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Lost & Found


After her husband dies in a car accident, Emma Haines-Gaunt is encouraged by her mother and sister to attend a therapy group for widows. Though reluctant to even give it a try, Emma finds herself in a church basement listening to heartbreaking stories of tragedy from her fellow therapy members. When she notices a mysterious man during the session, Emma is intrigued by him, only to realize it is her childhood friend and ex-love Harry Styles. Her mind spirals when she realizes he must have lost his spouse somewhere along the way. And try as she might, she can’t seem to shake him from her brain. The two of them begin a harrowing journey of loss and redemption, determined to help each other find solace in the tragedy that their lives have become.


1. Harry Styles

1. Harry Styles

2. Emma Haines-Gaunt

2. Emma Haines-Gaunt

portrayed by Leighton Meester

3. Patrick Gaunt

3. Patrick Gaunt

portrayed by Hunter Parrish

4. Hannah Styles

4. Hannah Styles

portrayed by Kendall Jenner



This story is so good I am hooked . Can’t wait for the next chapter.

AbbyA21 AbbyA21

@Leah Elli

BLESS YOU!!! Thank you for your words! They made me smile so much! I do plan on continuing, don't worry. :)

lisavslisa lisavslisa

I love your story and I hope you you continue, and when I saw that there weren't any comments or many votes I was so surprised since this is great story and I honestly love it.
I've also read 'Stars in your eyes', 'You + me + him' and 'Tutor Girl'. I love them all so much! I think your a great author and I can't wait until they're updated so I can keep reading, keep up the great work! P.S. IM A HUGE FAN OF 1D, this place is basically heaven for me.

Leah Elli Leah Elli