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Hey Jude I & II

Late Play Date 1 <3

"First, we need to get rid of these," and his smile shoots me dead.

I have a feeling Harry is already picturing me naked, though he is taking his time. His fingers are unfastening my jeans and dragging the zipper. I start giggling when Harry pretends my pants are stuck, trying to pull down at the sides. Humor is one of his charming qualities. Wearing his childish grin he peels off my jeans like a pro. He should know, he probably has the same pair.

Harry leans back as he pulls them past my feet, leaving me free and exposed. Before he touches me again, he runs his fingers through his hair and huffs. I see his mouth articulate "damn" and he comes for me. Large hands landing on my ankles, sliding upward, squeezing my thighs once he reaches them. Instinctively my legs spread apart unaware that Harry is about to lower himself and puff hot breaths over my underwear.

He then closes my legs and rolls me to the side. His hand grabs my butt cheek and I twitch as he takes a meaty bite. I wonder if he is rough and passionate or if he's more of a slow and torturous lover. My fist wraps in his shirt to pull him down for another kiss, and in desperation I end up yanking it above his head.

"I don't think I can play nice anymore," his grin turns evil.

My shirt is weighing on me like a heavy blanket at this point. Its pretty though, light beige with a hint of pink and it sparkles; mind you its a bit see-thru. Meanwhile Harry's hand has been resting on my stomach. I can see the wheels spinning and when I look down his finger is wrapped in my shirt this time.

Harry grunts as he abruptly grabs my waist and swings me on his lap while sitting back comfortably. I feel his soft sweat pants in between my legs and goosebumps forming beneath his hands as they rub my outer thighs. My hands are flat upon his chest and I scoot even closer, arousing the monster underneath.

I feel his big hands go from the curves of my bum all the way up my back, strumming my spinal cord. His fingers navigate to the front and I hear him hissing as his hand slither's up to my neck, like a hidden snake. This shirt is already falling off my shoulders, if it stretches anymore it will ruin.

His kisses are infectious and delicious. I'm compelled to lick my own lips when he passes his tongue on the soft skin just above my bra cup. My hands are in Harry's hair while his lips travel down to kiss between my breasts. Impulsively, he breaks away to pull my shirt off and grabs a handful to squeeze and inhale closely. He seems more aggressive, arousing and intimidating. Even when he bites down on my cleavage making me groan from the sweet sting.

I am lost in Harry. My brain has stopped and my thoughts are quiet, finally. My only struggle is whether to keep my eyes open or not, to record all his movements or go by what I'm feeling. Either way the experience is there ready to be relished and I know that we're getting impatient the more we burn for one another.

Harry wraps his arms around my back, then grips my shoulders from behind as he pushes me down to feel how hard he is for me. I gasp and feel my eyes dilate like a possession. My breathing is still slow but shallow and now its weakening as he grows beneath me.

"Harry . . ." I exhale.

In the midst of all these stirred emotions, I don't want to think how much I'll crave him when I'm back in Phoenix. I'll return with a bruised heart. Only taking a day to meet him and now it would take who knows how long to forget him. We could stop here, no damage done, before he imprints my body from within.

I cup Harry's face and kiss him tenderly on the lips. I'm overflowing with affection for him, a kind I didn't anticipate to have so soon. My body, my mind and my heart yearn to feel closeness without barriers. We want to take this imaginary role all the way. Regardless how fun and exciting it is now, I don't want to think about how much its going to hurt the day I have to say goodbye.

"Can I have you now?" his husky accent rings in my ears.

All I have to do is look at him and my body sends signals straight to my core, but what Harry doesn't know is that I'm much less experienced than I lead on. My ex, like me, was a virgin. And although he wanted to experiment more, I was usually against it. I could never picture my role models back in the day performing blow jobs on their leading men. But there was something about Harry that made me want to venture on with my curiosity . . . there was something about London.

Harry's fingertips are raking against my arms, slipping down my bra straps. Indulging in his lips as they shower me, licking and blowing over my cream colored skin. His mood swings back and forth, from kissing me tenderly to completely grabbing my derrière. Yet he doesn't know I've caught moments where he pauses, like he's conflicted by something.

