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Dark (Zayn Malik)

Chapter 1 ✝

"Who's he?" I nodded my head towards a guy walking down the sidewalk with raven black hair and olive skin. He was wearing a black.tank top, causing some off his chest tattoos to peak out.
"That's Zayn Malik, he's no good Aria." My friend, Jade said to me in a whisper as she leaned forwards. "Nothing but trouble." She said, backing away from me, leaning back in her chair.
He looked up and caught me staring, I panicked and looked down at the white laced table cloth. My empty coffee cup just sat there.
"He's coming over here." Jade said in a panicked whisper.
"Aria, right?" I heard a voice ask behind me. I turned around and saw that Zayn guy hovering over me, I nodded. He smirked, "I'm throwing a party tomorrow and I want you to come."
Jade cleared her throat making Zayn look over at her, "I want you both to come." He corrected. "I think we're busy." Jade said in a cold voice. I looked over at her. "But we don't know yet. We'll think about it." She said giving him a smug smile.
I turned back to Zayn, "We'll go." I said plainly as if it was no big deal.
His carmel colored eyes looked back at me, "See you there." He smirked at me. He leaned down and gave me a kiss on the cheek before walking away.
I turned back to Jade. "Are you crazy?" She said in a harsh whisper once Zayn was down the street.
"What? Maybe we'll enjoy ourselves more then we expect." I said shrugging.
She rolled her eyes, "Aria, I tell you he's trouble then you agree to.go to a party with him?"
"Look Jade, I'm not going alone. You'll be there too, plus it's just one night. One night and that's it." I said, with a hopeful smile on my face.
"Fine." She sighed, finally giving in. "Just one night. Now let's go shopping."
We arrived at the local mall, and saw that it was packed. We made our way through the entrance and walked over to the small Starbucks. Jade's obsessed with coffee. I was about to order when Jade said she had to use the restroom
I walked up to the cashier. "Welcome to Starbucks what can I get you?" The preppy girl beamed behind the register, she looked like she was around my age.
"Can I get a Vanilla Bean please?"
She nodded and started typing on the register, "Anything else?"
I thought for a second, "Uh, no thanks just that."
She nodded, "That'll be four pounds."
I went to go grab my money out of my purse when I saw someone place money down. I looked over and saw Zayn standing there.
"I could've paid for myself you know?" I said walking over waiting to get my Starbucks. I crossed my arms over my chest.
"But I wanted to pay, it's the least I could do." He said placing his hand over heart as he emphasized the 'I'.
"Well thanks, it was very nice." I looked over at him.
Just then Jade walked in, "Hey Zayn." She spat his name as if it was poison in her mouth.
"I'll let you go Aria." He said ignoring Jade's cold greeting."
"Bye Zayn." I smiled warmly.
He gave a small wave, and walked out of Starbucks.
"You're rude." I said just as they were calling out my name. I walked over and grabbed my drink. Talking the straw out of the little paper wrapping and sticking it into the delicious drink.
"I'm not being rude, I heard tha-"
I cut her off, "You heard or you know?" I said taking a drink of my vanilla bean. She just shook her head, "Aria, I'm just warning you now. He's no good." I just mumbled a whatever and she walked over to order her drink.
I walked into my empty house. With my mom constantly away on business and my dad sadly passing away when I was eight, I've become used to being alone. I placed my bags down once I reached my room. I set my phone down on the little table by my neatly made bed, I turned on the lamp. I decided to take a quick shower.
I went down stairs and locked the front door, turning off the light in the lounge, I quickly jogged back upstairs and into my bathroom, turning on the shower. I took my brown curly hair out of the messy bun and brushed all the knots out. I then stripped out of my cloths and through them in my hamper.
Once I got out of the shower I wrapped the purple, fuzzy towel around my body. I brushed my teeth and whipped any leftover makeup off my face.
I walked out into my room, picking out some sweatpants and a loose tee along with a bra and thong. I dropped the towel and whipped off any extra water on my body. Just then I heard my phone vibrate on the little table.

From: Unknown To: Aria
Loving the view. Next time close the curtains. ;)

I then looked up and saw my curtains were wide open, so anyone could of seen me. I wrapped the towel securely around my body, and looked out the window. I saw Zayn sitting in his black Mustang not far from my house with a smirk on his face.
He turned on his car and drove away. What just happened?..


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