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How I Met Harry Styles.

Chapter 18

Holly's POV

We arrived at the venue where our wedding celebration and Harry's birthday were being held. I gasped at the sight. It was in a quiet little park with lots of willow tree's and shade. "Harry ... How did you find this place!?" I asked. "I didn't. El and Dani did." He said. I smiled at him and grabbed his hand. Harry and I walked up to the table and sat in between El and Louis. "Congrats!" El said hugging me. "Thank you!" I said hugging her back. "So, are you excited!?" She asked. "For what?" I asked confused. "Your honeymoon!" She squeal. "Oh, El, I would be, but who's gonna watch the girls?" I asked. "Don't worry. I got you covered." She said glancing over at someone. I looked over at Dani. "How's Dani gonna handle that?" I asked looking back at El. "She's more than excited to!" El said. I was about to say something, but Louis stood up and everyone went silent. I turned toward Louis as Harry wrapped his arm around my shoulder. "As you all know," Louis began. "I am a man of very few words." Louis said. "But, I would just like to say congrats to my best mate. 3 years ago when we met the lovely Holly Clarke, Harry wouldn't shut up about her. Always complaining that she would never fall for him. Yet here we are, sitting at their wedding celebration! Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Styles!" Louis said holding up his cup and sitting back down. "Always complaining, hmm?" I said to Harry as he blushed. "Oh shut up." He laughed as he gave me a quick kiss. Then Perrie stood up. "When I met Holly. I didn't trust her right away. I was cautious and thought she was one of those people that used us. Sitting here now and seeing how happy Harry and Holly make each other is more than the girls and guys could ask for. To the happy couple!" She said smiling. I smiled at her while she sat down. Then my dad stood up. "Oh god!" I whispered burying my red face in Harry's chest. He laughed as he held me tighter. "20 years ago, my wife gave me the beautiful girl sitting in front of us all today." He began. I immediately pulled away from Harry and met my dad's eyes. "She called Holly our precious jewel and what a gorgeous jewel she turned out to be. Any other dad is probably furious at the thought of his 20 year old daughter getting married, but that's when you realize you have to let them go. I certianly didn't expect this, but I'm so proud to be here right now." My dad said as he sat down I smiled at him as tears raced down my cheeks.

When everyone was finished with their little speaches, I immediately pulled away from Harry and rushed to my father. I jumped into his arms as he spun me around. "Daddy that was beautiful, I love you!" I said hugging him tighter. "I love you, too." He said. "It's now time for the father daughter dance." The DJ said as I walked toward the dance floor.

Harry's POV

I watched with a smile on my face as Holly and her father spun around on the dancefloor. "She looks beautiful!" A female voice said from beside me. I looked over and met my mum's eyes. "She does. Doesn't she?" I said as I looked at Holly again. "Harry, I'm so proud of you. Like Holly's father said, this was very unexpected for you to get married young, but Gemma, Robin and I are so proud of you!" My mom said. I looked down at her and saw she had tears in her eyes. "Thank mom." I said hugging her. "I love you so much." She said as she pulled away. "I love you, too." I said as I walked over to Holly and her dad. "May I?" I asked tapping her father on the shoulder. He smiled at me before he handed Holly over to me once again. She kissed her dad on the cheek before all her attention was on me.



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Please update soon. I want to know what happens next :)

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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...UPDATE
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