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Dangerous Love

29 - So Good


The car ride has been silent, but that’s because she’s asleep in the passenger’s seat. She’s mumbled to herself a few times. I adore the fact that she talks in her sleep, it’s quite cute really.

I’m pulling into the driveway right now and all I can think about is her bare body that I’ll soon be revealing to my eyes yet again. Except this time I’m going to make sure I give her the pleasure and praise she deserves for being such a good girl for me.

Such a good girl.

I clear my throat before calling her name, I need her to be awake fully for what’s ahead in her head future. “Anna Lisa.” I say a little loud so that she could hear me better.

My hand grabs her thigh and I give it a squeeze. I receive a little groan from Anna Lisa and I can’t help but smile at the noise. “Baby wake up, we’re home love.” I tell her, looking in her direction.

“Harry.” She mumbled out my name softly, placing her small hand on top of mine. “Yeah baby?” I ask, figuring she had a question for me but I don’t get a reply from her, only a gentle sigh.

Finally we have arrived at the house and I couldn’t be more happier. “Okay honey, we’re home now.” I say as I put the car in park, I’ll leave it parked in front of the house for the night – I have better things to do.

I shut my door and hurry to the other side of the car. Anna Lisa is still sleepy so I’m sure she hasn’t even realized I’m out of the car. I open her door and her eyes open up and trail to mine.

“Harry.” She says my name with a smile. “Yes darling?” I ask as I extend my hand to her. She places her fragile hand in my palm and begins to get out of the car. “I’m glad… we’re back.” She tells me as I shut her door.

“I am too babe.” I reply as I slide my arm around her waist, gripping her hip with my hand. Anna Lisa presses her side stains mine as we walk up to the door. She still appears to be tired.

“Do you like Sophia?” I ask curiously as I unlock the door. I let her body go sadly and she steps through the door, but she doesn’t go far. She turns around and States at me as I get the key out of the door and out it back in my pocket.

“Yes sir.. She just talks a lot.” Anna Lisa says, shrugging her shoulders at me. “Yeah she enjoys a good conversation. But she said she likes you too, I guess we’ll have to hang out a few more times before you really get comfortable around her.” I insist as I shut the door.

Half of the foyer lights were ready on, so I don’t bother messing with the rest. I lick my lips as I stare down into those beautiful blue eyes. “How well do you think you behaved tonight?” I ask, my left hand going to her waist and the other pressing against her cheek.

“I.. I wasn’t that good.” She mumbles, her bottom lol pouting out as her eyes burn into mine. “Why do you say that?” I say, sliding my hand under her hair to the side of her neck.

“I.. I got up and.. And I.. I don’t know.” Anna Lisa’s voice was soft and gentle as she told me her reasoning. “No baby, you were really good at dinner, and you were so good while we went shopping.” I protest to her claim and tell her the truth.

The corner of her mouth curves up a tad, “Really?” she asks me with flushed cheeks. “Yes darling. And do know what I’m going to do about that?” I ask her, already assuming she doesn’t exactly know what I’m planning.

She shakes her head from side to side and I can’t resist giving her a smirk. I lean down so that my lips were barely brushing hers. “You’ll find out soon.” I whisper against her lips.

I step back, removing my hands from her body before I went too far. “Come on.. Let’s go upstairs.” I suggest, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards me. Those cheeks blush as I drag her along with me up the staircase.

“Harry..” her lovely voice murmurs behind me. “Yes, Anna Lisa?” I ask, glancing over my shoulder at her. “I’m.. scared.” She sighs out. Within seconds we reached the bedroom door. I stop and let her go, then I turn to face her.

“Why are you scared honey?” I ask with furrowed eyebrows. I don’t want her to be upset or nervous about anything. “I don’t.. I don’t know why.” Her shoulders give me a shrug.

“I promise you baby.. I won’t hurt you.” I assure her with a kiss on her forehead before opening the door and giving her a gesture to go in the room. She goes in and heads towards the bed.

“Take off your dress.” I say as I shut the door behind me. Her eyes meet mine and she nods understandingly.

So good for me.


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JustineLolipop JustineLolipop

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