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Hey Jude I & II - Comments

85............why am i commenting on dirty things!

48 Is really kinky......but im still readidng it

ok so chapter 35 tells me how to cup nuts...ok

woow not even half of the book and there already fucking!! chapter 6 and 5 are the reason i don't have a boyfriend :(

Hey! Could you please answer me on Whattpad? I would be so honored to translate your amazing fanfiction into Russian.

Hey @CiaoNiccie am loving the story! I'm fairly new to the fanfic reading haha but this was one that appeared to by highly recommended so I thought I'd check it out... and let me just say you have not disappointed! I have only one comment, because I am a self proclaimed Beatles fan myself, I thought I'd better point out (and I apologise for being so nit picky haha) but it is in fact Sir Paul Mccartney ;) Otherwise the story has been a blast to read....Anyway better get back...much to catch up on :)
lots of love x

Hi! Hi! Hi! Looks like I have a lot to catch up on! :) <3

Nam.Annie Nam.Annie

You need to make a Wattpad account ASAP! I just updated chapter 16 and boy is it packed with Harry eye candy! Come see! ;)

CiaoNiccie CiaoNiccie

Commenting here because I don't have a wattpad account but part 3 is absolutely phenomenal! With you as an author though - I had no doubt it will be a masterpiece.

that's crazy to even think about. 2 years of this amazing fic.

i just finished reading ch 6 of part 3 and did it hit close to home. no lies, there were tears. im so excited as to where this part is going and i cant wait!

midnightromance midnightromance

I'm delighted by your comment! Can you believe it's been over 2 years writing this fanfic? I can't! But I do enjoy it, I'm too invested to ever stop. And it's wonderful to hear that there are still readers out here, even if it's a handful or less, I'll continue to write for you. :)

I hope you'll tell me what you think of the 3rd part? Much love to you!

CiaoNiccie CiaoNiccie

you are one of my favorite writers on this website and basically the reason I stick around on it. I have been absorbed into this story since the beginning and I'm so glad you haven't given up on it. I'm very much looking forward to the next part!

midnightromance midnightromance

can u give me link for new story plz

LivinLikeLarry LivinLikeLarry

I'm glad it got you like it has me :/

luv ya lots

CiaoNiccie CiaoNiccie

Argh, you made me cry at school :(

That's how you know its a great story!

LivinLikeLarry LivinLikeLarry

Haha, oh wow! I think that's a record :)
Thank you for reading my story and voicing out. Comments never go unnoticed and I like to hear when the reader both enjoys and dislikes the content. So thank you again :)

CiaoNiccie CiaoNiccie

Amazing story! I read this all in 1 day / night!

PoisedPen PoisedPen

Grazie bella. I hope you'll follow me to the 3rd installment. This story has gone farther than I could have ever imagined, and time wise as well. It's hard not to stay motivated with readers like you. ;) muah!

CiaoNiccie CiaoNiccie

OMG love this story :)

LivinLikeLarry LivinLikeLarry