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Hey Jude I & II

Shoot Me Dead <3

Harry bites on his lip, heavy gaze falls to the floor as he remains silent. I want to push it further and let him walk to the elevator but I don't want him that far from me. I take two steps closer and reach for his blazer flaps, pulling them so he is right up against me. It takes me little force for him to lean my way, his smirk tells me he knew all along.

"You are trouble," I smile.

"No. Just troubled."

"Give me 5 minutes to gather my things," I say as I walk away and grab my travel bag.

I stuff the basic toiletries and roll up a casual dress to take with me for tomorrow. I slip on my black flats while I close my laptop, grab my purse and room key, then head to the door. Harry is giving me a "look", forcing me to glance the other way before I turn all shades of pink.

He closes the door behind me and grabs my bag, switching it to the other hand. I'm alarmed by his kindness. As we walk down the hall to the elevator, he tangles his long fingers in mine, confusing me further. I'm smiling nonetheless, but I wonder how long he'll hold my hand till we see someone.

As we wait for valet to get his car, Harry pulls me to stand ever so closely. His hand is under my chin, raising my head to look into his eyes, he passes his index finger over my bottom lip. Someone is awfully affectionate. . . and quiet.

We walk into his place. I honestly didn't think I'd be back here and now I'm not sure I ever want to leave. I've grown to love the smell of his room, his bed and him. He places my bag on his bed and sits to stare at me.

"I loved your performance," I say and he smiles at the compliment.

"The strangest thing is that Paul wanted to do All You Need Is Love but Hey Jude stuck out to me, and this was before I met you."

"That's a huge coincidence," I smile, putting my shoes in a corner.

"Can we cuddle on the couch? I've been waiting all day for that."

"Have you? So you thought I would just forgive you that quickly?"

Harry is already pulling me by the hand, "I did go to your hotel room, didn't I?"

"Unbelievable," I roll my eyes.

We sit beside each other and Harry wraps his arms around me, squeezing me breathless. Next thing I know, his full lips are on my cheek, but instead of kissing me he starts blowing and making silly noises. What are we 4? At first it was annoying, then it became a cute attempt of making me laugh. He mixes in a few pecks and by now all my stubbornness has diminished.

I try to reach around and tickle him, making him lose his grip around me. His dimples have deepened so much, cutting through his cheeks like I've never seen before, all I can do is gawk. How am I this attracted to a guy I've only known for a few days? I understand his fans now, but I can't describe what it is about him that makes me crave him so much.

I'm sitting on his lap with my legs extended out on the sofa as he's cuffed my wrists with his hands to keep from attacking him. Harry settles from the commotion and begins to nod like I'm in trouble now. We both fail miserably at keeping a straight face and finally burst into a couple of laughs.

"There she is," he smiles adorably.

"It's hard to stay mad at you when you act like a child."

"You can say it . . ."

"Say what?"

"You can admit that you missed me too," he's so confident of his words.

I just blush and look at our hands, he's now holding them in his, and my grin gives me away.

"I saw you walk in the bar with your friends, and the first thing I thought was that you blew me off to be with Jack. Its what ran through my mind all day . . . because you left so quick."

"I was a little embarrassed thats all. Between that and you having plans of your own, my thoughts were just all over the place."

"I had sound check, I could have told you but I wanted it to be a surprise," his thumbs are soothing as they form little circles on the tops of my hands.

"So if I were your girlfriend what would we be doing now?" I change the subject.


I frown at his boring answer, I was expecting something more exciting or sexual even.

"I could be doing that in my hotel room right now, had I not been disturbed."

"Had you initially gone home with me after the concert, we would have put that bed to good use and have REASON to be sleeping," he grins maliciously.

His insinuation of dirty thoughts trigger mine and I mirror his facial expression.

"And what if I didn't come home with you?" I perk my eyebrows in a smug response.

"I would have slept in the hallway . . . or gotten someone to open the door for me," I can tell he's plotting this as he is speaking.

"At 1:30 in the morning? Besides, they can't just open a door for some random stranger."

"I would have said that my girlfriend and I had a fight and I came back to apologize but she won't let me in," his face turns into a sorrowful frown.

"They wouldn't buy that," even though I almost did.

"Yes they would . . . I can be very persuasive," he wiggles his brows and I laugh. "So what would you like to do? Are you tired?"

"We could watch some tv, but I want the remote this time."

Harry closes his eyes and nods, agreeing to my wishes and hands me the black controller thats sitting beside him on the couch.

"Do you mind if I change real quick?" he says in my ear, producing a greater reaction in me than I was expecting.

He holds my waist as he slides from beneath me off the couch. I'm still in the same clothes from the concert and wouldn't mind getting out of these skinny jeans at least. I think that I'm actually paying attention to the channels as I surf through each one, but in reality, I'm looking over at Harry . . . lusting.

