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i was in my corner wearing:


my door swung open, it was louis he was wearing a super man cape and shirt,

"Harry's out i want to play superman with you and Niall, put this on be ready in five,"

i smiled,

"okay." i said he closed the door shut i look at what he gave me, super man cape, a super man dress? Oh Dear Louis i do believe you need help..

i get ready and im wearing this now:


i walked out of the room Liam looked at me up and down,

"whats with the getup?" he asked smirking,

"I'm going to play super man with Louis and Niall," i smiled,

"Niall? yeah don't think so.. he's been down ever sence Harry broke you two up, he hasn't even left the room other than to pee and eat" Liam said

i looked at the door that said Niall i walk over to it and open it slowly,

"PLEAASSEE NIALL!!! PLAY SUPERMA WITH ME!!" Louis said pulling at his blanket,

"no." was all i could muster from that small voice coming from under the huff of blankets,

"pleasEEEEss!! Oh hey jess.." Louis said when he saw me,
"you look good," he added,

"Louis stop i know she's not there.." Niall said clearly,

"No, she is i swaer it" Louis said,

"that what you said last time.. go away.."

i steped closer to the bed,

"well i really don't want to go away.. i really want you to play super man with me and Jess!!" Louis said,

"Louis? would you mind leaving? i would like to talk to the huff of blankets please" i said quietly,

"sure.." he said leaving and closing the door behind him,

"Niall, Babe its me.. Jess?" i said putting a hand on the blankets,

it scared me when he pushed off all of the blankets and jumped up out of the bed,

"PRINCESS!!" he shouted hugging me tight to him,

"Hi," i said smiling like crazy,

we pulled away and started to kiss me,

"i. missed. you. so. much." he said inbeetween kisses,

when he stopped i smiled, and i don't know why but i just wanted to stay in this moment,

"get changed into somthing superman and come play with me and louis.. omigod, i just realized how childish that sounded.." i say laughing,

"you're so beautiful.." Niall said looking me in the eyes,

"oh, well thank you, Now MR.BOXERS!! get something superman on NOW!!" i say

"yes, mum.." he mocks,

"shut it BOY!" i smile and walk out,

"is he going to join?!" Louis asked,

"Duhh.." i smile.

"hey were did you get that?" he said holding the Necklace i was wearing,

"oh, Niall had givin it to me. Why?" i ask

"oh well Niall had never taken it off EVER when ever i would share a hotel room with him when we were on tour and he came out from the bathroom only wearing a towle it would be around his neck, i think he really does care for you Jess," Louis said,

"i know i really fucking love him too, but Harry.. i want to be with Niall so much.. its crazy.. Harry really doesn't get it does he? i will never love him, i love Niall" i said looking down

"I LOVE YOU TOOO!!!" Louis shouted, he hugged me tight,

i laughed

"you killed my sister.." i mumble he didn't hear me,

"what was that?" Louis asked,

"N-nothing.." i said looking down trying not to cry..

Niall walked out and joined us

"shall we go?" he asked,

i looked at him he was wearing:



"yeah buddy!!" he said smiling,

"shall we got 'play'?" Louis asked,

"we shall!" i say..

we walk outside


after a few hours of play super man in the woods, Niall wanted to take me shopping, so we went back inside,

"go get ready we'll go when you're done!" Niall said lightly pushing me into my room,

it took my like an hour but i was ready, and i was wearing this:


i walked back into the main room,

"wow," Liam said,
"where are you going?" he added,

"shopping with Niall," i said,

"And me.. cause i do't want you two running off." Liam said,

i huffed,

"PLEASSEE?!?! i just want some alone time with my boo, but NOO you stupid guys just want me here for no reason? why am i here? you don't use me for lust. well.. yet atleast.. but like are you guys Crazy? i bet there are missing me's all over london! AND WHERE THE FUCK IS SOPHIE?! WHERE?! DID LOUIS KILL HER TOO?! you just go around and fucking kill everyone i care about? who's next Niall?! Oh, wait you need him for One Direction!! oh is that why im here? so if Niall doesnt join again you kill me is that it? WHERE IS SOPHIE? LIAM WHERE IS MY BABY SISTER?!" i shout, i just lost it... totally lost it,

"OKAY OKAY fine.. go alone, but if you're not back by sundown we will come and find you.." Liam said

"I ASKED YOU WHERE MY BABY SISTER IS?!?" i shout and hit him with my bag, well now i know how mo felt years ago,

"SHE'S IN HER ROOM GOD!" he said throwing his hands up

i run over to the door that said Sophie i open it slowly,

"soph?" i say quietly,

"JESS!!" she shouts and jumps into my arms,

"hey babe, i'm going out with Niall want to come?" i asked,

"she can't go, first of all, its to make sure you come back, and she needs to help Louis cook," Liam said,

"fine than mother fucker" i mumble and walk into the main room,

"what was that?" Niall asked,

" me being well.. me" i said,


it was almost sundown and we had bought so many things, Niall had even got me another promise ring:

no way in hell is harry taking this away from me, i love it, its special,

"We should go.." i said,

"i don't want you to go back in that hell hole.." Niall said kissing the top of my head..

"i don't want you to go back into that hell hole, babe they're braking you.." i said,

"as long as i get to see you i'll be fine trust me.." Niall said

i smiled,

"i love you." he added

"i love you more." i smiled,

"impossible." he said holding my hand

"Everything is possible." i said,

"its me and you, forever," Niall said,

and with that we went back into hell hand in hand,

i truly do LOVE him with all my heart,


okay so this chapter is super long!! hope you like it,

may be cheesy!! :P


Please update it's so good X


Update when you can love. You are doing amazing with the story. Can't wait to know what happens in the story.

What the hell u just left it there go on

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