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surviving the bite - Comments, page 4

This is so stupid! Your copying the vampire diaries!!! Come up with your own stuff, serious!!!
Haha well Halloween is trick or treat and tricks are so much funnier that treat I would attempt to pull a prank and I would fail haha
Lol I thought that chapter was funny. I would do that to someone if I was in the woods with my friends.
@Harry's kitty kat
that was @aleanbh the liam girl idea to put Akili in and i wasn't quite sure on how to like put her in so i kind of didn't write with her i might try to add her in, in one of the next chapters and thanls i'm glad that you liked the chapter and sorry i just saw the comment now for some reason i'm not getting notifications when people comment on my stories
Amazing chapter !!! Just wondering what happened to Akili??
@Harry's kitty kat
i know but you never know it might not be that bad or you could think about it and it could be something really bad

i'll update today sometime :)
misfits misfits
Ohhh god poor Louis <3
@Harry's kitty kat
thank you :) and i might do another story to this still debating i haven't even planned on how to end this book or when to end it, i still find it so funny how i wrote this well all it takes is one bite out of pure boredom haha

Its really good because its different. I have read alot of fanfics that are the same but i have honestly never read something like this its brilLIAM! SO PLEAEEEEEE DO ANOTHER BOOK DONT STOP THIS STORY YOUR AN amaZAYN WRITER!!!!!!
@Harry's kitty kat
I'm glad you think.it is :) it's funny as I did a writing exam and I got a c/d on it haha
One of the best stories I've read!!!
hahahaha yeah that sounds about right :)
Reachel and Niall sittin' on a roof
I love this story
this story is diffrent and i like diffrent good wrighters make ggod storys i gess
sweethoneybee10 sweethoneybee10
Thank you so much! I'm really hAppy that you love the mix :)
You are the best writers I've ever read. Thank you for making wonderful fanfictions with drama and horror. I love the mix.
Same, and I thought with everything g going on there embedded to b a bit of a fun betgoing on and I apparently can't type iN the morning ok I give up