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Behind the Cover


I love reading a good fanfic, and here is a compilation of some of my favorites. Some are on Tumblr, but there are still many on this website. I'll be updating whenever I remember a good story.

I have much more to add, so subscribe if you want to know when I add more;) Vote if you like the stories I'm putting! Comment if you read/are currently reading any of the stories, I love talking about them! This is my guilty pleasure so I can't really talk to people whenever I find a good fanfic, that's why I decided to do this!

Happy Reading!

Note: I'm a Harry's girl, so I apologize in advanced if many of these focus on Harry. HOWEVER, if it's a good fanfic and not revolving around Harry, I will read it and post it on here if I loved it! I just tend to gravitate toward Harry fanfics.


  1. What Makes You Beautiful

    If only you saw what I can see, you'd understand why I want you so desperately

  2. Study of Life and Love

    University is hard enough without falling in love...

  3. Teach Me How To Kiss (1D AU)

    How does one become a great kisser? First, you need a partner. Second, you need a place to practice. And third, remember to always have Chapstick handy.

  4. Multiple by Lisavslisa


  5. Like Home

    a long way from the playground

  6. Beating Heart

    “You’re just an angel.. who got lost in the darkness.” // At times she was strange and dangerous, but mostly she was sweet and scared and harmless.

  7. Dangerous Love

    Give me what no other has ever gotten, and I’ll give you what others try to get.

  8. The Deal

  9. Hired For Harry

    Signing up for a job or signing up for love? There has never been a finer line.

  10. Falling Into Us

    (I love this author)

  11. I Want To Write You A Song & If I Could Fly

    Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson - Two stories falling in to each other

  12. Always

    What if Harry was never offered a role in Dunkirk? What if he was offered to be a judge on The X Factor instead?

  13. Stockholm Syndrome

    They say you shouldn't sleep with someone crazier than you..

  14. Coming Home

    My heart in your hands is my heart on the floor.

  15. All for the Press

    Their relationship is fake. But will it amount to something more? *Contains coarse language and some sexual content*

  16. Sugar on the Asphalt

    Tumblr Fanfic

  17. Quarter-Life | HS AU

    Harry Styles has always been very sure of himself and yet, he finds himself hitting a plateau.

  18. Finding Finley

  19. Stay

    In a world where nothing is certain the greatest thing you could do is stay

  20. Dark

  21. Only In Your Dreams

    You are and always have been my dream.

  22. Follow Your Heart

    ...let it lead you where you need to go

  23. Dear Life

    Life's a little too much to be messed with.

  24. Passion - One Direction Sexual Imagines

    Let's commit the perfect crime. I'll steal your heart. You steal mine

  25. Meet Me In The Bathtub

    A foot kink exploration oneshot

  26. Maybe It's You

    “Well we live in adjacent apartments and our bedrooms are on opposite sides of a very thin wall and that one night I heard you crying and so I talked to you through the wall."

  27. Dreaming of You // If I'm Still Dreaming

    You never know where your dream will take you.

  28. Safe Haven

    Just by standing by Louis's side, nothing else mattered. (LarryFanFic)

  29. Strong Words

  30. You Make it Real {A Harry Styles Fan Fiction}

  31. Ronan: To the Moon and Back

  32. In The Heat Of Los Angeles

    This city's killing me. I want, I want, I want everything. This city's killing me, In the heat of Los Angeles.

  33. Petrichor

    noun:| a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

  34. The Wedding Date (Harry Styles AU)

    "We'll go together, I'll pretend to be your boyfriend" "You sure?" "Positive"

  35. Catching Red Eyes

    Finally landing her dream internship, Rowan Emerson sparks the interest of the mysterious and very famous Harry Styles. (Rated R for Sexual Content)

  36. Tattoos

    In which you have a tattoo of your soulmate's initials.

  37. All Again

    Harry still loves Becca. Becca still loves Harry. Harry is engaged, and Becca has a serious boyfriend; oh, and it's the first time they've seen each other in two years.

  38. Crush

    Tumblr Fanfiction

  39. Let's Pretend It's Love

    A Harry Styles Fanfic

  40. The Mentally Brave

    What would you have done? Tell the truth and pray they'll be safe? or lie and hide knowing they will be?

  41. Beautiful Thing

    Without you here I am boring. Something inside you is triggering, it makes me myself, makes me funny. You're a beautiful thing. ​​​​

  42. All Hidden Away

    Being a younger sister has never been so complicated.

  43. Meet Me in the Hallway

    A Harry Styles AU

  44. A History In Rust

    Tumblr Fanfic

  45. The Entertainer

    Tumblr Fic - Harry is a 70s rockstar


Just in case you were curious, I still find myself coming back and reading what you wrote about In the Heat of Los Angeles when I hit a rough patch of writers block. Finally getting through that story was emotional and tough. But I did it and now that I'm through the tough beginning of the sequel I'm feeling relieved. But I wanted to let you know that it still means a lot to me that you said such nice things about ITHOLA and I use it as motivation.

Haha right? I cried too omg.

This one got me good...The Entertainer...holy hell...I'm crying like a little bitch right now...

I'm just seeing that you put LPIL on this list and I'm so honored! A normal girl with her mood swings and her cat is the absolute perfect description of Presley. Thanks so much for adding me to the list!

Fanfics are always the best!!

This is the first feedback I've gotten on "Rome-Antics" since I posted it so thank you for that! I really appreciate the feedback! And it warms my heart to know LPIL was one of your first fanfics! That story is my baby and I'm so happy to have shared it with everyone!