"What's on your mind this very second?"

"I feel like . . . you're this fragile thing . . . and I could break you," he utters slowly.


"I don't know. You're so pure and incredibly gorgeous. . .it almost makes me feel guilty . . . the things I want to do to you," he bites his lip and gazes at me, hands calm on my thighs.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were starting to have feelings for me, Harry," I reply with a sly grin.

"Of course, you know I care about you . . . despite our little time."

I have an incredible urge to hug him and I do. You can't expect me not to feel drawn to him after the closeness we've shared every night, I was just surprised that he felt it too. The embrace feels real, so does everything else, the only thing that doesn't agree with us is time. But we're not focusing on that.

Right now I feel like I'm in heat, Harry has an erection that could literally impregnate me by simply looking at it and its so late that I'm afraid we'll waste good hours by sleeping in the whole day tomorrow. . .which isn't entirely a bad idea. My thoughts wander off, I have a few days left and I need to take advantage of them to see this beautiful city. I need to stop being so consumed by Harry.

"Let down your hair for me?"

The thoughts that troubled me only seconds ago have faded into the back of my mind, hypnotized by Harry's green gems. I stare at him with confidence, arching my back and raising my hands to loosen my french bun. His eyes are bouncing between my chest and my cocky smile as he concentrates real hard. After I remove a few pins, my hair falls down my back and his reaction makes me feel even sexier.

"I think I'm going to bed," I climb off his lap and act like I'm suddenly very tired.

Harry's jaw drops and his face is lost. I have to bite my tongue to keep from laughing. I'll show him PURE and I slowly begin to walk away, swaying my hips.

"Whaaaaaat- are you just going to leave me like this?" I look back just enough to see him sitting with his arms raised in bewilderment. "You know this won't just go away . . . right?"

Meanwhile I'm almost at the bed, gathering my hair to the side of my shoulder, I unsnap my bra and let it fall to the floor. I can picture Harry's reaction now, mouth slightly watering and his eyes glistening like a little boy or a naughty one. Hopefully this will motivate him to do such unsaid things.

I walk over to the side and sit down, pushing myself towards the middle. Some of my hair has fallen to the front, covering my chest but not all of it. I take one glance at Harry and smile before laying back. Now that I've made my move, I can breathe again. I'm so proud of myself for doing that, even if it doesn't seem like much. As I anticipate for Harry to join, my body trembles the moment he stands in front of me.

Our eyes meet and all I hear is my heart pounding through my ribs. I can barely swallow the knot that has formed in my throat. I follow his eyes that are lingering on my breast, they aren't big, but they suit me. Finally, Harry carefully climbs on the bed without saying a word. I mistakenly assume he's going to kiss me, and he does, just on my vulnerable breasts. My hands hold on to his head. Looking down I see his face submerged between my soft gelatin mounds, tasting me with his slippery tongue. Suddenly his mouth is over my nipple and my body wants to go into shock.

I labeled myself once as a silent moaner but Harry has clearly disproved that. My breathing is short and my body cries out, deceiving me completely. Its like his mouth was made to give this kind of pleasure. He focuses longer on my chest, giving me, them, so much attention. It doesn't help that I'm still so aroused that if I don't stop him soon I will . . .

"Oh God . . ." I become short of breath, his fingers pressing over my panties.

The fullness of his mouth is an aphrodisiac as my mind struggles to enjoy both sensations. Three. . . I count three fingers, petting her and drawing wide circles. Each time he glides through the middle he presses down harder and I gasp without fail. Closing my eyes, I surround myself in a comfortable dark sphere. I can still smell Harry, which eases me, until I feel him. I feel his finger push underneath the remaining fabric on my bodyand I clench. It glides out and then he slips in two. Not sure what to make of this sensation, I can't decide if I enjoy it or not; I'm just patiently studying my reactions.


85............why am i commenting on dirty things!

48 Is really kinky......but im still readidng it

ok so chapter 35 tells me how to cup nuts...ok

woow not even half of the book and there already fucking!! chapter 6 and 5 are the reason i don't have a boyfriend :(

Hey! Could you please answer me on Whattpad? I would be so honored to translate your amazing fanfiction into Russian.