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How I Met Harry Styles.

Chapter 16

**1 Month Later: Holly's POV**

Today was January 25th which means the girls were a month old. Harry and I spent every waking moment with them. The guys and their girlfriends were always over as well, which wasn't a problem because the house was huge. I was walking out of the nursery when I bumped into Harry. "Hey babe!" I said happily as I kissed him. "Hi." He said flatly. "Baby what's wrong?" I asked confused. "We leave for tour February 20th." He said. "Oh. When will you be back?" I whispered. "August or September." He replied. I sighed and walked away. I walked up to the pool where everyone was hanging out. Ari saw my sad look and rushed over. "Harry told you? Didn't he?" She asked. I simply nodded. "I'm sorry." She said hugging me. "I'll be in the theatre room." I told her. I walked down 4 flights of stairs and into the basement. I walked into the theatre room and grabbed the video that I had just made. I put it in the VHS an pressed play.

Harry's POV

I walked downstairs to the theatre room and saw Holly watching our very first home video. She was smiling as tears rolled down her cheeks. I sighed and sat down next her, immediately wrapping my arm around her shoulder. She rested her head against my shoulder and I rested my cheek against the top of her head. "I'm gonna miss you." She whispered. "I'll miss you, too. But I'll be home before you know it." I said. She sighed. "When are your vacations?" She asked. "July." I replied. "It's so long." She said. "I know. But it will go by super fast." I said as I kissed her head. "I know. I just don't want you to go." She said. "Don't worry. Just don't listen to the media and we'll be fine."


Sorry for the super short chapter but I am SO busy!! I'll update with a longer chapter tomorrow!!



Alexaa Alexaa
Please update soon. I want to know what happens next :)

I'm writing ideas down to update it tonight when I get home from school as we speak!!(:
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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...UPDATE
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