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Friday came quicker than expected.

Harry stood infront of the door with a dozen red roses in his hand, fixing his hair before knocking on the door.

"Hi Edward come on in" Hayley spoke opening the door.

"Hey baby" he spoke pecking her lips softly before handing her the roses

"Thank You babe their beautiful" She spoke walking to the kitchen putting them in water.

"My mum and dad already left, but I know the way so we can either drive with my car or yours your pick"

"Mine because i'll be driving"

She nodded and grabbed her bags before walking back to him as he sat on the couch waiting.

Smiling she took his face in his hands and gave him one heated kiss before pulling away and walking to the front door

"C'mon Ed lets go before it gets dark" she spoke and made her way to his land rover.

Harry took her bags and placed them in the boot of the car before opening her door for her and then getting into the driver side.

"Shall we?" Harry asked before placing his hand lightly on her leg after starting the car.

"We shall" she replied before intwining their hands together and left their hands to lay inbetween the seats.

They were halfway to the destination when Hayley started to get thirsty causing Harry to pull over at a garage because he also needed to get gas.

"You go get the snacks while i get gas ok?" He asked once they stopped

She nodded gave him a peck on the cheek before getting out of the car.

Once she got back Harry greeted her with the biggest smile she has ever seen in her whole life.

She got into the car handing him a pack of chips and placed his drink in the cup holder that was in the middle between them.

They were on their way again, Hayley gently placed her hand on Harry's leg before speaking "This will be fine" she spoke and kissed his cheek

"Hi, mum hi dad this is Edward my boyfriend, Ed this is my dad Jeremy and my mum Micheala"

"Nice to meet you" he spoke shaking Jeremy's hand

Hayley walked to his side and intwined their hands "Is it oky if we go put our bags in the room and then go for a swim in the lake while its still light out" Hayley asked looking at her dad "Ofcourse love"

Hayley and Harry walked upstairs and placed their bags in a room, Hayley took of her shirt revealing she had her bikini on underneath. Harry on the other hand had to excuse himself to walk to the bathroom to change into his yellow swimm trunks.

Harry heard a wolf wistle as he exited the house revealing Hayley sitting outside waiting for him "Sexy" she spoke walking to him "Why didn't you tell me you had tattoo's"

"I was affraid you'd think that i'm a bad boy and never speak to me again"

"Good thing I love bad boys"

Harry smirked at her "Yeah baby girl im sure now come lets go swimming" He spoke making his way towards the lake

"BRRR so c-cold" Hayley spoke as they walked into the house wet not only because of the rain but also because of the rain.

Harry grabbed the nearest towel and wrapped it around a shivering Hayley, who thanked him by placing her ice cold lips on his.

"We are making cocoa if you two will go upstairs and grab a hot shower it willbe here when you two are done and I don't mean together Hayley you can use our bathroom" Micheala spoke blushing causing both Harry and Hayley to burst out laughing



This story is really great, every chapter I'm wondering what will happen next!

My love for this story is so unreal...

I don't understand why you have no comments! I really like this story!