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Dangerous Love

05 - Green Day


She’s barely made a peep since she got in my possession, but I don’t blame her – she’s probably just scared out of her pretty little mind. A sigh leaves my mouth as I reach for the volume button of the radio. I turn it so that the music could actually be heard. The song just began and already blared through the speakers. The artist is debatable, some people don’t like them. I’d hate for Anna Lisa to be one of them, I want her to be comfortable with me.

“Do you like this song?’’ I ask before turning it up anymore. My attention turns to her for just a few seconds as I glance over at her. She gives me a nod, looking away from me as she caught contact with me. I turn it up louder, sometimes I like to be drowned by the music, it just takes me places.

“My shadow's the only one that walks beside me.” I sing along with the song, not too loud though. I just needed to focus on the road and singing just calms my nerves, especially during horrible traffic. “Till then I walk alone.” I pick up the verse and just let myself go, I’m a better person when I’m singing, at least I guess I am.

“I'm walking down the line that divides me somewhere in my mind.” I come to yet another traffic light, my head turns to look at Anna Lisa again. She’s so damn gorgeous. I see her lips moving to the words, but nothing’s coming out of that beautiful mouth.

“What's fucked up and every thing's all right.” The radio edit didn’t drop the profanity bomb, but I’d rather sing it the way it was written, makes the vibes seem more real. I start to hum to the rest of the song, including the instrumental sections of it. The light seems to be stuck on red, or either time is passing really slowly tonight.

I turn the volume down so that I could talk over the music. “Are you alright?’’ I ask, staring over at the beautiful girl in my passenger seat, in my car. Anna Lisa moves her head in my direction, her eyes connecting with mine again, but this time she doesn’t look away. She blushes a little as I give her a smirk, she’s so innocent looking. I honestly can’t wait to see what she can do on the mattress, or on her knees, or in the shower, or wherever I put her.

“Why don’t you tell me about yourself, babe.’’ I insist as the light turns and I press my foot against the gas petal. The road was slightly busy, cars passing through mostly. We had about a fifteen more minute drive until I reach my estate. At first she doesn’t say anything, so I let out a huff. She must think I’m going to be easy on her because she’s a virgin?

“I said, tell me about yourself.’’ My voice became a little harsher as I griped the steering wheel with one hand, the other resting on my knee, I hope she doesn’t tick me off because I’d hate to scare her the first night she’s with me. “I.. I don’t.. I don’t.. know.’’ She stutters out, her voice cracking most likely from nervousness.

“Just tell me about your family.’’ I suggest, trying to calm myself down by focusing on her and not the anger slightly rising in my body. It got quiet again, despite the music softly playing in the background but a new song has started now. She gulps loudly, a shaky breath leaving her mouth as I wait for her answer. That is if she ever decides to talk.

“I, uh.. I was in a.. foster home.. mostly.’’ Anna Lisa says, her angelic voice speaking softly to me. My heart aches a little for her, that must’ve been horrible. I couldn’t imagine it any all, honestly wouldn’t want to either. “I’m sorry. What happened.. you know, that uh, made you be put there?’’ I ask, knowing she’ll tell me because she’s too afraid to disobey me, I can tell already. That’s good though, she needs to be afraid.

From the corner of my eye I can see her fiddling with her fingers in her lap, her head lowered as she kept her breathing heavy and her inhales deep. “Um.. my.. my mom was.. in a bad car accident.’’ She pauses for a second, clearing her throat with a few coughs before picking back up where she left off, “she slipped into a coma.. and died a few weeks later. But, uh.. I was really little.. I hardly remember anything anymore.’’ She finishes, I can tell she’s not used to talking about this, I’m sure a lot of people she’s met don’t know.

I give her a few seconds to cope with my sudden question, I hope I didn’t upset her any. “And um,’’ She starts, grabbing my attention again as I listen to her voice, “My dad.. he um, he became an alcoholic and.. they took me away from him. I.. I don’t even know where he went, I just.. he didn’t care anymore.’’ The information made me see this girl different, maybe she wasn’t some teenager trying to be a prostitute on the corner – I think she’s just a girl who never had a life, never had a family, and never had any love giving to her. She’s just a lost angel, but I’m extremely glad I found her.

“I’m sorry. I um, I didn’t have the perfect childhood either. My parents divorced when I was young. It took a toll on me, you know, having to go between house and house just to see them.” I state, trying to make sure she knows she’s not alone in this conversation, besides I don’t think there’s a definition for the “perfect childhood” I don’t even think it exists. “Can I ask you something, love?’’ My mind tells me to change the topic before something bad happens, so I do.

“Yes s-sir.’’ She mumbles back in respond, she’s such a good girl. “Are you nervous? Don’t lie to me.’’ I ask with a sigh, I just need to know what she thinks about all of this. “Yes s-sir, I.. I am.’’ She uttered to me. I don’t give her a reply, and I don’t carry this conversation on anymore. I had what I needed to know now, and I’m happy with the information so far.

Such a good girl for me already.


feedback would be nice guys, thanks for reading it so far!!! ♥♥ means a lot! x


Keep it comin!!!!! Love the update

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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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Please update soon, I love this story :)