness...But we were in a room...That had...Pictures...of Me and only me...with Strange writing on them. I went closer and started to read.
'She's Dead.','Boys', 'Death to them all' I kept reading as they got worse and worse they had red splattered on them, I was afraid of what it was.
"What the hell does this mean?" Harry asked placing his finger on one of the pictures and whipping a bit of the red off, He brought it closer to his face and slowly took it away. "Its Blood..."
"There's gotta be a door in here somewhere." I said looking around.
"Over here!" Harry Yelled making me turn to see him messing with something on the wall. I walked over and watched as he pressed it making the wall slide away revealing a new room. "Candle." I picked up the candle and handed it to him and he walking into the newly found Dark room.
"Hello?" Someone said making us look around. The voice had an accent I think it was Irish?
"Hello." we said back before Someone came into view. It was another one of the boys that was at the restaurant.
"Niall?" Harry said before going up and giving him a hug. "Do you know where we are?"
"No, all I know is I've been stuck in here for days trying to avoid something." He said making me look around the Dark room.
"What is that Something?" I asked making him look at me.
"I don't really know...its just something that's been talking in here..."
"What has it been saying exactly Niall?" Harry Asking backing up a bit to give him room. I stood by the door Niall stood Directly in front of me and Harry stood on the right. I kept looking at the two getting more and more confused as to what happened.
"Its been saying 'We will find her!' and 'Death'." Niall said before I heard a gasp from Harry. I looked over and his mouth hung open, making him look surprised until he dropped, Revealing a knife wedged in his back and a dark form. Before I knew it Niall Dropped as well revealing a Knife Wedged in his back as well. The black figure came closer, and Closer to me before I saw its face...It was my mother...
"Your Next!" She Screamed before I felt a sharp pain in my back as my eyes snapped open. I was drenched in sweat, I slowly rose to see Harry asleep beside me...I sighed with re leaf and laid back down. It was only a dream...
Hey Guys! I hope you liked the chapter! If you did make sure to give it a HUGE...No MASSIVE Vote and Comment below what you think...I can take constructive Criticism...Just don't be to harsh if its bad...Okay well Bye! ill Update soon! I promise!!


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