He takes off his boots, one by one, as he sits on the edge of the bed. Then he stands to swiftly pulls off his shirt, revealing a long toned torso and back. My eyes travel down while he unbuckles his belt, my toes begin to curl the moment I see how low his jeans really are. They have to sit like right on top of his . . . you know. I can't tell if he knows I'm watching or not, but I'm prepared if I have to pretend to sneeze or something.

How does he get out of those jeans so easily, I wonder. How are they not cutting circulation in some areas? He has to be pretty confident with his package to be strutting around in them, but I already know this. . . sort of. I smile at his black briefs until he covers them again with a pair of sweats. I want to whine. Lastly he finds a shirt to throw over his head and returns.

I'm still sitting sideways when he throws himself on the couch, laying on my legs with his head inches away from my crotch. Oh God, act cool. He's looking to the side to see what I'm watching, but I'm having a hard time keeping my toes still since they are right beneath his junk . . . good junk.

I think if maybe I move my feet then maybe he'll jump off and it won't be so awkward. So I wiggle my toes assuming it will tickle him enough to shift to the side, instead, he turns his head to look up at me and gives me a crafty grin.

"That feels pretty good actually," he admits and I choke.

My plan failed . . . wonderfully, because now its set the mood for other things. And boy if I'm ready for this!

"You are a very beautiful woman, but when I saw you tonight I thought you looked incredibly sexy . . . that made me angry because I thought I wouldn't have you."

My hands are immediately drawn to his silky corkscrews. I watch as his eyes close, enjoying my fingers, letting out a long moan. His head grows heavy as he drops it on my abdomen. I feel his mouth press kisses through my thin shirt, and then I feel my skin catch in his teeth as he playfully nibbles over my stomach. I'm burning right underneath his mouth; I'm afraid there will be no sleeping or sightseeing tomorrow.

Sightseeing?!? I forgot about Jack! I feel horrible but that only lasts a few seconds; Harry is now wrapping his arms around my hips with his head still over my groin and he's . . . oh . . .oh . . . exhaling hot breaths over my zipper. How can I even feel that through my jeans, its beyond me, but please continue Harry. I fear he won't disappoint me at all tonight.

"I'm waiting." he says in a low husky tone.

"For . . ." I can barely utter.

"If you don't admit it then I won't continue," he fronts, pulling at my shirt with his teeth and releasing it as he looks into my eyes.

Oh he is good, he's real good. If I admit to what he wants to hear, he'll not only know I missed him but that I want him badly. Done deal!

"I missed you, Harry," I confess, no games.

His smile grows and his head falls back down on my stomach. Like a snake his body moves up and I feel his lips on my sternum. My eyelids are heavy, closing half way; I can also smell his faded cologne and hope that it rubs off on me. His body is swallowing me as I slide down beneath him, my head falls on the arm rest and I'm happy that my plan worked after all.

Harry's lips move from over my shirt to my bare collarbone, although my heart is beating faster my breaths are long and steady. Arms around my waist, his hands find the small of my back and my skin burns from the contact. His kisses are slow with light suction, making their way up to my neck. His hair feels like feathers tickling my cheeks and the only thing I hear are our profound breaths and friction of clothing.

My legs open up so she can breathe. She's like a venus fly trap waiting for Harry to probe her. They say that a man's penis has a mind of its own, I believe the same holds true for us women. She craves and hungers, I've just kept her hidden away for so long. Why am I even thinking this, Harry is about to kiss me.

With my head still on the armrest, Harry has slithered all the way up to lean down and finally kiss me. His lips are hot and shapely, moving his hands to rest on either side of my head but then he . . .

"Ohh," I whimper. Harry just pressed his hardness between my thighs.

My instant reaction is to bite my lips while Harry takes pleasure in seeing what his actions do to me. His tongue is taunting me, trailing my neck while presses against me again, leaving his weight on me. By now the heat has traveled to every concave of my body and I just want him to consume me. . . however he pleases.

His lips are on my ear and I'm just waiting for him to say something to send me off.

"He wants you."

That did it. The fact that he referenced him as something apart from his control. Like foreign creatures ready to devour one another while those of us up here merely kiss and cuddle. When you come to think of it, those intimate parts don't look very pretty anyway, so this imagery makes sense to me in some twisted way.

"I want You," I reply, leaving him stunned.

Harry lifts to his knees, keeping one hand resting beside my head and our face inches apart. Our eyes are fixed on one another, jumping from one iris to the next. My lids grow heavy when I feel his other hand on my extended knee as he begins to glide up my thigh, turning to touch the inside of my seams.
My chest deflates when his hand gently cups my groin, squeezing her slowly. He lowers so that his mouth is barely touching mine and I wait.

"First, we need to get rid of these," and his smile shoots me dead.


85............why am i commenting on dirty things!

48 Is really kinky......but im still readidng it

ok so chapter 35 tells me how to cup nuts...ok

woow not even half of the book and there already fucking!! chapter 6 and 5 are the reason i don't have a boyfriend :(

Hey! Could you please answer me on Whattpad? I would be so honored to translate your amazing fanfiction into Russian.