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Dangerous Love

06 - Everything

[Anna Lisa]

“You’re very quiet, you know.” Mr. Styles tells me when I get out of the car, he shuts the door as I step out of the way. I just give him a light smile, still a tad shook over what happened in the car. He extends his hand towards me. I look up to him, his height causing him to tower over me. His eyes meet mine and he gives me a half smile. I sit my hand in his and he grips it tight before leading me through the garage – he has more than one car, I see that now.

“Are you nervous? Is that why you’ve hardly said a word?’’ He asks me as he opens the door, allowing me to go in first, his hand still clutching mine. I swallow, trying to clear my throat to respond to him. “A little.’’ I mumble, my eyes widening as we enter his house. We go down a short hallway before entering what appeared to be a foyer.

There were two sets of broad stairs, they met at the floor above. My eyes roam over the decorative pieces, the flooring, the ceiling, the huge chandelier – everything. “There’s nothing to be nervous about, babe.’’ Mr. Styles finally replies to me as he guides me towards one of the staircases. “As long as you trust me.’’ He adds as we begin the trip up the stairs. I highly feel like I trust him, but I’m still nervous about all of this, about what he’s capable of – what he’ll do to me if I slip up and do something wrong.

After just a short minute we came to the top of the stairs, Mr. Styles now leading me down a wide hallway. “Are you hungry or want something to drink?’’ He asks me, giving me a glance. “No sir, I’m.. I’m fine.’’ I tell him, my voice soft as my stomach continues to feel bubbly. Maybe it’s the situation, or maybe it’s him. Whatever the reason, the sensation isn’t stopping.

“I want you to go take a shower, get rid of all that makeup.’’ He states as he opens a door, letting my hand go as he walks in with me following behind him. I gulp quietly to myself as I notice the large bed, the huge bedroom. Everything’s just so extravagant, so beautiful. Just like Mr. Styles. I’ve never been in a house this big, nor a bedroom this big either. I’ve never even touched a Corvette until tonight.

“Follow me.’’ Mr. Styles sighs out as he goes across the bedroom towards a door. I walk a few steps behind him. He opens the door and goes on in, so I don’t hesitate to go. A light comes on and I see I’m in a huge bathroom. “My robe’s in that closet there.’’ He says, pointing to the door. I nod to him, letting him know I’m listening.

He goes over to that door and opens it, it was full of towels and bathroom stuff, the things I expected to see in there. He grabs a towel and wash rag and sits them on the counter for me after closing the door to the closet.

“Just put it on when you get out, and put your clothes in that hamper over there. I’ll be in the bedroom, but take your time.’’ He tells me as he ends the distance between us. He touches my waist, his large hands pulling me closer to him. I look up at him, knowing that’s what he wants me to do anyways. He gives me a little smile before leaning down to me, pressing his lips against my forehead. They are soft and warm against my cold skin.

My heart flutters as he leaves a kiss on me. “Don’t rush.’’ He whispers before leaning back up and letting my body go. He walks around me and out of the door, shutting it behind him. I smile lightly at the feeling still on my skin, his lips feel amazing.

I hear the sound of him whistling on the other side of the door – maybe this won’t be as bad as I thought at first. He’s got a heart, I know he does. He cares enough to offer food and a shower. He’s simply, purely wonderful and I’m actually glad I ended up with him. However, the sexual part of this situation of mine is still scary to me, and probably will always be.

Even though he told me to take my time, I still hurry to get undressed and into the shower. I grab the hem of my dress and pull it over my head, careful not to pull my earrings out. Next I take my jewelry off, sitting it on the sink counter. I bend down and unzip the back of my shoes and step out of them. I reach behind my back and unclasp my bra, sliding my arms out of it before sitting it on top of the dress. My fingers hook around the waistband of my underwear and I slide them down to my knees until they just drop.

Finally, after getting myself undressed, I gathering my clothes and throw them neatly into the hamper like I was told to do. I grab the rag from the counter and go over to the glass shower. My heart skips a couple of beats as I realize this is the shower that Harry Styles uses, he’s been in here and now I’m going to use it. A deep exhale leaves my mouth as I slide the door open, stepping onto the cold tile.

I turn the knobs, the water shooting out of the shower head above me. After adjusting the temperature of the water I begin to clean myself. The soap smelt like cologne but it was pleasing. I let the water rinse my body free of the bubbles and soap. Soon I realize there’s only men’s shampoo in here, but at least I’ll smell like Mr. Styles…

The amount I poured into my hand should be good enough to get the hairspray out and the dust from the room I was held in before being shoved into the public area like I was, but at least someone trustworthy got me – should I trust this man? I don’t know if I need to, but for some odd reason.. I already do.

Putting my thoughts aside, I begin to lather my hair up, the foam forming as I try to spread the shampoo evenly through my hair. A relieving sigh leaves my mouth as I step back under the warm water, feeling the warmth it put against my skin as it trailed down my back. Right now I’m more relaxed than I have been in a while, a long while at that.


//sorry it's a little short:):) thanks for checking it out and subsribing! ♥ more to come soon!//


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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