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i havn't seen Niall in four months, every night i get a visitor, and they use me. its been Harry Liam and Zayn, Louis comes in once in a while. but only to see if im okay, im wearing my p.j's


i feel used, unwanted, the only thing i have left to remind me that Niall still loves me is my ring, and even that can't make me happy anymore,

"jess?" Sophie's voice was quiet,and dry,

"yes baby?" i ask,

"they didn't come yet, maybe they wont" she said,

i got up ans walked over to her, i sat next to her, she cuddled into me,

"i don't think so babe. i wont let them hurt you, i promise." i swore to her, they didn't dare touch her, they didnt touch her yet, and they wont, not if im mixed in the problem,

sophie closed her eyes, letting tears fall out of her eyes,

"i want to go home," she said quietly,

"I want Niall to come in and save us" i replyed,

"YOU TOUCH HER I WILL KILL YOU!!" there was a shout form the other side of the door,

"calm down Niall i was just going in to say hi," Harry's voice was hard, meaning he wanted something,

"YOU THINK I CAN'T HEAR THE SCREAMS AT NIGHT? YOU HURT HER, I KNOW IT!!" Niall's voice boomed threw out the room,

Harry opened the door, i got a glimps of Niall, Liam was holding him back, he was fighting so he could stop Harry, it didn't work,

"I SWAER HARRY IF YOU TOUCH HER I'LL KILL YOU!!" Niall scremed before the door closed,

"hello ladies, hows the day going?" Harry asked,

there were muffled voices on the other side of the door,

sophie got up, she looked at me, than she looked at Harry,

"i hope you realize you're killing them both, Niall's dying on the inside, along with Jess, you're killing them, and if you don't do something about it, there will be suicide, and if there's one suicied, than there's another, than what? they're both dead, you're lust bunny is dead and you're band mate is dead, what are you going to do than?" Sophie asked,

"she wont do that," Harry said,

"she might not, but he might." she said pointing at the door,

"oh yeah that reminds me, here" Harry throws me a magazine

"why?" i asked,

"so you can see you're 'baby'" he said,

i open the folded magazine and i see this,


"he got his braces off?" i asked,

"yup," Harry smiled,

i smiled,

i look down at the magazine,

"wait you guy's are still in the music biz?" i asked,

"with Niall back yup,"

"can i hear some music?" i asked,

"yeah sure." Harry throws me an ipod,
"most of the songs Niall wrote are bout you,"

i smiled again

"really?" i asked,

"yeah, and uhh, this zoe chick, she's a modle. they have a thing for eachother," Harry said smirking,

"w-what??" i asked quietly,

"oh, right i forgot to tell you, Niall has a girlfriend." Harry said,

"but, what? no. he can't jess is his girlfriend." Sophie said,

"get out." i said quietly,

"awwe, is jessy mad?" Harry asked,

"GET OUT!" Sophie shouted,

Harry left without another word,

i open the magazine,

i read a bunch of bull, about they guys, about how they're so nice, than i see it, its me, me an Niall that day the mall,

than theres another picture of me, my old school picture,

'Missing? and spotted with Niall Horan, Niall said that they are together. so why is he with zoe whelan? is Niall Horan a cheater?'

i threw the magazine in rage, i got up and walked over to the door, than right when i was about to bang on the door, there a bang,

"Sophie? are you in thee? please tell me you're alright" Niall's voice was quiet and hurt,

"please. please tell me they didnt hurt you too." he said quietly,

"please." he said,

"Niall?" i asked,

"Sophie?!" he asked,

"no, it jess." i said,

"Jess? what?, Sophie please don't play like that." he said,

"Jess is dead." he said quietly,

"NAILL!" Liam voice screamed form far,

he thinks im dead?...


soo sorry i didnt mean to make you wait so long, i just dont have time anymore, ill update soon i promise ;)


Please update it's so good X


Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on

Esmiestyles Esmiestyles