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Property of One Direction

Chapter 1

Carter's P.O.V
I woke up to the sound of my mom screaming my name from downstairs. I quickly got up and rushed to my door to see what was wrong.
"Yes mom?" I asked Standing outside my door and looking at her with a fake smile.
"I wanted to see if you wanted some Pancakes, I just made them but before you can eat you have to get dressed for work Sweetie." She said before turning and disappearing into the kitchen. Sweetie? What was with that? I thought as I walked back into my room, My Thoughts stopped as My alarm went off. Playing the sweet sound of Paramore's song 'Still into You' I stopped it and walked into my closet trying to find a nice outfit that I could wear to work. I didn't need anything fancy because I was only the cashier at a Dinner. I looked through everything and finally found something Suitable for Work and quickly put my hair up into a messy Ponytail. My Outfit was complete. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled before rushing downstairs. My dad was at the table Playing with his phone and my mom was doing the dishes. I sat down at the table and put two pancakes on the blue plate that was in front of me. My dad gave me a look and I put the second one back making him look back at his phone. I put a little bit of syrup on them and started eating, It was silent. I stopped eating and decided to try and start a conversation.
"The Pancakes are Delicious mom." I said making her sigh.
"Thank you dear." She said making my dad look at her weirdly. I ate one more piece of pancake before speaking again.
"So dad what are you doing?" I asked awaiting another look from him.
"I'm Talking with some Important people." He said before putting his phone down.
"Carter!" My Mom Yelled making me turn to her.
"What?" I asked confused by the mood change.
"What are you wearing?" She said in an angry voice.
"I'm just wearing the old Rolling Stones Tee Shirt my sister gave me." I said still confused.
"When you get home take that thing off! We need to get rid of it!" She yelled.
"Why! Its My Only Reminder of My Sister!" I yelled back standing up.
"Because the Rolling Stones are not a good Influence on you!" I rolled my eyes and walked out of the kitchen.
"Whatever! I'm Going to Work!" I screamed about to walk out the door. I felt a tight grip on my arm and I turned to see my father, his face as red as a tomato. I knew what was coming. I shut my eyes and felt a Sharp Pain in my gut.
"You don't speak to your Mother like that!" He Yelled before the pain came back.
"I'm Sorry!" I said opening my eyes as he let go of my wrist.
"Now Get To Work before I lose my temper again!" He yelled before I ran out the door. I grabbed my bike and started to ride to work. The Pain in my gut getting worse, I knew it was another bruise to add to my collection. When I had finally made it to work I put my bike in the rack and checked in with my manager.
"I'm Here Jane!" I yelled back to the kitchen making her pop up from the kitchen window.
"Okay Carter! Releave Mandy from your Post!" She yelled back, I nodded my head and went to the register where Mandy was finishing up her shift.
"Jane said you can go." I said smiling at her.
"Oh Thank God!" Mandy Said Smiling. "I thought I was going to pass out!" Before I knew it she was waving good bye and heading to her car.
As I waited at the register for someone to pay I saw five boys walk in. They were really cute! I knew I had to be a waitress for them. I smiled and stood up.
"How Many?" I said in a kind voice.
"Just Five." The Curly headed one said giving me a smile and showing off his cute dimples. I grabbed five menu's and led them towards a table.
"Here you go." I said as they shuffled into the booth. "A waitress will be with you shortly." and with that I ran to the kitchen and stopped Laina before she could go to their table because I knew she was headed for theirs.
"Laina can I have table 5?" I asked in a pleading Voice.
"Okay, I guess Ill man the register." She said handing me her notepad and apron. I smiled and took them, before walking back out to the five boys.
"Hey again." I said stopping in front of the table. "I'm Carter, and Ill be your waitress today." They all smiled at me and said hi.
"Wow, We've got a pretty Waitress." The Curly headed boy said with a wink. I blushed and went back to what I was saying.
"So can I get you boys something to drink?" I asked smiling at them.
*1 Hour Later*
As they finished I gave them the check and they all smiled and thanked me. I walked back to the Register and gave Laina her stuff back before the boys came up to pay.
"Thanks for the meal." They all said before paying and walking out the door.
"CARTER!" Laina Yelled making me look at her. She ran towards me with a stack of money. "Those boys left you over 500 Pounds!" She screamed handing me the money.
"Oh My God! Why Would they do that!" I screamed before rushing outside to thank them. But before I knew it the were on the road driving away.
*9 Hours Later*
It was about 11 Pm and I was ready to leave work. I was Collecting all my tips and I quickly left the register as soon as Mandy got there. I ran outside and grabbed my bike before a car beeped behind me making me fall off my bike. My vision was blurry as Someone bent down in front of me.
"Sorry Love." Someone said before my eyes shut and I couldn't see.

Sorry it was a short chapter but I hope you all liked it! New Chapter Soon!


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