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How I Met Harry Styles.

Chapter 17

**February 1st: Holly's POV**

Today's Harry's birthday which means, it was also our wedding day. Dani and El came up with the idea of a wedding and birthday all in one celebration so that's what we're doing. "Oh you look beautiful!" El gasped as I spun around in my wedding dress. It was an exact replica of the dress from Twilight. I wore my hair up in an elegant bun with my bangs pulled to the side. Ari, Dani and Perrie are my bridesmades while El is my Maid of Honor, but only because Louis is Harry's best man and we wanted the couples paired up. Bruno was the flower boy and James carried the rings. "Are you ready?" Dani asked as we walked to get into position. "Ready." I said confidently.

The chapel doors closed behind Dani and Liam, blocking me from Harry's view. "Don't let me fall Daddy." I said as the wedding tune started and the doors opened. "I won't let you fall." He said. My father and I started our walk as everyone looked at me in awe. I looked around and finally met the pair of eyes I was searching for. Lit up with pride and love, Harry was standing at the alter smiling. I smiled back and my eyes never left his as each step brought me closer.

When we reached the front, my father handed me over to Harry. "Take care of my daughter." My dad said. "I will, sir." Harry replied as his attention turned to me.

Harry's POV

"I do." Holly said as her eyes never left mine. I looked into her big blue eyes so full of love and happiness that I lost the ability to speak, but somehow managed to spit out the words I Do. "I now pronouce you husband and wife." And before the priest even finished, my lips were on Hollys. Cheers and applause sounded throughout the church as Holly and I ran back down the isle and to the limo that took us to the venue where the party would be held. "I love you." I said smiling at Holly. "I love you, too!" She said and rested her head on my shoulder as I grabbed her hand and intertwined our fingers.



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Please update soon. I want to know what happens next :)

I'm writing ideas down to update it tonight when I get home from school as we speak!!(:
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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...UPDATE
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