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"BUT HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!" i shout at Louis,

"no, he really doesn't, Zayn's dating her, Niall hates her," Louis explained,

"do i look okay?" i asked,

"i'd say you look beautiful but that's an undertatment." Louis smirked,

he took my hand, and laced our fingers together,

"shall we go see Niall?" Louis asked,

"we shall!" i said,

i was so greatful of Louis, he was amazing. He's taking me to see Niall,
even though he though i was dead,
Louis said himself, that if Liam wasn't home he'd let me Niall and Sophie go home,
but Liam's here, and if he sees Louis doing anything kind to me or Sophie,..
lets just say ill never see my silly superman again.
we turned the corner of the hall, thats when Louis pushed me into a room, me not knowing why, i stayed silent, i turned to look who's room i was in, it smelled of aftershave. Harry's aftershave. thank god he's not home. he and Zayn are out recording for the day. i put my ear against the door and heard a sigh,

"look.. Louis, i know you go into Sophie and Jess' Room, Next time you go in there, can you say something on my behaf to jess?" Liam asked,

"is it something a meany would say?" Louis asked,

"no, its an appolagie." Liam said,

"than you can tell her yourself!" Louis said opaning the door and pulling me out,

Liam pulled me into a hug, he sniffled,

"I'm sorry Jess!! i did horrid thing to you! i hate my self because of that, i can hardly look in a mirror without pure hatred." Liam said pulling away,

"it-" he cut me off,

"i hate doing thoes things to you. its just Danielle and i just broke up and i took it all out on you. i didn't mean to. i just.. and she was mad.. god i'm a monster." Liam said,

"Liam, its okay i understand. well i didn't at the time. but now i do," i said,

"please forgive me." Liam gushed,

"i forgive you." i said,

"you have to go see Niall.. i was just with him and.. he was going to.." Liam trailed off.

"he was going to what?" i asked,

"he had a razor.. and i.. he was.." Liam trailed off once again..

"HE WAS GOING TO WHAT?" i shout,

"HE WAS GOING TO CUT HIMSELF!!" Liam shouts back,

i push past him and ran into the bathroom, i try and open the door, it was locked,

"NIALL!! OPEN THE DOOR!!" i shout,

"go away.." the muffled sound of hie irish accent spoke.

"Niall. please don't!" i plea,

"but Soph.. she's gone.." Niall said,

"please open the door, let me in!" i said,

"no.. i want to die.." he said, "she's gone.. so, i will be too.." Niall said, and the sound of a pill bottle being emptied sounded.

"NOOO!!! NIALL!!" i shout.

Liam pushed me out of the way he unlocked the door, and opend it.
Liam cringed at the sight, i couldn't see anything.

"g-get out.." Niall slurred.

i pushed past Liam and Louis,
when Niall saw me his eyes were wide,

"oh my god!" i shout, his arms were bleeding and.. he held a half empty bottle of equate pills,

i bent down next to him, and i layed his head on my lap,

"call 911" i said,

"Louis' doing it right now," Liam said,


"I-I though you were dead.." he said,

"we can talk about that later, right now you need to tell me were your from, who your mother is and- NO!" i shout, "you can't close your eyes!" i said,

"i-im from mullingar in ireland, my mum's name is Maura, i have a brother named greg.. and.. and... im tired.." Niall said,

"no. no Niall don't give in, stay with me.." i said,

"but im soo tired.." he said,

"but Niall.. if you close your eyes, than you die, and if you die, One Direction is over.." i said,

"i don't care about One Direction, i only re-joined so Harry didn't ki- kill you.." Niall said,

he started coughing, he sat up and bent over the toilet, he puked up blood,

"LOUIS!!!!" i shout he ran into the room, he was still on the phone,

"IS THIS NORMAL?!" i shout,

Niall stopped puking and layed back down,

"i'm going to sleep now.."

than.. he shut his eyes..


Please update it's so good X


Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on

Esmiestyles Esmiestyles