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The World Was Built For Two

Chapter Three

Niall's POV

"Who would've thought that she would be living in the same building as us? And in Lou and I's old flat? What are the odds?" Harry questioned aloud with a frown as we filed into Liam's flat. We took seats on his couch and silently thought about everything at happened no less than ten minutes ago.


After we got in the taxi, she rattled off an address from her phone to receive small gasps from the lads followed by complete silent. She didn’t take notice to our silence as she had practically glued her face to the window once the taxi began moving and I would've found it cute if I wasn't freaked out a bit. I mean what are the odds?

I looked at the rest of the boys to see that they looked like they were thinking the same thing. The rest of the short ride to our complex was spent in unusual silence; Lou would normally be loud and mucking around with Zayn and I laughing and Liam trying to tame them but the fact that we could be sharing a taxi with a crazed fan scared us into utter silence.

When we got to the building, she went to the front desk to retrieve her keys and the key card for the roof; nobody dared to point out the fact that she was renting out Lou and Harry's old penthouse flat because only penthouse and people who paid extra every month had access to the roof. I looked at the guys as we hesitantly followed her to the elevator to see that they looked calm but underneath it they were freaking out right along with me. Even Harry, who wanted her the moment he got a good look at her, was freaking out.

Right after Dina called for a lift, Liam pulled his phone from his pocket and put it to his ear. He relayed what he was being told over the phone effectively fooling us that we had an emergency meeting with management. But then his phone rung loudly as nodded in agreement to what the person was saying signaling everyone that it was just a ruse.

And let me tell you, I don't think I ever had so many emotions running through me than in that moment. Liam's eyes widen and he audibly gulped as he stared at Dina. I slowly shifted me eyes to Dina as did Harry, Louis and Zayn; the lift dinged before the doors slid open but nobody removed their eyes from the girl standing in front of it.

As she looked at Zayn, Louis, Harry and I, I watched realization flash across her eyes before disappointment settled in its place. Her gaze finally landed on Liam and a big, sweet smile popped up on her face, contradicting her eyes, "Well you heard Liam boys, you have an emergency meeting with management you should be getting to. I'll be fine unpacking by myself. Good luck with everything."

With that, she backed into the waiting lift and pressed the button for the penthouse. I'm not sure if the rest of the guys saw it but I know I did: just seconds before the doors slid closed completely, Dina's smile was wiped off her face and she looked up to the ceiling of the lift with glassy eyes as if to try and keep tears at bay.

End of Flashback

"I know it's quite creepy. But she didn't seem creepy. I mean she didn't freak out once. And she kept trying to get Lou to change his mind about helping her unpack, which was bloody random Lou." Zayn looked at Lou as he said the last bit and placed his right ankle on his left knee.

"I know it was random. But I something drew me to her. I have no idea what is about her though," Lou sated looking thoughtful.

"Louis! You have Eleanor!" Liam scolded.

"And me!" Harry pitched in.

"No. It wasn't like a crush or anything. It was like," he paused and his eyebrows furrowed together in deep thought, "She reminded me someone. It wasn't the way she talked, how she moved or anything. It was… Gosh I can't explain it!"

After Louis' strangled explanation, it was awfully quiet and awkward. And I couldn't help meself, "Cheeseburger and jelly babies."

"Oh god." Harry muttered as he rolled his eyes.

"What?" I questioned with a small smile, "This is awkward."

"I'm gonna have to side with Niall on that one Harry. How about we play some video games to get our minds off of this?" Liam asked hopefully.

The mood changed immediately as we cheered. "I say we play Black Ops on the Xbox!"

"Oh that rhymed." Liam stated with a smile and high fived me.

"And because I rhymed we should play Black Ops." I shouted over everyone.

"But we played that the other night." Lou whined, referring to the second to last night on the tour bus.

"Too bad. I'm the Irish Kanye now so I call the shots. And I didn't almost led us into a stalker's lair tonight." I countered quickly. Zayn and Liam laughed and then went 'ooooooooo.'

"Niall, you are not the Irish Kanye," Louis replied sassily. He opened his mouth to continue but he didn't. He knew I was right, "Whatever. At least, I wasn't drooling over her chest!"

Oh god! I don't think they'll let me live that down if she really is a stalker. But I wasn't even staring at her chest! After I voiced that last statement with me hands thrown up in frustration, the guys just laughed. Even Liam, who tried to muffle it with his hands. But I saw his eyes get all crinkly!

"You shower of cunts." I sighed, aggressively crossing me arms over me chest. The lads ruffled me hair in response and continued to debate each other over what to play.

As I glared at the rowdy lads in front of me, me thoughts wandered to the raven-haired, chocolate-skinned beauty upstairs. Her hair wasn't long but it wasn't short and looked shiny and soft. She had eyes like Zayn but they were the exact opposite at the same time; Dina's were wide and sometimes showed what she was feeling. Don't let me get started on her smile! It was like someone turned on a light on that enhanced her beauty.

After Dina's face crossed me mind another face followed right behind. It was the face of the girl I nearly killed in Dublin the day of me X Factor auditions. She might be the sole reason I'm a part of One Direction now; while the judges were eliminating people I had the piece of her lucky charm clutched tightly in me hand and wished on it. She said I was a star before I even auditioned and now look at me! Since we never got her name, Bobby suggested we call her Aingeal, which is the Irish word for 'angel.'

We never saw her again after that one chance encounter. Bobby, me Mum, and Greg started going to Dublin to spend a weekend there and hopefully see Aingeal. We needed to thank her for the luck she brought me. While I was at the judges' house, Greg suggested that a small ad be placed in the city's newspaper; I thought it was a great idea as did Bobby and Mum. That night I wished on me lucky charm.

Soon enough, we got a call. And like Aingeal said we got both bad and good luck with the good outweighing the bad. Aingeal's neighbor, who let her borrow the bike she was on when we hit her, gave us some information on the mystery girl.

Turns out the kind old man never knew her name, due to forgetfulness, and called her Brenna, which is a way of saying 'raven-haired beauty' in Welsh. She attended the University of Dublin for a international geology program for foreign university students. The day we meet was the day she graduated from the program. About a week after that she packed up her bags and flew across the pond to her home in the States.

We couldn't get any information from the University of Dublin due to the fact that we didn't actually have a name. But I didn't give up hope; for the most part of the US leg of the Up All Night tour, I was always on the look out for the broken charm. But then I gave up, realizing that there was absolutely no chance that I would find her even if I did wish on the lucky charm she gave me every night.

I can't believe I thought I would actually see her again. She's like a shooting star; she's only there for moment and after that moment she's gone forever.


Please continue this!!!! PLEASE!!! It's sooo good!!!