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Dark (Zayn Malik)

Chapter 2 ✝

I walked up to the two story house with Jade right behind me, "Aria, we can go home now." She whispered behind me.
"Jade, what happened to just one night?" I asked as I looked over at her.
She rolled her eyes and followed along. I walked up to the door and knocked.
A very cleaned up Zayn opened the door with a smile. "Hey glad you made it! Come in." He gestured for us to walk in, he scooted over and we walked in.
"Summer!" Jade said in a high voice and walked away. Leaving Zayn and I there.
"So, you look nice." He said breaking up the tension. He looked over my purple cocktail dress and black ankle high heel boots
I smiled, "Thanks. You too." He was wearing a pair of black chinos with a white plain shirt, covered by a leather jacket.
"Enjoy yourself alright?" He winked at me and walked away.
I walked around trying to find Jade.
"Aria!" I heard from behind me I turned around and saw Jade by the drinks table, the music was so loud and the place was really crowded. I walked over to her. "Aria this is Summer, Summer this is Aria." I smiled polity at her.
"Hey Aria! Wanna drink?" She offered.
I nodded, she handed me a red plastic cup full of punch. I drank some of it and it tasted weird, "What's in that?" I asked making a face
"Just vodka." Summer shrugged.
"C'mon Aria let loose! Just one night right?" Jade mocked me.
"Why don't we all take shots?" One of Summer's friend suggested. Everyone agreed but me.
"Aria? You in?" Summer asked.
"I looked over at Jade and gave in, "Just one."
One shot turned into two and two turned into three. Before I knew it I was at five.
"You've had enough c'mon Ari." Blake, Summer's friend said.
We walked over to the dancefloor. I saw some girl with bleach blonde hair and a really bad fake tan, grinding on Zayn. He had his arms around her waist, his hands meeting on her stomach. She arched her back on his chest. I scoff and rolled my eyes.
I tried looking away but my eyes wouldn't budge. "Wanna dance?" Blake asked me, snapping me out of my thoughts, causing me too look up at his greyish eyes. Now I felt eyes burning a hole through the side of my face.
"I'd love too." He grabbed my hand and led me to the dancefloor. He held onto my waist as I danced to the beat.
After about five songs Blake turned me around, I still felt Zayn's eyes on me, the bleach blonde girl was still into the dancing but Zayn was half into it. I felt a pair of lips crashing down on mine, snapping me out of my wondering mind. I tried pushing him off, but he was stronger then me.
"Come on." He said through clutched teeth, his eyes full of lust. He gripped onto my arm and dragged me out of the house. The cold air hitting me.
I tried getting him off of me but that only caused him to grip onto my arm tighter.
Next thing I know I saw someone tackle Blake to the floor. Zayn. He started punching Blake repeatedly in the face, Blake tried punching back. He hit Zayn right in the jaw.
"Zayn stop!" I screamed, hoping he'd listen. "Zayn!" I tried again. Nothing.
Zayn punched Blake in the eye and Blake got him back by punching him in the lip.
I felt tears threatening to escape, "Zayn!" I screamed my voice coming out shaken.
This time he looked over at me, and then back at Blake.
Zayn got up and walked back over to you.
Blake got up and ran off in the opposite direction.
"Stay with me." Zayn whispered into my ear as his arm encircled my waist, pulling me to him.
I wanted to say 'no' but, I found myself nodding. We walked back towards the party. Zayn walked in with me behind him.
"PARTIES OVER! EVERYONE OUT!" He yelled. Some people gasped at his bloody face. But everyone tried getting out the door as he demanded.
"Aria, you coming?" Jade said at the door.
I turned around and shook my head, "I'm staying."
She rolled her eyes and walked out, closing the door since she was the last one to leave.
"C'mon." He said grabbing my hand and taking me upstairs..


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