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surviving the bite - Comments, page 3

i'll try to update today :)

thanks and i'll update when i next can
You need to update. This story is great!
thank you i'm glad that you think that it's amazing :)

@Harry's kitty kat
no problem sorry for the late update though <3 :)
Omg amazing chapter!! Thanks so much for updating <3:)
This. Is. BEYOND. Amazing! So Jelly!! You've got a super good story! :)
@Harry's kitty kat
sorry that i haven't updated i've been a bit busy these last week and this week i've been full of cold so i've been, i'll try to update tonight or over the week if i can :) <3
Please update soon I look everyday to see if its been updated i love it so much, it's an amazing story -<3
haha i know right, and i first glanced at your comment and i thought you said harry took Louis ass and i was like what! haha but know that i've looked at it properly it does not say that and i am left laughing at myself haha
Oooooohhhhh Harry took Louis sass. That ain't happening
@Harry's kitty kat
i know :(
thanks and my exams went ok i think i hope i've done well but i won't know until January and i'll update tonight :)
Omg thx for updating and hope the exams go well please update again soon
@Harry's kitty kat
Thank you and I will try :)
This is my favourite fanfic, great chapter, keep up the amazayn work!!!
@Harry's kitty kat
Thanks :)
Ahhhhh this story is amazing
@Good meets bad
i can say i have watched vampire diaries right and i can say there is ideas in this that are the same but i have my own ideas in this anyway right so are you saying there is a doppelgänger in this cause there isn't, there's two brothers fighting over the same girl, yes the vampires are the same form and there are werewolves and witches but there are lost of supernatural films that involve vampires werewolves and witches, so it's different compare to that but whatever and if you don't like it then don't read it simple i'm not forcing you to read it so stop reading it if you don't like it :)