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The World Was Built For Two

Chapter Four

Dina's POV

The air in the lift slowly but surely grew more tense and awkward as the seconds after he got on ticked away. I looked up from my iPhone to stare at the side of his face to make it more awkward for him. His gaze remained locked on the elevator doors as he fidgeted in his spot. After a few moments, I re-glued my eyes back to my phone. I mean I wanted to give this short ride on the lift the potential to be one of the most awkward moments in his life, not prove that I am a crazy fan like they think.

When the lift dinged and the doors opened to reveal the lobby of the complex, Liam practically ran out of the building. I, on the other hand, lazily pushed myself out of the corner and trudged into the lobby. I've stopped being disappointed by the fact that for the past month, my path has crossed with each of the one Direction boys' while they were either alone or with company and I always got the same response.

They would tense up, nervousness and anxiety evident in their eyes, and search out the quickest escape from the one-sided awkwardness. I mean at first, I was wondering why they were so freaked out when they followed me here to help me unpack. But after a bit of googling and asking around I knew why: we all live in the building and Louis and Harry are the former occupants of my flat.

I can see how that would freak them out because a few of their fans are very 'special' but still. It's been a little over a month now and I haven't even tried anything to make it seem like I was a crazy fan. I haven't asked for an autograph or a photo. I haven't stalked their flats to see when they come and go. And I've ignored all of the questions I get when I go out or calls from magazines. Yeah I'm actually being asked to be interviewed by a few magazines because a photo of the six of us was taken while we leaving Nando's. Being called Harry Styles' 'Mystery Chocolate Bird' doesn't exactly make me happy.

But despite all of that, I always offered my best smile and maybe a wave but only received disappointing nervousness and anxiety. So like a said earlier: I've stopped being disappointed. Today was no exception either. When I glanced up from my phone to make sure I don't run into something, the guys were huddled outside on the sidewalk. Their eyes shifted from oncoming cars to me and back again; it's like they're attempting to ditch a bad date or something.

Once I stepped foot into the crisp London air, each of their bodies tensed up and they didn't even take a small glance in my direction. A small laugh escaped my lips at this whole situation. But I guess they still have some growing up to do.

I shook my head as the taxi I called for pulled up. I hopped in and told the driver where I needed to go. When the vehicle pulled away from the curb, excitement for today's activities finally set in. Firstly, today my bestest friend in the whole world is coming in from Ireland to stay with me for a week and now I heading to the airport to pick him up. Second, I had my cars from the states shipped over here and I'm gonna pick them up from the airport as well. And lastly, I get to hang out with my best friend for the first time in four years!

Ever O'Reilly was a freshmen at University of Dublin when I was there in an international geoscience program my senior year in high school. The six foot five ginger Irishmen knocked me down on my first day before I could even get to my first class. He then proceed to manhandle me off the ground and dragged me off campus; I couldn't even fully comprehend what was going on but I was scared.


People were flying by on either side of me as a ginger giant pulls me through the streets of Dublin. I have no clue as to what is going on because one minute I'm on my ass and now I'm being manhandled to an unknown destination.

We finally slow down as warmth and the smell of hot coffee envelope me. I stare at him as he walks up to a counter and says something to the person behind it. He pauses, turns to me and lets his eyes wander over me for a good minute. He turns back to the person behind the counter and says something else before sliding some money over the counter.

After a few minutes of me staring at this stranger and him nonchalantly leaning against the counter watching something intently, two cups are given to him. He then shoves one in my face and walks off to a booth by a window. My eyes travel from the ginger cautiously sipping something from a cup to the cup in my hand to the door and back again. The cycle repeats itself about two more times before I can grasp what just happen.

I slowly make my way to the booth and take a seat opposite of the ginger. "I ordered you an Indian Spiced Tea."

His voice is a bit high-pitch and it reminds me of the Lucky Charms leprechaun. "Why?"

"Why did I order that tea? Or why did I bring you here?"

"Both." He looks down at his cup before answering.

"I brought you here because I knocked you down and being the gentleman that I am I needed to make it up to you incase you hurt yourself or something," he then glances up at me through his lashes, a light blush forming on his cheeks, "I got you that tea because you look exotic."

"Well that fall didn’t hurt too much but thank you for the tea. You could've at least said something before dragging me here though," I giggle and the blush on his cheeks darkens a bit, "And you can really make it up for knocking me on my ass the first day of school and then dragging me off campus before I can even get to class is by becoming my first Irish friend. Deal?"

He grins and shakes my outstretched hand, "Deal."

I take a sip from my tea and savour the taste and warmth of it for a moment. A smirk makes its way across my face before I look up at the guy across from me, "Soo… You think I look exotic?

End of Flashback

"Miss? We're here." I blinked and looked around. Cars zoomed by on one side, people with luggage bustled about on the other, and an airplane roared overhead.

I quickly paid the driver before sliding out into the lively crowd of people. I made my way inside and over to the thingy that has all of the arrival and departure times.

"Okay so I'm looking for Dublin to Heathrow. Flight El157. The arrival status is… Delayed? Aww man. Why me?"

"What happened? Your boyfriend's flight is delayed?" The person's Irish accent is pretty thick. And it took me a second to realize that someone right beside me just spoke to me with an Irish accent.

I spun around ready to squeal into my best friend's stomach but I'm met with a curious face instead of t-shirt covered torso. The excited smile I wore disappeared and a frown took its place. "Niall?"

He turned to me as the rest of One Direction formed behind from different directions. They simultaneously opened their mouths, "Hi."

"What are you guys doing?" I stuttered after staring at the five boys who tried oh so hard to avoid me for the past month.

"First off, I wanna apologize of the behalf of myself and the rest of the guys for our behaviour this past month. We just assumed that you were a fan who was stalking us or so-"

"Okay. I get that I totally understand I would be a little freaked out too if I was in your position. But what are you doing here? Talking to me?" I interrupted and questioned with narrowed eyes.

"Well after you got into the taxi, Zayn heard you say that you were headed to the airport." Harry stated.

"And I thought that you were leaving. Like our behaviour had drove you away." Louis continued.

"But then I said 'She can't be leaving without luggage'." Liam pitched in.

"Then Niall reminded us that you had your stuff shipped here so you can have your stuff shipped back home." Zayn affirmed.

"So we followed you here to stop you, apologize, and make it up to you." Niall uttered.

"Well that was sweet of you guys, I guess. But I'm not going anywhere. I came here for vacation and you guys weren't gonna stop me from having some fun. I'm here to pick up my cars and my-"

"Dina!" was roared before I was lifted into the air from behind and spun around in circles. I squealed and laughed despite the uncomfortable feeling forming in the pit of my stomach from the height, "Babe I've missed you."

"Put me down so I can give you a proper hug, you ginger giant!" I was set down on my feet and not a second later thin arms wrapped around me and pulled me into a bone-crushing hug, "I missed you too."

"So she does have a boyfriend." Zayn muttered from behind me. Ever released me and turned to the group.

"Yeah I am her boyfriend. And who are you?" I think now I regret telling Ever about One Direction and their behaviour towards me. He already acts like my boyfriend -I'm not complaining- but now he is gonna act like a protective boyfriend. I wonder how this week is gonna turn out with One Direction being friendly now with Ever here.


Please continue this!!!! PLEASE!!! It's sooo good!!!